What Makes Him Fall In Love, For Each Numerology Life Path Number

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Why He Falls in Love, By Life Path Number, Per Numerology

What makes a man fall in love with you? Falling in love is a mystery. Many have tried to decode the exact steps that take place before this phenomenon occurs but failed.

Some believe that it is a magical thing that cannot be narrowed down to the presence of specific components.

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There are lots of reasons why and how men fall in love with a woman. Each guy is different, and so is the way his heart opens up to romance, affection and the idea of eternal commitment.

Others, with more rational minds, believe that it is nothing but a coincidence. They believe that where we are in life in terms of career and education, our emotional states, and even proximity could contribute to with whom we fall in love.

Those who study psychology have found that certain components such as similarities between the partners and social influences could help two people fall in love.

Similarly, even astrology has revealed what it takes for a specific sign to fall in love. But did you know that numerology can also predict what makes someone fall in love?

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It’s true, numerologists often emphasize how our life path numbers can predict our horoscope personality types, career inclinations, and even relationship compatibility.

For instance, life path 1 values independence above all else, whereas life path 2 can still have fun in a slightly codependent relationship.

So if you are here to learn what makes him fall when studying his zodiac sign using astrology, you can also see what makes him fall in love by life path numerology number, keep reading.


Life Path Number 1:

Life Path 1 is highly independent and individualistic. In fact, he can go on for long periods of time without any romantic partners. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care about love, however. He can actually bring a lot of fun and creativity into his relationships.

But he needs to be the alpha in a relationship. This means that he likes to lead and stay in control most of the times, and generally prefers a follower. If you can show him your independent spirit and authenticity, he will be even more attracted to you.

In general, he loves a partner who can keep up with him but doesn’t challenge him too much. Also, be like him and stay away from routines.

Life Path 2:

This guy has excellent listening skills and is a natural diplomat. He is not very fond of conflict, so he needs a partner who is more easygoing. But, some life path 2 guys can actually go after the ones whose lives are filled with chaos, mainly because this guy secretly loves being the savior.

He is someone you can usually count on and are very generous. Sadly, they are often taken advantage of because they are so giving souls. That is why he might fall head over heels for someone who is very generous and giving like them.

He is usually not very vocal about his needs, so a partner who pays attention to them and tries to at least fulfill them makes him swoon.

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Life Path 3:

He is a very passionate and communicative person. He loves socializing and has a great sense of humor. This guy is usually found in a creative career, and in relationships also does best with a creative person.

He can actually be a bit insecure about others’ feelings towards him. This stems from his need to be loved by all. So be open about your feelings with this guy, he loves to be told how much you love him!

Also, a romantic person who is also creative is his ideal mate.


Life Path 4:

When other guys are partying it up, this guy is busy building his empire. He can be a bit of a workaholic. But this is because he really craves stability!

So it is no surprise that in a partner his most desired quality is stability. He can be very insecure about financial and career matters. So someone who looks like they have it all or at least is similarly conscious about these matters might be able to help him worry less and love more!

But he has some inhibitions in life, so someone who supports him to take risks is also desirable. This guy tends to be the provider type. So he absolutely loves it when his partner notices the little things he does for her and shows respect for him.

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Life Path 5:

Life path 5 is very adventurous and fun-loving. He lives in the moment. It takes him some time to settle down, but he usually goes for the one who isn’t too clingy.

He really values his freedom above all. So someone who makes him feel like he’s having fun and also reassures him that he is free definitely wins his fickle heart!

His ideal partner is very independent and easy-going.


Life Path 6:

He is very nurturing and loyal, which is why he tends to get hurt a lot. He idealizes his partner to an extreme, forgetting that they are human.

For that reason, he falls for a partner who is genuinely supportive of him and his goals, which he doesn’t share with everyone. He can’t deal with criticism that well since he is always looking for perfection in himself and others.

By showing him your compassionate side, you can draw him in. Also, he doesn’t mind if you are just a little bit needy!

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Life Path 7:

He is very cerebral and spiritual, so when someone manages to bring him back to this earthly plane, he is very attracted.

This guy looks for substance in a partner. He can also be a loner sometimes due to his intellectual and spiritual pursuits. That is why someone who can teach them how to balance their independence with companionship is an ideal partner.

It’s harder for this guy to form that connection but don’t lose hope! Just give them some space and try to be understanding with this one.

Life Path 8:

He is very ambitious and might give off the vibe that he doesn’t care about love and relationships. Don’t be fooled!
Under that cool exterior lies a passionate man, who is looking for a loyal and loving partner. He is one of the workaholics of numerology, so he adores a partner who can help him relax and enjoy life.

He values honesty above all other traits.

Also, he might always feel like he’s up against the world. So he can fall for a person who is very supportive of them.

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Life Path 9:

He is the humanitarian of numerology and very responsible. In fact, he might sometimes feel like he’s carrying the world’s burdens on his shoulders! He is that selfless.

Sadly though, even though he’s always there for other people, he doesn’t share his personal problems much. So someone who has excellent listening skills will win his heart.

He might also have some deep scars from the past, which he desperately tries to let go of. Help him in his endeavor and he’ll be yours.

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