How The Earth-Shattering May 2018 Astrology Forecast Will Affect Your Love Life All Month Long

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monthly love horoscope for May 2018
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Sometimes we need to be stubborn about what means the most to us.

May is here and it's bringing with it some very different energy than we’ve seen so far this year. It's Taurus season, so we will be seeing an influx of planets moving into this sign. Because Taurus is stubborn and relentless toward what it truly wants, how will this affect your monthly love horoscope for May 2018?

Thanks to astrology, for the first time this year, we are actually feeling like we know what it is that we want. That's good news for your zodiac sign, right?

This year was forecasted to be one for the books with the strong connection to new beginnings and soulmates through the sun signs and numerology. But for the first few months of the year, it mostly felt like it was a daily job to mess up our lives, especially our love lives.

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There have been a lot of movements in the past month, and more than likely, we all saw some sort of surprise in April leading us to think that we had encountered a game changer moment. We knew this time was coming; after all, even the most ambiguous person eventually figures out what direction they want to move in.

But it seems that we hadn’t expected to know this quickly, or perhaps it’s just as certainly as we feel it. For many of us, we were on the brink of change with our love lives. We were looking to begin a relationship, commit more seriously, or even just take a different approach to our dating lives. There was change on the horizon — or at least, we thought there might be.

Sometimes, things move more slowly than we hope or even anticipate they will. It was easy to become disillusioned the past few months wondering if this was it. Perhaps we already were at the realization point that we had all been fantasizing about, so we began to relax into what seemed to be the reality we had been working toward.

But then April happened, and somehow, within just a week or two after Mercury turned direct and we had our new moon, it seemed everything changed. We began to focus clearly on what we want, and the funny thing was, it didn’t seem so fantastical this time; instead, it simply felt natural, like all of a sudden the clouds cleared and we had a smooth path to walk where we once only saw confusion.

Those aspects, combined with the full moon at the end of the month, marked a turning point in our current eclipse cycle that was like lighting a big fire underneath all of us and giving us some much needed clarity about where our hearts wanted to be. And so, it seems we finally know with certainty our truth about what we want our lives to look like and who has our heart.

Even so, we haven’t yet been forthcoming with this new knowledge and perhaps we could blame it on Mercury still being in shadow or even fear that maybe we aren’t as certain as we actually feel. But it’s just because we need to sit with some big truths for a bit before we are ready to actually act upon them.

But don’t worry, because that time is rapidly approaching.

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During the early days of May, we will become increasingly stubborn about what it is that we want, not just in terms of who is our forever or who we want to spend our Friday nights with, but also about what those choices say about the bigger picture in our lives.

It’s been said that the person we choose to be by our side actually ends up dictating how our entire lives will go; with the wrong person, it can be an uphill journey of struggle and unfulfillment, but with the right one? Someone who inspires and encourages us? The sky is the limit as far as what we could accomplish as a couple.

Unfortunately, it seems that not everyone is happy about our sudden course of direction or the desires of our hearts, so we will feel ourselves becoming increasingly protective and stubborn about who we want in our lives or how we want to date or approach love altogether. In your monthly love horoscope for May 2018, this will continue until about the 13th or so, right around the time of the new moon and Mercury moving into Taurus, which will be when we actually take that stubbornness and that sweet decisiveness and put it into action to make some big choices.

These choices could mean we could ask out that person we’ve had our eye on for a while, we might make a relationship official, or even bring it to the next level of commitment. There could be a lot of talk about moving in, and we could see a large number of couples wanting to make it official with engagements.

There will likely even be thoughts of marriage and babies; however, those will hold off until the full moon in June when we just can’t find any reason to keep holding back. But the seeds for deeper commitment will be planted now.

It’s also a time, if single, when we may change our minds about what it is we want from a partner, or we might decide to get back out there and try dating again.

In love there is always a season for everything; sometimes it’s to explore possibilities, and at others it’s to decide to follow our hearts or even to commit and stick up for what it is that we want. But now is the time when we decide to give ourselves everything we’ve always wanted but had doubted we could actually ever get.

Because sometimes life really does work out better than we’ve ever imagine, if we only decide to believe in what we feel and, more importantly, who we feel it for. 

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