New Details About The Dad Shot And Killed In A Tent While His Two Young Daughters Slept Next To Him

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Who Killed Tristan Beaudette? Details Dad Murdered And Other Malibu Creek State Park Shootings

Beaudette's tragic murder is believed to be the latest in a series of shooting incidents nearby.

Last Friday, 35-year-old Tristan Beaudette was shot and killed while camping with his two young daughters. Beaudette had taken his daughters, ages 4 and 2, to Malibu Creek State Park in Calabasas, California so his wife, Erica Wu, could study for an upcoming exam.

Neither of Beaudette’s daughters was physically harmed during the shooting.

Since the incident, investigators have worked to uncover new details about this case, but it’s still unclear what exactly happened that night as Beaudette and his daughters slept in their tent.

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The shooting happened last Friday around 4:45 am, according to investigators. Lieutenant Rodney Moore, who works for the Los Angeles County sheriff, told The Los Angeles Times that Beaudette had been shot in the torso at least once.

“The theory we are working with is he was shot inside the tent. The children were inside the tent, too,” said Moore. “We are working this as a homicide at this point.”

Days later, Los Angeles County coroner’s Deputy Chief Ed Winter revealed that Beaudette was shot in the head.

It is currently unknown who shot Beaudette and what that person’s motive may have been. As CBS News reported Thursday morning, “There is no word on whether police are any closer to finding the gunman.”

KCAL-TV reporter Cristy Fajardo described Beaudette as “a brilliant scientist who worked for a pharmaceutical company” and had a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley. His wife, Erica Wu, also holds a Ph.D. and did not go on the camping trip last weekend because she was studying for a board exam, according to KCAL-TV.

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A statement posted on Wu’s Facebook page describes the impact of Beaudette’s loss on his wife, daughters, and extended family.

“You were admired by so many for your devotion to your wife and two daughters. We are all so fortunate to have known you for your short time on Earth,” the statement read in part. “You were taken from us far too early, doing something you loved with the girls you adored.”

Further investigation reveals that the shooting resulting in Beaudette’s death was just one of many shooting incidents that have allegedly taken place at Malibu Creek State Park in recent years. The LA Times reports that “at least five other shooting incidents had occurred in the last two years in the areas in and around the park.”

Local activist Cece Woods told The LA Times about an incident that occurred just days before Beaudette’s murder, in which someone fired a shot at a car driving on a road near the park. And Meliss Tatangelo, who had been camping in her Honda near the park in January 2017, recalled hearing a loud noise during the night and finding a shell in the back of her car hours later.

Meanwhile, CBS News reporter Carter Evans recently interviewed shooting victim James Rogers, who was shot while sleeping in his tent at the park nearly two years ago. 

According to The LA Times, though investigators do not believe there is any connection between any of the shootings, they could not definitively rule out the possibility that some of the shootings are connected.

Malibu Creek State Park is closed indefinitely as the investigation into Beaudette’s murder continues.

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