What Kind Of Killer Would You Be, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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We all know that our zodiac signs and astrology can tell us a lot about our personalities, preferences, and behaviors, but can the stars determine which group of killer zodiac signs you belong to and what type of murderer you'd be? By looking at the distinct traits your zodiac sign has, astrology can suggest what kind of killer you’d be if driven to murder.

What are the kinds of personality traits that would factor into the kind of killer you’d be? Are you reckless, stubborn, or quick to anger? Do you let your emotions control your behavior? Are you not satisfied if you haven’t hurt someone who has hurt you, or do you have bad luck and could see yourself in a situation that has no easy way out of?

As much research that has gone into trying to discover what makes a human become a killer, there are still so many things we just don’t know. Do they have to be a sociopath or psychopath to do something like this? And if you do kill someone, are you able to forget about it and go on with your life, or does the guilt eat away at you?

We see a lot of killers in TV and movies, and we read about them. Detective shows and reality crime dramas wouldn't be as popular if the criminal mind didn't fascinate us. For some people, serial killers are even more interesting than your average killer, but there are many more people who kill in the heat of passion than who meticulously plan out a killing.

But if you were driven to murder (and let’s hope you never are), what kind of killer would you be?

ARIES: Impulsive Killer

Aries aren't the type of killer to do much planning. They usually kill in the heat of the moment, without thinking of the consequences of their actions. Sometimes, Aries attack with their words, and other times, their weapons are much more physically damaging.

Once the deed was done, Aries would feel horrible about it, and because they're extremely impatient, they wouldn't be able to keep quiet about the killing for long.

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TAURUS: Mission-Oriented Killer

Taurus are pragmatic and focused. They usually have a reason for killing and they believe that in killing a certain type of person, they're doing a service for the world. 

Mission-oriented killers take a long time to plan their kills and they prefer to not leave anything to chance. Their desire is to kill whole groups of people, making them either mass murderers or serial killers. They're not spontaneous and they don't act in the heat of the moment.

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GEMINI: Versatile Killer

If Gemini was a killer, they wouldn't be consistent with their methodology or their victims. They would be spontaneous when they killed, not thinking it out too much beforehand, just grabbing whatever was nearby like some scissors or a kitchen knife.

If they killed more than one person, it would be for completely different reasons than the first. Geminis aren't known for their attention to details and they easily get bored, so it's unlikely that they'd go on a murder spree.

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CANCER: Mercy Killer

Cancers care deeply about other people and they would have a difficult time seeing someone suffer, especially if that someone was a loved one. They'd be more likely to participate in assisted suicide than kill someone for sport.

Since Cancer would kill to help someone avoid pain, they'd probably do it cleanly and quickly with drugs inserted into an IV. The guilt of their actions would stay with them for a long time.

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LEO: Duty Killer

A Leo would kill in the line of duty or if it was part of their job. Whether it's in the armed forces or in the police department, Leo would need to be ordered to kill or they would give the orders.

They would need a justifiable reason for killing and wouldn't do it for sport. Their reasons would have to be valid and for the greater good. Their weapon would be whatever they were assigned.

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VIRGO: Arrogant Killer

Virgo would kill to see if they could murder someone and get away with it. Their arrogance and intelligence would help them to figure out every detail beforehand with the goal of committing the perfect murder.

They would be methodical and would probably offer to assist the police in their search for the killer, as asserting themselves into the investigation would provide Virgo the opportunity to see that they are cleverer than everybody else.

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LIBRA: Justice Killer

Libras would kill to right a wrong or to illuminate an injustice. They'd rationalize the killing to themselves by thinking that justice hadn't been done and that Libra had done what was needed to make a positive change.

They wouldn't want to get their hands too dirty, so their weapon would probably be a gun. If an innocent person was accidentally killed by Libra's hand, they would never forgive themselves as they don't have the skill to rationalize someone innocent getting caught in the crossfire.

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SCORPIO: Lust Killer

Scorpio is the kind of killer who would get so caught up in the emotion of a situation that they wouldn't be able to think straight. Revenge would often be Scorpio's motivation for killing someone, and if they were hurt badly enough, they would be able to reason that murder was acceptable in the circumstances.

They might use a knife or, even better, they might murder someone by pushing them off a cliff, or drowning them and making it look like an accident.

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SAGITTARIUS: Accidental Killer

Sagittarius would never set out to murder someone, but somewhere along the line, things would get confused and Sagittarius would suddenly find themselves a murderer. It was most likely an accident, but for whatever reason, they would be loathed to report it to the local authorities.

So then, they would try to figure out the perfect cover-up, but they're not always great with the details and they'd overlook something that a skilled detective would immediately find. Sagittarius would then try to talk their way out a murder plea but without much success.

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CAPRICORN: Reaction Killer

A Capricorn would kill as a reaction to someone else bullying them, threatening them or their family, or generally scaring them. If it's a kill or be killed situation, Capricorn would rather strike first than wait and wonder in fear.

Capricorns are wise, patient, and cautious, so their murder plan could be executed perfectly. Any wrongdoing on their part isn't going to be revealed by them and will go with them to the grave. Capricorns are honorable, but they're practical enough to do what they need to do and keep quiet about it.

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AQUARIUS: Clever Killer

An Aquarius probably isn't going to kill someone in the heat of passion as they tend to keep their emotions in check. They might bump off a competitor or someone who is standing in their way.

Aquarians have the skill to come up with some kind of innovative murder device that does the deed quickly and cleanly, and without Aquarius needing to be present like a robotic hitman. They can be quite diabolical when they put their mind to it.

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PISCES: Kill for Love Killer

Pisces would either kill someone who had broken their heart in some way, or they would find themselves in a situation where they were forced to kill by a loved one. No matter what the circumstances, Pisces would be overwhelmed with guilt and would spend the rest of their life trying to make amends for the killing.

If they didn't go to jail, they would do as much good for other people as they possibly could. 

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