These Boozy Frosé Recipes Make Sure Your Wine Slushies Impress All Summer

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Boozy Frose Recipe, White Wine Slushies

Worth every brain freeze.

It's summer, which means it's officially the season of pool parties, tropical drinks and beach vacation photos. As fun-in-the-sun as that sounds, that means it's also the season of sweat, sweat and more sweat. 

Which is why every modern girl needs to arm herself with the tools to keep her cool.  In my personal toolbox are comically oversized sunhats, those fans that spray water typically purchased at theme parks and easy drink recipes to impress my friends. 

And when I mean easy, I mean so easy that I can make them while my friends are en route to my house after spending a morning psyching myself up to go outside.

White wine slushies are so perfect because they're easy and way more refreshing than a beer I'm going to have to chug before it starts to get warm. And while those may have been enough to dub you the Pinterest Queen last year, it's time to step up your game. 

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Boozy Frosé is thought to be the new it-drink this summer, meaning lifestyle bloggers will be blowing up your Insta-feed with it in just a few short weeks. 

Get ahead of the game and spend your summer sippin' on these easy DIY Boozy Frosé recipes: 

1. The Basic. 

Iowa Girl Eats

If you're just starting to dip your toes in the wine slushy arena, this basic Boozy Frosé recipe is a great place to start, and you can literally make it in your sleep. 

Overnight, freeze a bottle of rosé wine poured into one of those gallon Ziplock bags and refrigerate an easy DIY strawberry simple syrup. Blend the two — along with some vodka, of course — and you've got yourself a Boozy Frosé!

Read the whole recipe here. 

2. The Watermelon. 

Yummy Mummy Kitchen 

This recipe is perfect if you want to really amp up those summer vibes. 

After making some yummy frozen watermelon cubes, blend them together with some rosé wine and lime juice. Extra festive points if you serve the concoction with fresh mint, strawberry toppings or pineapple slices. 

Read the whole recipe here. 

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3. The Fancy Peach Melba. 

Desserts With Benefits

If you're uncultured like me and have no idea what Peach Melba is, it's usually just vanilla ice cream served with peaches and raspberry sauce. So this frosé recipe will basically be like a wine-flavored milkshake but, with no milk. 

It's a little fancier to make, but the plus side is you don't have to freeze anything overnight. Blend together some rosé, frozen peach slices, lemon juice and vanilla paste. Purée and add in some raspberries and you're ready for your first major brain freeze of the summer. 

Read the whole recipe here. 

4. The Lemonade. 

How Sweet Eats

Lemonade is so obviously a summer drink, it's almost annoying. But I'm gonna drink it anyway because it's delicious so we might as well add some wine in there, right?

Mix together some dry rosé, lemonade, lemon and your own (actually really simple) homemade rosé syrup and you're ready for the perfect cheers Boomerang for your Instagram Story. 

Get the whole recipe here. 

5. The Whiskey. 

Women And Whiskies

By now, you're feeling pretty confident in your DIY drink slushy game, and you're ready to try something a little risky. Enter the Whisky Frosé. 

Freeze your wine in ice cube trays for at least six hours, then blend them with your whiskey, lemon juice, crushed ice, and honey. Splash it with a little Campari, garnish with a lemon twist and you've all but won the summer of 2018. 

Read the whole recipe here. 

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