Who Is Beyoncés Drummer? New Details About Kimberly Thompson Who's Accusing Bey Of Witchcraft And Killing Her Kitten

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Who Is Beyoncés Drummer?
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A drummer who worked with Beyoncé has made some startling allegations.

Who Is Beyoncés drummer? In the world of celebrity watching, there are not all that many moments that really shock anyone anymore. Everyone has read all kinds of stories about torrid affairs and off-beat spiritual practices and raucous parties. There are only so many kinds of scandals in the world and Hollywood and New York produce them on an endless loop.

That's why the latest headlines about Beyoncé, wherein ex-drummer Kimberly Thompson alleges that Beyoncé molested her via witchcraft, are so startling. Not only is the scandal of alleged use of black magic to abuse a colleague entirely out of the ordinary, scandals about Queen Bey are few and far between, in and of themselves.

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So, who is Kimberly Thomspon and what is she saying about Mrs. Carter? read on the learn more.

1. Drummer

Kimberly Thompson is a drummer who has been performing since she was a child. Her professional credits include playing with the 8G Band on Late Night with Seth Meyers as well as being a session and tour musician with other artists. She has a production label called KTMUSICPRODUCTIONS, and has released several recordings under the label.

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2. Tour drummer

Thompson claims to have been a drummer for Beyoncé for seven years. The website The Blast did a deep dive into Thompson's career and was able to verify that "according to interviews and reports it appears she  is a drummer that performed with Beyoncé as part of an all-female band."

3. Court filing

Thompson has now filed papers in Los Angeles seeking a restraining order against the Lemonade singer on civil harassment grounds. The original order was denied on September 19 but she has re-filed and a hearing is schedule for October 11.

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4. Crimes

The allegations Thompson lays out against Beyoncé would ordinarily be fairly serious accusations, according to documents acquired by The Blast. They include Beyoncé being responsible for loss of jobs for Thompson, theft of intellectual property, surveillance, and trying to take control of Thompson's finances. She also accuses Beyoncé of murdering her pet kitten.

5. Witchcraft

While all of those things sound suspicious and deserving of serious investigation, Thompson muddies the waters by also alleging that Beyoncé harmed her through use of "magical spells of sexual molestation" and "magic spells on my lovers" and "Extreme witchcraft, Dark magic”. Pitchfork reached out to Thompson to verify the contents of the paper and Thompson responded by email that "All accusations... I survived are real.” 

6. Unbalanced?

The Blast also has a video of Thompson — since deleted from YouTube — where she rambles about mean people and how she responds to negative forces in her life. It's a contrast to most of the videos she posts on her YouTube channel, which are samples of her musical performances. 

7. Silence

If Beyoncé knows anything about this, she's keeping it very quiet. The publications covering these allegations have reached out to her but so far reps for the singer haven't responded. 

So is Beyonce a witch who's trying to control her colleagues through dark magic? Or is there a more mundane explanation that could be solved by appropriate psychiatric treatment? Keep an eye on the headlines to find out. 

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