Your Strongest Personality Trait, Based On Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

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Your Strongest Personality Trait, Based On Your Chinese Zodiac Sign
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A lot goes into making you who you are as a person. You can thank genetics, your personality type, and your zodiac sign for your specific personality traits.

However, there's also a lesser-known contributor: your Chinese zodiac sign. Chinese astrology is a bit different than the 12 zodiac signs you might be more familiar with, but it's just as important. Find out your best personality trait, based on your Chinese zodiac sign.

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Rat: Most Insightful 

When it comes to insight, no one can match those under the Rat sign. Though most Rats have no advantage in personal appearance, they feature a precise insight and always can tell the subsequent development with just a single glance. 

Ox: Most Kind-hearted

Is it a merit? Of course, because the kind-hearted Oxen are always tolerant and helpful, which is a merit not owned by others and always brings them good luck unexpectedly.

Tiger: Best-planned

No one can compare with Tigers when it comes to the planning ability. When other people are still aimless, the Tigers have already made a clear plan, thus succeeding easily. 

Rabbit: Most Enduring

Despite the limited talent and intelligence, Rabbits are the most enduring among the animal signs and they can always do things that others cannot insist on and achieve goals that others cannot achieve. With the best endurance, they live happily.

Dragon: Most Prestigious

For the same word or deed, Dragons always do better than others in a more magnificent way since they have are more prestigious than others. In a group, the Dragon people tend to play the leading role and stand out with their good temperament.

Snake: Most Graceful

Born with the grace, Snake people feature the unique elegant demeanor, usually in appearance and physical feature, which is envied by others.

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Horse: Most Vigorous

According to Taoism, vigor is the most important for human beings. Horses are talented in vigor and they are more energetic than anyone else. Horse people are never tired and keep struggling forward. This is what the Chinese saying goes: the vigor of a dragon or horse.

Sheep: Most Talented

Sheep people are blessed and more talented, either in reading or writing, than others. In brief, they boast a superior poetic ability in literature.

Monkey: Best Recovery Capability

Even at a low time of life, Monkeys can rise up suddenly when they find new chances and renew their energy to take more rounds: this is a merit peculiar to Monkeys.

Rooster: Most Artistic

Roosters are more artistic than others in music and fine arts. Though not outstanding, they still can be brilliant in the field. 

Dog: Most Adaptable

The most prominent feature of Dogs is their adaptability. Seemingly simple and clumsy, Dog people are actually quick-witted and adaptable, and they can always seize the opportunity to solve the problem as per the objective situation.

Pig: Most Explosive

The strongest point of Pigs lies in their posterior strategy. Though inferior in the earlier stage, they are explosive in the later period. Great minds mature slowly – this is the best description of them.

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This article was originally published at Your Chinese Astrology. Reprinted with permission from the author.