8 Signs A Spirit Is Trying To Warn You

Can you feel something odd going on?

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When a person dies, many things can happen to them. I choose to believe that a deceased person has the ability to come back to Earth without taking a physical form.

They do this for a lot of reasons, but the basic idea behind most of these thoughts is that they are attempting to pass along a message.

Well, as spirits have not taken a physical form, they can only communicate through indirect means. The fact that you are reading this article says a lot about your willingness to stay open and listen, and that's a great start.


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Here are some of the common signs a spirit is trying to warn you or communicate with you:

If any of these are happening, try to look past your fear of the unknown and listen to your gut. There are many tricksters out there, and only your intuition can guide you effectively.


1. You have vivid dreams or visions during meditation.

Spirits are best known for trying to reach us through dreams and meditation. This is when our minds are quiet and we are more open to the possibilities.

They will create scenarios or characters that grab our attention. When you are dreaming, especially, you are aligned with other realms, so it is easier for spirits to speak to you.

Before you meditate or sleep is the best time to ask for guidance with sincerity and deliberation.

2. Your senses are sharper and more enhanced.

Spirits have to communicate through indirect means, so they will sharpen your senses so you may notice more. You'll see them on the edge of your vision, or smell a flower that reminds you of someone deceased.


Often, at first, you won't know what you are seeing, but remain calm and open to the experience.

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3. Your electronics randomly act up.

We've all seen this in movies, but that doesn't make it untrue.

Electronics turning on and off, volumes going out of whack, or television sets getting static and changing channels — these phenomena will continue until you directly address the situation.

4. You know things you can't explain.

Ever got the feeling you knew something that you had no memory of learning?

This could be a spirit telepathically popping information to you. You will need this information, so stay open to its existence or you will shut it out.


Also, spirits can lead our intuitions. So, listen to your gut as it may lead you to unknown places. Have faith in your spirit guides.

5. You get frequent and random chills.

If ever you are talking about the deceased, or a situation involving the dead, and you get a chilling sensation, that could be a clear indication of spirits.

While this isn't always the most pleasant of sensations, remember they are on a different wavelength now. So, don't be afraid when this happens — the spirits are trying to guide you.

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6. You feel like you're being guided.

Something is pulling you in a direction, and your intuition can't make sense of it. At the same time, your gut isn't fighting the sensation, and the whole thing is off-putting because it is unfamiliar.


This is one or more of your spirits trying to take you to a place you need to be or reveal something that is hidden from you. Relax and prepare for an adventure!​

7. You notice clocks stopping at specific times.

If you see your clocks stopping at a certain time and don't know what it means, it might be a warning. A spirit could be aware of something happening at that time in the future, good or bad, and is trying to alert you.

In that case, keep an eye out for other numbers, too; they could be the spirit's way of telling you when it will happen.


8. You feel the temperature suddenly drop.

This feeling can mean different things. Sometimes, it's just a way for spirits to reach out and say hi. Other times, it might be a sign from a spirit, warning you about possible danger.

If it's the latter, you'll probably notice other signs from the spirit along with the chill.

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