Mike Sorrentino And Wife Lauren Have A Little Situation On Their Hands! See Their Adorable Pregnancy Announcement

She's his college sweetheart.

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It looks like Jersey Shore star Mike Sorrentino and has wife, Lauren Pesce, have a little situation on their hands!

The couple took to Instagram on Nov. 24 to reveal that Lauren is expecting their first child together. The baby is dude in May 2021, and the pair couldn't be happier!

While Sorrentino, who famously goes by The Situation, is a reality television staple, his wife is more or less of a newcomer to reality star fame.


Who is Mike Sorrentino's wife, Lauren Pesce?

Read on for all the details about Lauren Pesce and her sweet relationship with the Jersey Shore star.

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She's his college sweetheart.

Mike and Lauren met in their math class at community college in 2005.

She was 19 and he was 22. They dated for four years, but once Jersey Shore started, they broke up.

When the series ended, they reconnected and they've been together for over six years now. 

He dreamed of proposing on the show.

It turns out it was Sorretino's dream to propose on the shore and that's just what he did on Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

"I have always dreamed of proposing on Jersey Shore, the show that introduced me to the world. I’m currently living the dream and proposed to my college sweetheart, Lauren Pesce, amongst my best friends on the biggest reality show in the country," he said.


"We are so proud and excited to share this chapter of our story with the world." 

She's a lifestyle blogger and realtor.

Lauren writes The Style Bae, a lifestyle blog that features fashion, beauty, fitness, and food tops.

She also worked as a buyer at Macy's and Saks Fifth Avenue.

She interned at Elle, Bergdorf Goodman, and Chanel, too! Currently, she is a realtor working at VRI Homes in Monmouth County, New Jersey. 

She didn't love The Jersey Shore.

Lauren didn't watch The Jersey Shore regularly.

She wasn't much of a fan of how The Situation came off on the show. In an interview, she said, "I definitely didn't follow some of the crazy stuff going on in Jersey Shore. I didn't like a lot of the things he did but we weren't together! I was just glad he had found success."


She opened up about her miscarriage in 2019.

Lauren got candid in 2019 about suffering a miscarriage, and bravely shared her story about the couple's tragic loss, which you can watch below.

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She was a huge part of his recovery.

On Jersey Shore Family Vacation, Sorrentino revealed that he's been in Narcotics Anonymous for two years.


Lauren has been integral in his commitment to staying sober.

She has been with him at his lowest of lows — like when he relapsed into his addiction to painkillers after he broke a rib while working out in the summer of 2015.

Lauren drove him to the hospital and reminded him he could not take painkillers, that he'd been down this road before.

Mike relapsed but was able to pull himself out of it again, and did a 60-day stint in rehab in 2012 to get past his addiction to painkillers, other drugs, and alcohol.

Today, Sorrentino is still sober.

She's stood by his side for better or worse.

Not only was Lauren an important part of Mike getting and staying sober, she's also stood by her man during his legal troubles. Sorrentino pled guilty to tax evasion in January and is currently awaiting sentencing. He faces up to 15 years in prison. 


Pesce took to Instagram to post a pic praising her hubby, captioning it:

"Congratulations to this guy @mikethesituation. I’ve watched him work hard in silence for years, personally and professionally, without getting any recognition. He didn’t do it for anyone to notice, he did it to better himself, his life and to create a healthy and positive future for us as a family. I am so proud of you for all you’ve overcome & the incredible man you are today. You inspire me everyday to be my best and I’m over the moon and filled with emotion that the world is finally able to see your true self at your core. May God continue to bless you, our family, friends & fans forever! Feeling lots of love today! #blessed"

She's been on reality TV, too.

Sorrentino knows his addiction and legal issues took a toll on his relationship with Pesce.

To get past that, the pair signed up for the reality TV show Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars in 2015 right before he relapsed into his painkiller addiction.


Sorrentino said of their experience on the show, "It really helped us out and it still helps us out to this day. You sort of learn how other people communicate and they’re coming from a different perception or a different view, and you have to value that view and listen to respond."

The Sorrentinos announced their pregnancy on Nov. 23.

And they can't wait to be parents!

Friends, fans, and family members wasted no time congratulating the pair on their big news.

Fellow Jersey Shore castmate DJ Pauly D wrote, "Now that's a situation my dude!!!!!" while JWoww, who has two children of her own, said, "OH My GODDDDD I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!"

Congrats to Mike and Lauren!


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