The Unique Way You Flirt, Based On Your Personality Type

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How To Flirt Using Your Myers Briggs Personality Type

Ever see a cute guy or girl from across the room? You decide that you want to talk to them — and in the midst of that, you freeze up because you're not sure of what to say. But what better way to flirt than just being yourself?

Your personality is the only thing you can truly rely on when it comes to getting to know that person you have your eyes on. If you're not good at flirting than use your amazing personality traits to woo the girl or guy of your dreams. Whether you're naturally a smooth talker, intellect, a creative person or a natural born leader, using what you've got to learn how to flirt with the person you like is a sure winner.

Your Myers Briggs personality type is what makes you who you are. There's no one else like you out there and there's nothing better than embracing your true self so the people around you will do the same. It's also a great way to show the person that you like that you are confident with yourself, and there is nothing more attractive than that. 


ISTJs are known for their love of facts. You’ll flirt by trying to impress your crush with your knowledge and the amount of information you can retain. Flirting will be a total breeze because you’ll use the information you’ve retained over the years as a way of impressing your crush.  

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INFJs flirt by sharing their unique views on the world. You will give an input on everything, leaving your partner with so many questions on their theories and ideologies. Because you cannot simply accept things for the way they are, it will leave people wanting to know more about you and why you think the way you do.

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INTJs keep to themselves. You would have a difficult time flirting and being open with people. Because you spend so much time alone, it often makes you feel out of place in a social setting. Being social and flirting is not your forte. However, when people see you in your zone, they can't help but be attracted to you. You flirt without even realizing you do it — and that's the best way!

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4. ENFJ  

ENFJs rely on their intuition and feelings, so you will flirt by simply being direct. You are outspoken and charismatic so flirting with your crush will be simple to you.

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ISTP personality types flirt by saying little to nothing. Remaining mysterious is a huge part of their identity. So you will make eye contact with them and quickly look away, leaving them wanting more. You're great at knowing how to keep people coming back for more.

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You are a social butterfly, so your way of flirting is by getting them to come to you. You’re the life of every party and people naturally gravitate towards you. You know how to use your wit and charm to get your crush to come your way instead of the other way around.

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7. INFP​​

INFP personality types let flirt by letting the other person do all the talking. You are truly into what you’re saying when you say it, but also aren't very talkative when it comes to meeting new people. So you let others do all the talking until you get comfortable enough to divulge information, which makes people feel like you're truly interested in them.

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ESFP personality types are great at flirting. They are entertainers at their core, so building up the courage to talk is a strength of yours. Because you are known to be an entertainer, you could also have the ability to use your many talents as a flirting technique.

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ENFPs are enthusiastic and passionate. Your way of flirting is by showing how eager you are about getting to know your crush. You show lots of interest in whatever they’re saying but also won’t be shy when it comes to talking about yourself.

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10. ESTP​​

You thrive on social interaction and emotions, so you flirt by being honest. Complimenting a person is the best way you flirting. You will tell you how they feel, without hiding any details.

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11. ESTJ

As an ESTJ, you flirt so effortlessly even though it's probably giving you anxiety on the inside. You literally make everything look simple. You want the person you’re interested in to be flattered and treasured. But you will most definitely be expecting them to reciprocate the behavior.

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12. ENTJ

ENTJs love a great challenge, so whether or not your crush is interested in you is not your concern. You will go to great limits to flirt with the person you like because in your world there are endless possibilities.

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13. INTP

The best way you know how to flirt is by using your intelligence. INTPs are only interested in brilliant theories, so there’s no way you would flirt with someone that wasn’t on your level mentally. You aren’t shy about your intelligence so it will be the perfect segway to flirt.

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14. ISFJ

ISFJs are great listeners. Their nurturing demeanor is why people find them so loving. Your idea of flirting is to shower your crush with lots of attention. You will ask them questions on topics they can go on and on about because you’re a great listener. You want to get to know them as much as possible.

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15. ENTP

ENTPs flirt by being their true selves. If you’re an ENTP, you’ll charm and continue to build your relationship with the person you like each day. That way they will find you to be adoring and emotional. Flirting is something that is effortless for you because you enjoy the company of others.

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16. ISFP

You have a difficult time flirting at first but once you're comfortable you’ll be fun and spontaneous. You enjoy being spontaneous so simply hanging out with your crush and going with the flow will give you more than enough time to flirt with the one your heart desires.

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