10 Signs Of ‘Matriarch And Patriarch’ Ancestor Spirits, According To A Medium

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Mediums are professionals who recognize the presence of spirits around other people. It's their job to accurately describe those who are trying to communicate from the spirit world.

The spirits who make the greatest impact on you are those who were family role models, impacting either your life or your family as a group.

These role models are called matriarchs or patriarchs, and these ancestor spirits exhibit at least 10 common traits while they are alive.

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These are the 10 signs of an important ancestor spirit, according to a medium.

1. Wisdom from life experience.

This is usually found among senior family members who have witnessed many changes through the years. They have learned from the elders of their youth and from mistakes they made during their lives.

Their experience gives younger family members a reservoir of knowledge not available anywhere else. These individuals transcend the empirical and spirit worlds and can be guides for those they left behind.

The advice and comfort they give is priceless while they are alive and continue to indicate support when they're in spirit.

2. Empathy.

Matriarchs and patriarchs can relate to common issues in life such as relationships, health, and career issues. They understand your feelings because they faced similar ones in their lives.

In addition, they can evaluate emotional situations accurately when others cannot.

3. Loyalty to family members under all circumstances.

They stand by those they love, whether they're in the right or in the wrong. This does not mean they do not believe in consequences, but they give second chances after a difficult situation.

Their love is unconditional to their family.

4. Flexibility with foresight.

They are open-minded to new possibilities and taking reasonable risks. The knowledge that times change and new ideas allow for personal and material growth contributes to their stature.

They are the ones who set examples for younger members of the family with their solid methodology of thinking.

5. They're consistent and predictable.

This is admirable because you always know where you stand with them. There's no guessing where they stand on issues, and they exhibit good habits and behaviors.

The sense of stability that they provide can be comforting and grounding.

6. They are simple, spiritual, and humble.

These aspects demonstrate a depth of character and an inner strength that is reliable.

Adversity is handled gracefully and with a measured response. They know the right time to act and when not to meddle in areas where they could do more harm than good.

7. Positivity and confidence.

Their bright outlook brings up the confidence of the rest of the family when doom and gloom can easily take over. Their attitude inspires others to seek solutions for problems.

8. Honesty.

The best matriarchs and patriarchs do not interfere with those they advise. They give their opinion if they have one, and then allow for the ultimate decision to be made by the person asking for advice.

9. They can advise their descendents.

Some families are lucky to have more than one elder who can serve in the role of being a wise one, serving in the role of advisor.

They can mentor parents, young people, and extended family members when called upon for their expertise. Their contribution is invaluable, because they give to those they love without any cost or hidden agenda.

10. They step up when needed.

Ancestor spirits are individuals who step up when needed, even though they may be seniors.

For example, they're willing to sacrifice by rearing their grandchildren if the parents are unable to do so. The role they play in a child’s life can make the difference in whether or not that child receives a stable foundation.

They are even known to slip you a extra few bucks if they have it and you need it!

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Who are these special ancestor spirits?

These special folks can be older parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, or an ancestor who has reached legendary status in the family. They're all people who have proven their significance over time.

They may have special talents, such as matchmaking or an uncanny business acumen. Some families have a choice of people to ask when it comes to the different scenarios that life presents.

They're individuals who have suffered hardships and were able to overcome them by exhibiting character and the will to persevere. The difficulties they endured were significant ones. They may have lost everything and were able to rebuild their lives.

Their stories provide hope for the rest of the family as a reference for them.

The people who lived during the Great Depression and World War II are often seen as matriarchs and patriarchs. This generation has been dubbed the "greatest generation," due to the obstacles they faced and their determination to overcome them.

They were willing to sacrifice and place others before themselves to achieve a better life and secure a brighter future for their descendants.

Sometimes, these personal heroes are not family members.

They may be others who impact your life, like teachers, ministers, coaches, employers, or friends. They may possess many of the traits outlined; therefore, you may gravitate to them.

Today, it's difficult to identify leaders in the public eye who can be respected and honored because of the polarization of society.

Leadership, however, may be found close to home by remembering senior family members who impacted your life. These beloved family members imprint us for life.

Matriarchs and patriarchs are not perfect.

They have their faults and these traits cannot be ignored. Generational attitudes and life experience can influence the perspectives of these otherwise great people.

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You may be able to recognize some traits but not others that have been identified as common for them. Reaching the level of a wise person is not necessarily 100 percent.

Some of their attitudes may be remembered as comical, while others should be condemned.

It's the overriding character of a family member that's admired by their descendants. It's the realization that imperfection does not cancel the good traits for which these memorable characters were best remembered.

They reach the level of matriarch or patriarch because of their best traits.

You may have ancestor spirits who exemplify the opposite traits of those that are positive role models.

These individuals can do great harm to a family if action is not taken to reduce their influence. It's difficult to gain control, clarity, and bring stability to a family when reckless or inappropriate behavior is standard.

Families with famous personalities in them revere their lives, but they are not necessarily a matriarch or patriarch. They have legendary talents that are admired, but they may not be known for any for their nurturing personalities.

These folks are remembered for the extraordinary achievements they attained to gain recognition alone.

A medium may notice ancestor spirits coming in from the spirit world immediately during a session.

Mediums who provide verifiable information about a person in spirit give them a sense of connection and security. The spiritual presence of a role model they knew while the person was in physical form allows them to heal from the grief of loss.

Sometimes, a recognized ancestor arrives during a reading who made an impact on their family, but does not have the personal element associated with them.

Ancestor spirits can provide a roadmap to life.

The continued presence of an important person can give you confidence to persevere while enduring issues in your life.

The roadmaps given to you from the elders of your family allow you to recall their character and to ask yourself, “What would they do in this situation I’m facing?” The answers may give insight and comfort.

Family members who didn't act well or exhibited destructive behavior may give you a sense of what not to do when dealing with adversity. The lesson of their life experience is valuable, because it provides knowledge of the consequences of bad decision making.

The references of both types of behavior can assist you in making good decisions.

Finally, the use of information from your ancestors is good, but you must be the navigator of your life’s direction. The traits they exhibited are worth adopting, so their goodness will continue to transcend time.

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