Who Is Asia’h Epperson? New Details On T.I's Alleged Mistress

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who is Asia’h Epperson

Is she T.I.'s mistress?

A new video has surfaced that shows rapper T.I. slapping the butt of a mystery woman. As she turns to sit down on the touch, T.I. smacks her butt. The woman was later identified as Asia'h Epperson. But who is Asia'h Epperson exactly — and is she T.I.'s mistress?

As many people know, T.I. is married to Tameka "Tiny" Harris, and both have appeared on T.I. & Tiny, a show on VH1 that chronicles their lives as a blended family. But his contact with Epperson is just the tip of the iceberg for this couple's relationship problems.

In a post on Instagram from June 15, T.I. added a photo titled "why men don't marry," appearing to take an anti-marriage stance.

He then offered his own opinions to women, specifically, "happiness needs no validation." Tiny shot back with a post of her own, captioning a video of Snoop Dogg while he explains how he wouldn't be so strong without his own wife.

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Is Epperson the reason for his post on marriage? How does he know her? Here are 6 things to know about Asia'h Epperson.

1. She comes from a small town.

Epperson grew up in Joplin, Missouri and was born in 1988. 

2. She’s an actress.

Though she has appeared in the television shows Murder in the First, Greenleaf, and My Crazy Ex, she also had a role as Felicia in the film Straight Outta Compton. In the film, she plays a groupie who is kicked out of the rap group's hotel room.

3. But she’s also a singer and songwriter.

She began singing at an early age and was in the honors choir for Southwest Missouri. Since then, she's put her own music on SoundCloud but has yet to be signed to a record label. 

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4. She appeared on American Idol.

In American Idol's 7th season, Epperson competed for a spot, finishing in 14th place as a semi-finalist. I mean, if you love music so much, why not go on the show?

5. Her father passed away right before her audition.

During her audition, Epperson sang "How Do I Live," citing inspiration from her father's passing just two days beforehand. Her father died in a car accident, and the judges applauded her, allowing her to advance to the next round. It really does take a strong woman to sing so beautifully in the face of tragedy.

6. She was assaulted by police officers and wrongly arrested.

On May 13th, Epperson and two friends, Erica Walker and Brittany Marie Lucio, had dinner at Houston's on Peachtree Boulevard. The manager called the police on the three women because the restaurant was closing.

The women were confronted in the bathroom when one officer grabbed Lucio by the wrist. She resisted since the cop never said why she was being grabbed, and the incident turned violent. The three woman were charged with criminal trespassing, and were later released on a bond. They plan to file a lawsuit against the Atlanta police department.

So, is the woman that T.I. was spotted with his mistress? A friend? Or is there something else going on?

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