New Details About Paris Jackson's Strange Behavior And Why Her Family Is Concerned After The Scary Video She Posted On Instagram

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A recent video showed her walking on the ledge of a tall building.

A disturbing video of Paris Jackson posted in March has her relatives seriously concerned, sources say. 

In the video, the 20-year-old daughter of the late Michael Jackson can first be seen with her rumored girlfriend, Cara Delevingne, 25. Surrounded by friends in a restaurant, the two are talking loudly to each other and staggering around. 

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The clip then cuts to Paris walking on the ledge of what appears to be a tall building. It's hard to see the cars below, making it seem like she's dozens of stories up. 

Paris then loses her balance for a moment and falls back into Cara's arms. 

Paris originally posted the video to Instagram with the caption: "I almost died!" It has since been deleted. 

The video is eerily similar to one taken of her father in 2002, when he dangled his then-infant son, Blanket, over a fourth-floor balcony in Berlin. Sources say her relatives are worried about her mental health and that she may be headed for a breakdown. 

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“But this is worse than that because I still think Michael had control of Blanket and they weren’t nearly as high up as Paris is in this video,” the relative told Page Six. “She’s lost it. She really has.”

In the past, Paris has attempted suicide three times and has a history of self-harming, being cyberbullied and was sexually assaulted. 

Paris responded to the claims made by her relatives by posting a message on her Instagram Story. 

"So apparently people think I’m about to die … I don’t know,” she said in a series of clips. “My therapist texted me about it laughing though, so that’s good."

"So I guess to all the family members that are talking to these news outlets saying you’re worried for me, when was the last time you called me?”

Paris went on to say that her brother Prince Jackson, 21, isn't worried because they "talk all the time." 

She hasn't directly addressed the video, and no other family members have since spoken out. 

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