Awful New Details About The 7-Year-Old Whose Parents Forced Her To Prostitute, Dress Provocatively And Attend Parties At Strip Clubs

Photo: Bernalillo County Detention Center
Heartbreaking New Details About The 7-Year-Old Who Was Pimped By Her Own Father In Exchange For Drugs

Her father also made her steal people's wallets.

An Albuquerque man has been accused of prostituting his 7-year-old daughter in exchange for drugs.

Authorities accused James Stewart, 37, of forcing his daughter to perform sex acts on men and women, KOB reports.

The criminal complaint states that "in exchange for performing the sexual acts on these men and women, her father receives 'weed and pipes and other stuff.'"

The girl told investigators that her parents would take her to “secret parties,” which, in reality, were strip clubs, and force her to perform sexual acts with her father’s “friends,” the Star-Telegram writes.

Bernalillo County Detention Center

“I keep saying I don’t want to, but he forces me to,” the girl told authorities.                               

Stewart was arrested Wednesday and is charged with human trafficking, criminal sexual contact of a minor, child abuse, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and promoting prostitution. 

The girl’s mother, Teri Sanchez, was arrested Thursday and charged with child abuse and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

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“Attorney General Balderas can confirm special agents from his office arrested Teri Sanchez last night in connection with an ongoing investigation and she is currently in custody at MDC,” James Hallinan, a spokesman for the attorney general's office, said in a statement to KOB.

According to the Star-Telegram, an investigation into the girl’s life at home began when a school nurse called the New Mexico attorney general’s human trafficking unit on April 18 because she suspected the 7-year-old was a sexual assault victim.

She would be absent from school for days to weeks at a time and stopped showing up altogether March 20.

“Mom made me hustle last night,” she once told her teacher and principal when they asked why she was so tired.

Another time, she was dropped off at school in a vehicle that school staff did not recognize as her parents’. She was wearing  “high-heel dress shoes, had press-on nails, was wearing makeup, and had her hair ‘done.’” She had on clothes that the principal said looked “overtly sexually provocative and age inappropriate,” according to the complaint.

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The girl also told authorities that her father would make her pickpocket people for their wallets because they needed money and she had smaller hands.

Authorities continue to investigate the case and are looking for anyone else involved in the prostitution of the minor.

"The Office of the Attorney General is still gathering evidence and investigating other parties responsible for these horrific acts," Hallinan said.

The Stewart family was homeless and the girl admitted thavingve recently spent the night in a park.

"It's heartbreaking to think about what this child may have allegedly been going through it's beyond comprehension," CYFD Secretary Monique Jacobson said.

The girl and her brother are in state custody.

“I am grateful that our specialized unit of agents and prosecutors rescued two very young children from unimaginable exploitation, horrific risk, and unthinkable acts as alleged in our arrest warrant,” Attorney General Balderas said in a statement. “We remain committed to keeping children safe and are preparing to bring formal charges against the defendant.”

Jacobson is looking into whether or not authorities followed procedure when presented with this “bone-chilling” case and is working on further educating authorities about sex trafficking in the local community, according to the Las Cruces Sun News.

“I think there’s just a huge lack of awareness that it happens in our state, in our communities,” she said. “It’s not just about women from another country who are brought here. It’s our girls, our children. That has been a focus for us — to better educate our staff and our community.”

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