Which Spice Girl Did Justin Timberlake Hook Up With? New Details About The Video That Has The Internet Talking

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Just when you thought the internet was done with the mystery-solving business — seriously guys, who bit Beyoncé? — Justin Timberlake dropped a major breadcrumb regarding his sexual escapades as a member of *NSYNC. 

During Tuesday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres ShowTimberlake reunited with all of his boy band buddies to play a harmless game of "Never Have I Ever." 

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After questioning about whether or not they slept with someone twice their age, she asked if any of the men had ever been romantically entangled with a member of their popular girl-band equivalent, The Spice Girls. 

For a brief, reluctant moment, Justin held up the "I Have" side of his paddle and the world proceeded to halt. Ellen also made sure to place the "I Have" side of her paddle onto Justin's knee.

Disappointingly enough, she did not press him further about this potentially groundbreaking information, leaving the internet to find out for itself. 

So, which Spice Girl was it? Scary, or Melanie Brown, Sporty or Melanie Chisholm, Ginger or Geri Halliwell, Baby or Emma Bunton, or Posh or Victoria Beckham?

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Well, thanks to good ole Google, we may have actually have an answer for this one. 

An interview Emma Bunton did in 2004 seemed to indicate that she had a one-night stand with Justin, who is now happily married to Jessica Biel. 

“You had a one nighter with him, is that right?” Jonathan Ross asked Bunton, 42, about Justin. 

She scolded him, and Jonathan claimed that he heard the rumor to be true. 

“We hung out and partied a bit and he was very sweet,” admitted Bunton. “He spoke about this first, ’cause otherwise I would not have said a word. He’s very sweet.”

Because of the fact that A) Bunton is a sweetheart and B) I used to wear my hair in those little buns as much as possible, I am giving Justin my highly regarded seal of approval. 

Neither Emma or Justin has commented on their alleged hook up.

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