Exactly What Makes People Fall For You, Based On Your Love Language

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what makes you attractive based on your love language

What is it about you that sets their pulses racing?

It’s only natural for us to wonder what it is that makes people attracted to us. Is it your charm, your thoughtfulness, your ability to hold an engaging conversation, or something else unique about you? What made your boo fall head over heels for you?

Instead of racking your brain trying to figure out what makes you so irresistible, just consult your love language! Love languages are an excellent tool to use when it comes to understanding matters of the heart and relationships. No matter which of the five love languages you fall under, each one can reveal what your most enticing personality traits are that make your partners go crazy for you. 

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So here is exactly what makes you attractive, based on your love language.

Quality Time

What makes people fall for you: People get it bad for this love language because of their ability to carry a conversation and talent for listening. Communication is one of the most important parts of any relationship and this language has amazing communication skills.

Your partner loves the fact that they're able to talk to you about anything and that you'll always know when to speak and when they just want you to listen. They also appreciate the importance you put on spending quality time together — after all, this language isn't called quality time for nothing! One-on-one time with just you and your S.O. is crucial to having a happy, healthy relationship and you're always down for some Netflix and chill.

Physical Touch

What makes people fall for you: Sometimes we just need some physical comfort from our partners in the form of a hug or a cuddle session. And this love language is always up for the job. 

People with this love language are experts at interpreting body language, which is very significant when it comes to romantic relationships. Being attuned to not just your partner's words, but also how they communicate nonverbally can make a big difference in a relationship. You never have to tell this language when you need a soothing hug — they'll immediately just know from your nonverbal cues. 

People also love you for your unmatchable passion. You may not be a big talker, but you have other ways of showing your complete devotion to that special someone.

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Acts of Service

What makes people fall for you: It's really not too hard to fall hopelessly in love with this language. You're always ready and willing to help your partner with any task, no matter how big or small. You're also incredibly organized, so if your S.O. is having an especially frazzled, overloaded day, they'll appreciate your ability to help them manage it. 

This love language is very reliable, making them the ultimate romantic partners. You'll never need to ask them for help because they're already on it. People with this language are great at sensing when their partner needs a helping hand and you can count on them to always follow through. Acts of service language will never leave their bae hanging. 


What makes people fall for you: Your thoughtfulness is your most striking quality. You never forget important dates — in fact, you go out of your way to make them extra special for your partner. 

Gift-giving is definitely your thing, but your gifts aren't based on a price tag or how extravagant they can be. You put an immense amount of thought and creativity into what your partner really wants and needs. It's all in the details. 

Words of Affirmation

What makes people fall for you: You have a real way with words! And we're not just talking about your ability to actually come up with pick-up lines that don't make us want to roll our eyes, but you somehow always know just what to say.

This language is also very supportive of their partners. They're always willing to be your personal cheerleader and encourage you to follow all of your dreams. They might not always be the most affectionate with things like hugs, but they'll always be the first to verbally congratulate you on a new promotion or find the right words to say to pick you up when you're having a bad day. They always find a way to affirm their love, which usually comes in the form of a sweet text or note to let you know they're thinking of you.

These are the kind of people who won't just write you a love poem but will want to personally read it out loud to you. It doesn't take long to fall for this love language — they talk their way right into our hearts.

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