5 Signs You're An Intuitive Genius (And Can Read People Really, Really Well)

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How To Know If You're Intuitive And Can Read People Really Well

If you want to know if you are intuitive, here are the 5 signs that you can read people really, really well:

1. You have the urge to call friends or family members for no reason at all.

We have all been here! You either call or decide not to call and find out that there was a reason for the feeling.

Most of the time, it is because your loved one needed some support from us or maybe they had something to offer that was exactly what you needed to hear.

Maybe you didn’t call and regretted it later.

2. You've stepped into a room and noticed it has a certain energetic vibe.

You know that feeling you get when you enter a room where a couple has just had a fight or when someone is doing everything to make you feel welcome but there is this weird vibe telling you that they have something else on their mind?

It is the same feeling we get when we walk into a room that feels great and instantly puts your nervous system at ease.

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3. You have gut feelings.

Have you ever been in a situation where you leave with an uneasy feeling about someone? That is a feeling deep within the visceral tissue of the gut and it is 100 percent connected to your instinctual response system.

It is just like the feeling of your heart softening when you are in a safe environment.

4. You met someone who was physically attractive and said all the right things but deep down you knew they weren't a good match for you.

Have you ever found yourself saying, "I don’t know what it is but they're just not for me" and you literally cannot think of any good reason why?

That is your intuitive wisdom steering you away from a tempting situation.

5. You're a human being.

What is intuition anyway? I used to think it simply had to do with a gut feeling and our ability to trust and respond to the felling in a way that served us positively and kept us and those we loved out of danger. I used to believe that we had to be acutely aware of the moments that it decided to speak up.

I now understand intuition to be so much more accessible. I also know that it is not outside of us and it does not come and go in fleeting moments.

It is with us all day, every day. It is easier to access than we think. In fact, the effort is generally what blocks the flow of information to be received. I truly believe that we all have the ability to become intuitive geniuses.

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Having experienced all the points above, I understood intuition but didn’t think I actually have an intuitive gift. I first noticed the flowering of by ability to connect and respond intuitively while I was working with my Wellness Clients.

I will often take my clients into guided meditations in order for them to tap into their highest wisdom. As a coach, hit is not my role to tell others what they need most in their lives or try and pretend where their soul or highest self is guiding them.

It is my role, however, to create a safe container where they can slow the busy mind that is creating emotional and nervous system trauma in order to feel into why life has become uncomfortable. During these appointments, I receive subtle messages in the form of images but the clearest information comes when I just decided to speak.

I start the process and information about the person begins to flow, in particular, information that will assist them in creating a radiant life. The moment I allow my thoughts to get in the way, the flow stops and I then have to rely on intellectual knowledge to complete the message.

From time to time, and more often when I am providing a Reiki healing session, I begin to feel floods of emotions enter out of nowhere, which are confirmed because I decided to speak, that loved ones that had passed.

At this point, I would like to clarify that I am not a medium or psychic in the way that I would advertise my services in that way. Rather I feel a strong urge to share how simple it is to tap into the body of knowledge that is all around us and when we do our lives have the ability to flower open.

They flower, not because we have all the answers and life is no longer a mystery, but because we start to loosen our grasp on the way things should be and start to trust that we are all on our own divine journey. An individual soul journey that eventually leads us together. It truly is an awakening of sorts.

We awaken from our separateness and in this process, begin viewing our relationships as secret gardens leading us on the path toward our own healing.

When we listen to our intuition, the path is clear. When we talk our selves out of our gut feeling and take actions that are the result of self-doubt and the relying on advice and demands of others, our path is blurred and the feeling of being lost floods in.

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That is our intuition. That feeling is our highest soul-self telling us that we have lost our path.

Most of us have been living cut off from our intuition and highly reliant on our rational mind. Yes, rational thought processes will keep us safe and things in our life will be fairly stable for the most part. The question then becomes: did you come here to live a safe, stable life or is there something more that is urging to be born?

What if that something more has to do with tapping into the innate ability to align your choices to the life you came here to live. What if, where you are being nudged on a soul level, is so much more than this rational shade of grey self could ever imagine and only by trusting and taking leaps will you ever truly feel the flow that life has to offer?

Stacey Huard is the Creator and Co-owner of Santosha Yoga and Wellness Therapies. For more on what she offers as an Intuitive Wellness Coach, please visit her website.

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