Suspicious New Details About The Texas Woman Who's Been Missing For 13 Days

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Where Is Kimberly Flint? Details Missing Texas Woman 13 Days

Her friends say she didn't like to leave home.

It's been 13 days since anyone has been Kimberly Flint. 

The 57-year-old Texas woman who loved gardening, going to church and spending time at her home in Laneville went missing on Sept. 26 after police found her green 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee crashed. The car was tangled in a guardrail and there was no sign of Flint. 

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Around 3 p.m. that day, she called her husband James Flint and asked him to bring dinner back on his way home from work. Her son Corbett Flint said she didn't like to leave the house. 

James asked Corbett to pick his mother up so they could meet for dinner instead. Kimberly declined and said she'd rather eat at home, which Corbett said was not unusual of her to do. 

“She said no, but that was nothing out of the ordinary,” Corbett said. “She didn’t like to drive; she said she didn’t feel comfortable. My mom didn’t really like to go anywhere.”

Around 4:30 p.m. that same day, police called James and said they found Kimberly's car.  Nothing was out of the ordinary in her home, and she hadn't checked into any hospitals. Searches of the surrounding areas turned up empty. 

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“She knew that my dad was coming home within 45 minutes with her food, and she knew I was coming in after working for two months,” Corbett said. “Why would she just jump up, leaving everything?”

On Oct. 4, Rusk County Sheriff Jeff Price said that no foul play was suspected. He theorized that Kimberly lost control of her car and got out when it crashed. But because she has yet to be found, other options including foul play are still on the table. 

“You always keep that in mind when you’re looking at this, but at the moment we’re dealing with a missing person and we’re trying to see if we can locate where she may have gone,” Price said. 

Corbett said his mom's purse was still at the home along with her cell phone. 

“I didn't see anything out of the ordinary,” Corbett said. “I found her purse with everything still inside… and I found her phone on the arm of a chair with the charger wrapped around it — like if you had just put it down and you were going to come back.”

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According to her family, Kimberly suffers from depression but was in good spirits at the time she went missing. They believe she might have had a mental lapse —but they're also worried that someone else is involved. 

“The vehicle was found here," James said. “From that point, we don’t know if anybody was with her or if she was by herself. Maybe she got out to walk or somebody stopped and picked her up. I don’t know if she got up on her own and left or if someone forced her to.” 

Kimberly Flint is a white female who stands 5-feet tall and weighs around 150 pounds. She has grey hair and typically wears glasses. Glasses were found inside the car along with both sets of her keys. 

Anyone with any information is urged to contact the Rusk County Sheriff’s Office at (903) 657-3581.

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