How The Cancer Trines Will Jolt Your Love Life In A Major Way This Week, Starting June 19th

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Cancer trines
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It’s time to plan for forever.

June isn’t messing around with its astrology, and the future-orientated Cancer Trines are just one part of the bigger puzzle that won’t be complete until the end of the month. On June 19th and 21st, we will see two different trines in Cancer that will dramatically affect how our zodiac signs look at and approach our romantic relationships. They are Mercury trine Jupiter and Mercury trine Neptune.

The first trine occurs between Mercury in Cancer and Jupiter in Scorpio. Mercury is the planet of communication and in Cancer, largely is about feelings and likely those related to our romantic relationships.

In Cancer, this planet wants to open up, to delve into what we feel and to express it all with complete honesty. No beating around the bush, no second thoughts or what if’s — just nothing about seeing what we truly feel and then expressing it to the other person.

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Jupiter in Scorpio likes to make everything bigger. He brings luck to whatever he touches and makes it seem as if it’s on a grand, supernatural scale. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and doesn’t know how to do anything small or in moderation; he has only one goal and that’s to make everything as big, important or successful as he can.

Scorpio is a deep water sign that highlights emotions, soulmates and heart-centered intimacy. Together, these two planets are going to be making love feel even more encompassing and bigger than we could ever have imagined.

But this is where the magic occurs. Together, these two planets are focused on the future, on building the next steps, and on making plans to actually bring all of it into fruition. This means that we will be looking at our emotional relationships and deciding exactly what we feel for that person in the coming days.

This could mean that we might need some alone time in order to come to those understandings. But once we do, we will feel them on a larger scale. The combination of these planets often triggers us to have that big "ah-ha" moments in which we suddenly feel the light come on and have realizations about situations that have long plagued us.

In this case, anything that we think of or realize will have a romantic connotation to it, as that is the theme for this transit. The really amazing thing is how trines work in astrology; it’s defined by planets being within 120 degrees apart, and because of the helpful aspects, all of the planets and signs work together to benefit everyone, so this is not a hard or difficult transit.

In fact, this will be extremely beneficial for sorting out some long-standing confusion or questions we may have had. And thanks to Mercury’s influence, we will be opening up and discussing exactly what we decided, which will lead to those plans of the future and will include some of those big “where do you see this going?” conversations.

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If there weren’t any big relationship dilemmas or issues to work through, this transit may feel more like the sharing of dreams for how we see our life. The quiet conversations involve marriage, children, homes, adventures, careers, traveling and personal goals that we decide to share with the person that we’ve decided to share our lives with.

Everything in life that manifests itself first begins as a dream, and sometimes it’s important to share our dreams with those we love because they will help us achieve them.

This idea of dreaming is what ushers in the next trine: Mercury in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces. Neptune is the king of the dream world, and Pisces is the queen, which means together these two are really about imagining a better reality than the one we are currently in. They don’t see obstacles, they don’t see limitations or reasons that their dreams won’t work; all they do is expect that if they can dream it up then they can make it a reality.

The aspect of these two trines is that we aren’t just going to be sitting around a table planning for financial stability or our 401ks; this transit is more about digging deep to find out our craziest, wildest dreams for our future and then finding someone to share in them with. We can expect to bond with our partners over the aspect of planning outside the box, which means that we leave behind any predetermined or destined idea of what defines a life well-lived and even romantic commitment between two people.

While we are lacking fire signs which would spur us to act on those dreams, this time of deciding what our feelings are regarding our partner and then taking time to plan and create a life that feels good for both individuals is an important step toward finding that place of authentic happiness and toward the big pinnacle of our 2018 eclipse.

We all have been working on something behind the scenes in our romantic lives during the first 6 months of the year. It’s been the time when we have done a lot of dreaming, but we’ve also done our fair share of running away as well.

Mercury trine Jupiter and Mercury trine Neptune are truly coming at the perfect time for us to realize that it’s never too late to express what’s in your heart, especially once you know what you want to do about it.

The thing we all have to remember is that there is no waste in the waiting, so while we could get stuck in a “why did it take so long?” mentality, everything happens at just the right time — and right now is the perfect time to start planning for forever. 

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