New Shocking Savannah Plane Crash Photos Plus New Details About The Military Accident

Photo: Twitter
savannah plane crash photos

Five people died.

New Savannah plane crash photos show a military plane crashed near the Savannah Hilton Head International Airport in Georgia. The plane crashed near the airport, not at it. The plane was an Air Force WC-130 with five crew members on board. All of the crew members on board have been confirmed dead.

#BREAKING: Witness reports say a plane has crashed near Gulfstream Road and Hwy 21 in Port Wentworth. -> https://bi… https://t.co/g17PpTBj2v

— WTOC 11 (@WTOC11) May 2, 2018

Here's what we do know:

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1. A military plane has crashed in Savannah, Georgia.

military WC-130 aircraft has crashed in Savannah, GA off State Highway 21 near the Savannah Hilton Head International Airport. Smoke was visible from the airport as well as the nearby Tanger Outlet Mall in Pooler, Georgia. Minh Phan was at the outlet mall and shot this video of the moments after the crash. 

Huge smoke plume near @fly_SAV. View from Tanger Outlets in Pooler. Trying to confirm what this is. pic.twitter.com/Httr7QG1nH

— Minh Phan (@WXMinh) May 2, 2018

2. The scene of the crash shows stunning wreckage.

The Savannah Professional Firefighters Association Twitter account shared this photo of the crash:

We're on our way to cover this crash of what official are saying is a C-130 military aircraft just north of Savannah. We're working on getting more details. pic.twitter.com/la69lcwhtb

— Richard Elliot (@RElliotWSB) May 2, 2018

3. It was a National Guard plane.

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The US Air Force confirmed that the plane that went down was a National Guard cargo plane out of Puerto Rico. 

4. Witnesses reported the ground shook "like a bomb was going off."

CNN's Kaylee Hartung is on the ground in Savannah covering the crash. A witness who works nearby reported "the ground shook like a bomb was going off."

5. The highway where the plane crashed is now shutdown.

TRAFFIC ALERT: Due to plane crash @GADeptofTrans will be detouring SR 21 traffic via SR 307, Jimmy Deloach Connector, Sonny Dixon Interchange back onto SR 21 @WSAV @WTGSFOX28 @WJCLNews @SavannahNow pic.twitter.com/ElYtfe5TRR

— GDOT Southeast (@GeorgiaDOTSE) May 2, 2018

6. Some flights at the Savannah airport were briefly affected.

In the moments immediately following the crash, the Savannah Hilton Head International Airport reported flight delays. At this time, all flights are back on schedule with minimal delays. 

Flights are arriving and departing at this time with minimal delays. If you're traveling to the airport via Highway 21 and Gulfstream Road from Savannah you will need to seek an alternate route.

— SAV Airport (@fly_SAV) May 2, 2018

7. The plane was used for weather reconnaissance.

The U.S. Air Force describes the typical mission of the WC-130 aircraft:

“The WC-130 Hercules is a high-wing, medium-range aircraft flown by the Air Force Reserve Command for weather reconnaissance missions. The aircraft penetrates tropical disturbances and storms, hurricanes and winter storms to obtain data on movement, size, and intensity.”

The Air Force also describes the plane as carrying a minimal crew of five: "pilot, co-pilot, navigator, aerial reconnaissance weather officer and weather reconnaissance loadmaster."

This is what a C-130 looks like if you didn’t know. First responders confirm 5 on board, 2 confirmed dead. Stay with @WTOC11 for latest. Keep victims’ families in your thoughts and prayers pic.twitter.com/NJC3xxzijr

— Wright Gazaway (@wgazawayWTOC) May 2, 2018

8. Smoke from the crash was visible on satellite.

Doppler radar imagery out of KCLX in Charleston, South Carolina showed that smoke from the crash was visible from satellites

Smoke showing up on radar from a confirmed C-130 crash northwest of Savannah. pic.twitter.com/AI2TBQ7b4M

— Andrew Gorton WTOC (@AndrewGortonWx) May 2, 2018

9. The pilot tried to avoid hitting people and cars.

CNN reported that Roger Best, a truck driver, was working nearby when the miliary plane flew over him at a very low altitude and crashed. It appeared as though the pilot was doing everything to avoid hitting Best and the rest of the people at the Boasso America depot. 

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"The guy is a hero. He barely made it over the tree line, looked as if he tried to turn and nose dive straight into the ground right in front of me," Best said via CNN's Facebook page. 

Boasso America handles hazardous materials. If the plane had crashed there, it would have been disastrous. Best said if the plane had hit the area where he was working, a five mile radius would have blown up. 

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