How Mercury In Leo On June 29th Will Heat Up Your Love Life In The Coming Weeks, According To Astrology

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Mercury in Leo
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There always comes a point in love of taking a leap of faith-or only wishing we had.

On June 29th when Mercury moves into Leo, our zodiac signs will be inspired to connect to our hearts and take that leap we’ve been agonizing over. While your horoscope can offer some encouragement, leave it to a big transit in astrology to get the ball rolling.

Mercury is the planet of communication that governs areas like email, verbal communication, and how we interact with one another. Depending upon the sign that Mercury is in, we will feel more inspired, more like withdrawing or even speaking up and out, which dramatically affects how we interact with our partner in a romantic relationship.

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Leo is a fire sign, the king of the jungle, a sign that inspires us to feel things deeply, knowingly, and one that doesn’t let us escape the truth that is in our hearts. This lion is actually the astrological sign that governs our hearts and fills us with courage during these particular transits.

Mercury in Leo gives voice to the truth in our hearts; he is inspired to reach deep and think deep. He wants the truth, but he also wants passion and love. He doesn’t back down from a challenge, he doesn’t give up, and he doesn’t accept less than everything he’s after.

Mercury in Leo believes in love, and it seems that during this transit we have a better gift with words and how to express them to the people in our lives that matter most.

This transit comes directly on the heels of the closing of the eclipse cycle that dominated our lives during the first six months of this year. Since January, we’ve all been growing in regards to a particular matter; we’ve been challenged, we’ve been inspired, and we’ve given ourselves the time we need to heal the past. This year is set to be a year of beginnings and new life phases, which also includes changes to our romantic status.

However, to properly move forward, we first have to heal our past. Healing our past is not a onetime event; rather, it’s a process that we commit to through our courage to face who we are and the reasons why we behave in the ways that we do.

The reality is that healing will never be truly over, at least not if we commit to our growth being a process. To be in the type of romantic relationship that can withstand the test of time isn’t an easy smooth process; instead, it’s about committing to the growth and healing of one another, not because it’s our job to but because love is fluid.

In some ways, it feels like healing has been the focus of the past six months; that ultimately, whatever path we’ve been on and whatever we’ve been asked to consider, there’s been a purpose behind it all. With the combination of the eclipse finale, Mercury in Leo, Cancer season, and other astrological elements coming into play, we are about to see just how far we’ve come.

But the thing is that many of us will doubt whether we are ready to move forward or if we’ve done enough healing to try again in love, to make a commitment, or even to move in.

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Mercury in Leo is here to help with that process because he doesn’t want us holding ourselves back in love, he doesn’t want us to second guess or talk ourselves out of what we want most. Instead, he’s here to help direct us toward what is most important and what we need to focus on: our hearts.

When Mercury moves into Leo, he is going to help us sort out the confusion of the past six months so we are better prepared to take action in creating the future and relationships we desire. It’s going to help give us confidence in making choices and in believing what we are feeling is the truth.

In terms of animal symbolism, think of the Lion that represents Leo. A Lion doesn’t second guess; he waits, he watches and when it’s just the right time, he sets his eyes on his mark. A lion doesn’t care about the opinions of others, but he does care about protecting what’s most important to him, and it’s these really powerful and strong energies that will be dominating our skies and lives in the coming weeks.

We are going to be more focused, but we also will be feeling more positive which will help us in not just thinking about our plans but in taking the necessary steps to bring them into reality. It’s a time that is going to be asking us to trust a great dea,l even if we’re unsure what we are exactly trusting in. Ultimately, it’s about having the faith that if we do our best, those around us will as well.

In terms of practical matters, this transit favors expression of love, desires and plans for the future.

While Mars is still retrograde, which will inhibit some forward action, this transit is going to be about all of us having the courage to open up, trust our hearts, and to speak the truth about how we feel and what we want from our partner. This can translate to changes in relationships with the likelihood that things will be growing more serious. 

However, because of the astrology, it means that things will move slowly. If you and your partner profess your love and commitment toward one another during this transit, understand that it’s going to take a few months for those plans to manifest themselves.

The thing we have to understand with relationships is that it’s really not about ultimatums but about the point we all reach in love where we either take a leap of faith or end up wishing we had.

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