The Oddly Convincing Evidence That Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson Have Been Secretly Dating For Years

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The Oddly Convincing Evidence That Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson Have Been Secretly Dating For Years
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Her honker of an engagement ring took two weeks to make, so ...

When news broke that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson became engaged on June 11, soon after E! News first reported the two were a "casual" item, it left many of us thinking, "Huh?"

After all, how long have Pete and Ariana been dating? Days? Weeks?

Didn't she just break up with Mac Miller? And when did Pete Davidson manage to get her that honker of an engagement ring she's suddenly showing off?

Celebs are known for being impulsive, but this one seems borderline insane. Sure, they're both young, famous, and in love, but what would prompt these two to get engaged so quickly? Is it some kind of conspiracy? Was her relationship with Mac Miller faked for the public?

Even by Hollywood standards, the whole thing seems confusing and abrupt ... but if the new Twitter theory currently circulating turns out to be correct, the joke's actually been on all of us for a while now.


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One Twitter user going by the name of @radioactive asserts that Grande's relationship with Mac Miller was simply a publicity stunt intended to promote their musical collaboration.

Hey, it's not like PR manager-driven arranged/fake celebrity relationships, aka, PROmances, haven't been heard of in Hollywood before.


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The evidence continued to flow throughout this user's thread, as she pointed out that Grande and Miller's official announcement as a couple came when she shared a super cute of the two of them playing around on Instagram on September 6 ...

Just three days before the release of "My Favorite Part," the song they recorded together.

Going even deeper, the thread continued on, suggesting not only was the relationship between Grande and Miller a fake, but that the same may well have gone for the 2-year relationship between Davidson and his ex-girlfriend, Cazzie David, which ended abruptly in May.



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Finally, we reach the part of the theory where that enormous diamond engagement ring comes in ...


Ariana's spectacular bling, reported to have cost $93,000 and feature a 3.03-ct pear-shaped center stone, is being said to have been "commissioned from New York City jeweler Greg Yuna ... made specifically for Ariana..."

And to have taken two weeks to complete.

That would mean that if Davidson and Grande dated for only three weeks prior to announcing their engagement, he would have to have ordered the ring after only one!

But wait! There's more on that rock from our friend over on Twitter ...

Back in May when the news broke about the two of them dating, Davidson posted this photo of the two of them on his Instagram, captioned, "the chamber of secrets has been opened ... "

the chamber of secrets has been opened ...

A post shared by Pete Davidson (@petedavidson) on May 30, 2018 at 10:00am PDT

It now appears the Harry Potter reference could very well have been a coy (or perhaps even incredibly obvious) in-joke shared between the two as their once-secret relationship was finally becoming public.

Celebs are known for is doing whatever it takes to keep certain relationships private for a wide variety of reasons.

Pete's may be the kind of celeb who's able to stay under the radar, but Ariana is a major pop star constantly in the news. If Ariana and Pete were serious about each other, or if they were concerned their seemingly odd pairing may attract naysayers, it's understandable that they may not have wanted to worry about the added pressures of public scrutiny.

If this Twitter theory is true, both Grande and Davidson would have been single when they first met on the set of Saturday Night Live in March of 2016.

Fittingly, she opened her night as host with a cheeky monologue moment featuring her now-fiancé Davidson, during which she wondered aloud in song, "What will my scandal be?"

Have these two famous lovebirds actually been together for much longer than we realized? Have they been fooling us all for more than two years now?

It's seems entirely possible they've been hiding their relationship the entire time.

We may have thought they were crazy to get engaged so soon, but maybe, by initially hiding their relationship, they've had it right all along.


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