How Astrology Helps Us Understand The 'Jersey Shore' Characters, By Their Zodiac Signs

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The Jersey Shore Characters' Zodiac Signs & Why They Act The Way They Do

The Jersey Shore is the hit MTV reality show that gave us some hilarious entertainment and catchphrases, but also an entire lifestyle embodied by the cast.

We were introduced to the Guidos and Guidettes — a term that could evoke anger or pride depending on who you ask — that spent the summer partying at New Jersey's popular beach spot. The cast was known for their style, which included some very tanned skin, just as much as their partying. 

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What set apart the television series The Jersey Shore from other hit reality shows was the abundance of both chemistry and comedy provided the cast. Like the hit MTV show The Real World, the cast was brought together to live in a home and have their lives taped, but instead of a group of individuals from different backgrounds, these people were actually very similar.

They all came from the same area and were into the same type of lifestyle. This was likely a factor that led to the strong bond that developed between them. They very much became a family among themselves. 

The series centered around partying, and nothing seemed to be off limits. We saw hookups, fights, and plenty of drinking. It was the cast, however, that made these scenarios so memorable.

Sure, the public has seen plenty of partying on reality television shows before, but the Jersey Shore cast was unabashedly themselves and hilarious at the same time. As crazy as they were, they were also just as lovable and funny. 

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We also learned some crazy slang terms from the cast that went on become part of pop culture. The term 'GTL' was an abbreviation for their way of life. It stood for gym, tan, and laundry. If only life could really be that simple.

'Smush' was a word substitute for sex. 'T-shirt time' was used when the guys were getting ready for a night out at the club. When they were out, the guys also had various terms for different women and situations that would arise. Viewers had to keep track of when they'd encounter a 'grenade' or a 'landmine'. Needless to say, these weren't complimentary.

The cast wasn't always kind when it came to encountering the opposite sex, but they were still entertaining and we loved them anyway. 

The original series aired from 2009 to 2012, and in 2018 the cast has returned to The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Most of them have moved on to become spouses and parents, but that doesn't mean they still aren't up for having a good time in this reboot. A little older doesn't always mean totally wiser. 

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If you've been a fan of the show or are just now discovering it, you might wonder why The Jersey Shore cast members act the way they do. They all have their unique personality traits, and you can pinpoint a lot of what they do to their zodiac signs traits. This is how each of their zodiac signs teaches that astrology can help you understand movie star characters and why a cast acts the way that they do when these star signs come together as a group. 

Here is a rundown of the cast members, their horoscope date and the zodiac sign for each character, plus an explanation of it via astrology.

1. Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi

Born: November 23


Snooki is one of the most popular members of the cast of The Jersey Shore. She may have been originally known for her small, over-bronzed stature mixed with a big bouffant hairstyle, but it was her personality that ultimately made her both lovable and hilarious. Typical of a Sagittarius, Snooki is curious and energetic, which is why she enjoys pushing the limits and getting involved in ridiculous situations. Her sense of humor about everything is also a quality that relates to her zodiac sign. A Sagittarius is known for having a great sense of humor, and seeing as how Snooki can laugh off even getting arrested, she definitely can see the humor in any situation. 

2.  Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino

Born: July 4

Zodiac Sign: CANCER

Mike, A.K.A. 'The Situation' is a Cancer zodiac sign. Although he always seems to be into himself to the point of full-blown narcissism, it comes from a place of deep insecurity. That insecurity is very common in the Cancer zodiac sign actually. He also has quite the temper. The reason for that is because one of the traits of a Cancer is that they are very sensitive and emotional, which can definitely manifest itself in the form of having a temper. 

3. Paul 'Pauly D' DelVecchio 

Born: July 5


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Like his castmate The Situation, Pauly D is also a Cancer. While Mike emphasizes Cancer traits like a short temper and insecurities, Pauly D's personality is strongly defined by his loyalty to the group. This is especially evident in his close friendship with Vinny. The fact that he has a close friendship with another character on the show is quite typical of a Cancer since they are easily attached to the people around them. 

4. Jenni 'JWoww' Farley

Born: February 27


As a Pisces zodiac sign, it totally makes sense why JWoww seems to have a good head on her shoulders in comparison to the rest of the Jersey Shore cast. Pisces are known for being wise, and while she may not be quoting Aristotle on the show, she is definitely a voice of reason on there. 

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5. Vinny Guadagnino

Born: November 11


Vinny, who has a particularly close friendship with Pauly D, can reference his Scorpio zodiac sign as a reason why he developed such a close relationship throughout the show. Scorpios are known for being a true friend, and they also value longtime friendships. Vinny is also not nearly as loud as other more-vibrant members of the cast. This is common of a Scorpio, since they are known for having more of a calm and cool demeanor. 

6. Ronnie Magro

Born: December 4


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Another Sagittarius on The Jersey Shore is Ronnie. One of the most frustrating things to see - even in the new reboot - is Ronnie getting drunk and cheating on the woman in his life. Obviously, not everyone does this when they drink, and the reason Ronnie does it is that as a Sagittarius, he doesn't like feeling constrained. Unfortunately, being in a committed relationship can feel constraining for someone who doesn't do well in relationships. He also doesn't like clingy people, and your significant other can certainly feel clingy if you are not ready to settle down and be monogamous. 

7. Deena Cortese

Born: January 12


Deena, who is a Capricorn zodiac sign, joined the cast of The Jersey Shore in the original series' third season and is also returning for the new The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. After joining, Deena proved to be the perfect sidekick to Snooki. Capricorn's prefer to have a more understated status and are good managers, which is why Deena made such a great sidekick for Snooki's antics. 

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