Science Is Able To Prove The Existence Of Reincarnation And Astrology

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Science Can Prove Reincarnation And Astrology Are Real

Science meets faith and astrology could actually be more real than you think.

Is astrology real? Is there such a thing as reincarnation? Throughout modern history, science and faith have been at odds with astrology or the afterlife. It makes sense, considering one relies on proven, tangible evidence, and the other is dependent upon believing in something that you can't physically prove.

In science, to prove something, you have to be able to measure the outcome of a test and someone else has to be able to duplicate the same series of tests you did and get the same outcome. So, proving whether or not reincarnation or astrology as real, is not easy to do. 

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One of the biggest components of faith in different religions is the concept of an afterlife. Now, the specificity of what an afterlife entails varies among the religions, but many share the idea that there is an afterlife in some form.

Reincarnation is one such form of belief in an afterlife. It is different from the notion of a Heaven or Hell in that instead of a soul going to either Heaven or Hell, the soul experiences a rebirth into a new physical body on Earth. Now, reincarnation has its own variances depending on one's religion or philosophy, but at its core, that is what it is.

When you hear someone mention a 'past life', he or she is referring to reincarnation. Contrary to popular belief, astrology is more than just horoscopes and zodiacs; It's also closely connected to reincarnation.

In astrology, you can use software to access your natal birth chart. If you want to find out about who you are including information on whether or not you're a reincarnated being, your astrological chart can give you a glimpse into your horoscope, zodiac sign, past life and essentially provide the answers as to why you are the way you are. 

Even for those who already believe in astrology, horoscopes, and reincarnation, it's not common that past lives are actually remembered by the person. However, when a past life is recalled, it's a phenomenon that lends itself the opportunity to use science to prove it's existence. 

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A psychiatrist from the University of Virginia named Jim Tucker has had an interest in the topic of reincarnation since the late 1990's and has been researching it for some years now. Additionally, the University of Virginia has been conducting research on this topic for the last fifty years. 

Dr. Tucker's focus is testing the reincarnation claims from children. His primary example is James Leininger, a 2-year-old boy from Louisiana, who had recurring memories as a WWII pilot. James' recollections were so specific that it caught national attention, as well as the attention of Dr. Tucker.

In his interview discussing reincarnation and astrology with NPR, Dr. Tucker points out that James comes from a Christian family, likely to emphasize that the family did not already adhere to a belief in reincarnation - or astrology. 

It wasn't just that the young boy had memories as a pilot from over 50 years ago; It was that the references he made included actual incidents and names that he couldn't possibly have known. You might be wondering where exactly does science come into play?

Well, Dr. Tucker references the father of Quantum Theory, Max Planck. He argues that based on Planck's analysis of matter and consciousness, the consciousness would not be dependent upon a brain in order to survive, thus providing the ability to attach itself to a new brain and be revealed in the form of past life memories.

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Basically, consciousness is separate from our bodies, but it does need a body in order to express itself. If consciousness is something that is separate from the physical, and can survive without it, then already it proves that we exist after death.

Consciousness is basically a scientific way of saying one's soul. Therefore, if it inhabits the body of another, that certainly adheres to the notion of reincarnation.

Even if that consciousness does not manifest itself as memories of a past life, it can stick with us and help develop who we are as a person and why we feel the way we do about certain things, which is reincarnation's connection with astrology. 

For many people, the belief in existence after death can be a big leap, which is why sometimes science is needed to bring the faith to us when we can't find it for ourselves.

The irony of science and faith being at odds is that science can, in fact, be faith's biggest supporter.

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