6 Disturbing Details About The Hart Family Uncovered In New DCF Documents — Including How The Children Were Seen Eating Out Of The Garbage

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Hart Family, Details Child Welfare Report, Abuse Allegations

There were details about their adoption and abuse allegations that went unreported.

As FBI officials continue to search for Devote and Hannah Hart, new details about their family and the alleged abuse they and their siblings suffered at the hands of their mothers, were revealed in new documents. 

The Oregon Department of Human Services reported that in 2013 the department was made aware of six reports made by the Minnesota Child Protective Services between the years 2010 and 2011. One of those reports eventually resulted in one of the mothers, Sarah Hart, pleading guilty to a misdemeanor of domestic abuse. 

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Two witnesses contacted DCF with concerns that the six children adopted by Sarah and Jennifer Hart were being abused. In March, the mothers and at least four of the children — Markis, Sierra, Abigail, and Jeremiah — drove off a cliff in northern California. 

Six of the family members are dead, and Devonte and Hannah are still missing, but presumed dead. 

Here are eight details that came out of the new reports: 

1. There were signs of abuse, but no definitive evidence. 

All six children were reportedly so small during the year of 2013 that their weights and heights weren't listed on growth charts for other children their age. 

The doctor who measured them said there were no signs of abuse because she didn't have any records of their previous sizes. Even though witnesses told officials they saw the Harts withhold food from their children and one investigator said the mothers knew how to blame red flags on the children themselves, the conclusion of the investigation was that there was not enough evidence. 

2. One of the children was seen going through garbage for food. 

Reports say that when Abigail Hart was 6, her school called child welfare authorities to say that she was seen rummaging through the garbage and taking food. 

School officials also had stopped telling the Hart parents about any incidents where the kids would steal food during school because they didn't want the kids to be punished. 

3. None of the children said they were abused. 

A doctor in Oregon reported that all six children denied being abused. They all gave identical accounts of their home life, and none of the children showed any signs of emotions except for Devonte. 

The children also told the doctor that when they were in trouble, their parents punished them by making them meditate for five minutes. 

4. The children were regularly punished for eating food. 

One person said that while the family was staying at her home, they ordered pizza. Each child was only allowed one small piece. 

The next morning, the pizza was gone and the witness said that Jennifer Hart lost it. 

She took all her children into the bathroom and when they came out, she said that because no one would admit to eating the pizza, that they wouldn't be having breakfast. 

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5. The children asked for permission to talk. 

After the pizza incident, the witness said the children had to lie on a bed for four to five hours with sleeping masks on their faces and their arms by their sides. 

When asked questions, the children would look to Jennifer Hart for permission to speak. They also reportedly looked lethargic and not at all like their Facebook photos. 

6. Jennifer Hart claimed her oldest daughter used to be "morbidly obese."

When asked about how she seemed to restrict the children's food, Jennifer Hart reportedly became defensive. She claimed that her eldest daughter, Hannah, was "morbidly obese" when she was adopted. 

She said the girl — who was very small and missing two front teeth — was doing "so much better." 

Photographs taken at the time of Hannah's adoption show she was at a normal weight for her age.

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