Will You Marry Rich? Let This Personality Test Figure It Out

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When it comes to a marriage, there are important factors that determine success. It's important that you both can live together, it's important that you understand and respect other's beliefs, and it's important that you are open and honest about finances.

But for some people, there are things that mean the world to them in terms of tying the knot that aren't exactly universal, like marrying rich, for example. For many people, marrying someone rich isn't the be all-end all goal of marriage, nor should it be. If you want to get married, the best route to take is following your heart.

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But for others, money is a must, and not because they are shallow, but because they need to know they've got a certain number in the bank to feel like they are comfortable and safe. It's hard to say for certain if you'll wind up marrying rich, but there is one way you can get a sense of how things might shake out: a free personality test! 

In order to find out just how likely you are to marry rich, simply take the quick personality quiz below. It couldn't be easier. To get your results, look at the image, being aware of the first thing your eyes see. Once you've got this, go ahead and scroll down to read about what the results have to say about your romantic (and financial) future. 

The boat 

If you saw the boat first, you're a person who always leads with their heart and lets it guide them through even the stormiest waters. You may wind up marrying someone rich, but you're just as likely to wind up marrying someone living in a cave in the forest of France!

Trust your heart and one thing is for sure: rich or poor, your love life will always lead you to happiness. 

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The man on the rock 

If you saw the man on the rock first, you're the kind of person who has often loved from afar, and we aren't just talking about people. You fall in love with houses, with cars, with entire lifestyles that always seem just out of reach.

You're more likely to become rich yourself than you are to marry rich, and that suits you just fine. 

The water 

If you saw the water first, you're the kind of person who seems calm on the surface but has an entire world going on just beneath the surface. This makes you a deeply alluring person, and it also makes you something of a puzzle to be solved. So, this can attract lots of people, including ones who are wealthy.

If you want to marry rich, this is something you can easily achieve, but make sure you're doing it for love, not solely for the dollars. 

The birds 

If you saw the birds first, you've always dreamed of something more. You want to have it all, and you want to survey all it from a lofty height, one that's as natural to you as taking flight is for a bird itself.

Your sheer confidence will make meeting wealthy people easy, but snagging a rich partner could prove challenging: they can smell your hunger for their wallets a mile away. 

The clouds 

If you saw the clouds first, you've spent your life going with the flow, keeping your mind and heart focused on emotional or spiritual matters, not earthly or material things like money. If you marry someone for their cash, it's only because you want to convince them to spread it all around.

You, marry rich? Unlikely. 

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