11 Ways To Become The Sort Of Person Who Can Sense Spirits

Anyone can sense spirits, it just takes practice and faith in the unseen.

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One of the first ways many people sense spirits is by noticing what feels like mysterious signs. Maybe seeing a bird or feather suddenly reminds you of a loved one who has passed. Or, seeing time prompts like 11:11 or 2:22 can bring in a sense that a spirit is nearby.

As you start recognizing signs and being receptive to their presence, spirits will gently nudge you and encourage you to persist in your quest — you're on the journey inward to your soul.


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11 ways to open yourself up to sensing spirits 

1. Be open to the wonder of a child to avoid divisive thinking

As children, we naturally have so many questions about the world around us. When we grow up, we can get easily offended or judgmental, which leads to divisive thinking of us versus them. In the spiritual realm, we are all one.

Instead of being reactive, get curious about other people’s different views using the spiritual fruits of patience, nonjudgment, compassion, and mercy. Studies show that as you gain more outer intelligence, your bias increases, and you become less open to new ideas about the mysteries of life.


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Sensing spiritual influences depends on being open, trusting, and having faith in what you don’t know. Be someone who recognizes how the more you discover, the more there is to discover.

2. Make the connection with your signs and synchronicities

Once you establish an initial connection, such as linking a bird or feather to a loved one or interpreting a time prompt like 11:11 as a spiritual sign, the connection becomes a tool, you've attributed meaning to the sign and facilitated spiritual communication.


Be attentive to all coincidences or moments when you ponder, "What are the chances?" These synchronicities are frequently orchestrated spiritually and unfold as "divine timing". To keep opening your ability to sense the spiritual through signs and synchronicities, keep a journal to help inwardly connect your daily observations.

When you experience a sign or notice a synchronicity, pause, and listen quietly for a message. The realm of the spirit wants you to engage and will help guide you with an insight either now or later.

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3. Build your spiritual library

For those on the quest for higher spiritual understanding, a wealth of sacred texts — such as the Bible, Quran, Bhagavad Gita, Talmud, Mahayana Sutras, and The Tao Te Ching — await exploration. Modern scholars have sifted through these texts to distinguish truth from misunderstanding prevalent during the times of their origin. Furthermore, contemporary spiritual authors like Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, and Miguel Ruiz, alongside channeled works such as The Urantia Book and The Course in Miracles, offer insights that align with ancient wisdom and convey similar messages of light.


It's essential to return to the source texts to enrich your spiritual library. Practice discerning truth by tapping into your inner spirit, which discerns between love and fear, between freedom and control. Your mind's repository can serve as a conduit for spiritual communication, as the unseen possesses a unique language.

Think of it as learning a new language, opening up channels of communication to unfamiliar worlds. When you immerse yourself in sacred texts and spiritual writings that resonate with your soul, spiritual language can permeate your consciousness and provide a pathway for sensing Spirits.

4. Turn off the outer noise

When was the last time you drove in silence? How about simply walking without being tethered to a mobile device? To perceive Spirits, mastering the art of quieting the mind is essential, often achieved through meditation. This practice helps release negative thoughts like worry, fear, and anxiety, as well as constant mental chatter, allowing you to reach a state of tranquility. Stillness within the mind creates the open space needed for creativity and communication and enables spiritual senses.

Consider this: every creation you see around you stems from someone's inspired thought that emerged during a moment of stillness. Our capacity for creativity arises from attuning to our inner Spirit. By cultivating moments of stillness throughout our day, we can tune into Spirits. You might notice they reach out to you in the quiet of the night when the world is hushed and still!


5. Incorporate a morning spiritual practice

People who sense the spiritual recognize the value of a morning routine. They connect with their divine inner voice to set up the day aligned with the Spirit. While the specifics vary for each person, this routine typically includes gratitude, journaling, reverence, and a readiness to surrender and trust in a higher power. Prayer in the early morning is a practice of reaching out to Spirits and stating your intentions with trust, humility, and honesty. It’s a spontaneous pouring of your heart’s desires.

6. Live in the moment and know you are mortal

In our daily lives, thoughts of mortality typically don't occupy our minds unless we've faced situations that bring us close to death. However, by embracing presence and gratitude for each breath in this fleeting existence, we inevitably delve into deeper reflections about our identity, values, desires, and the legacy we wish to leave. This shift redirects our focus inward, allowing us to sense the spiritual.

Consider this: Are you intentionally living in alignment with what most matters as if today were your final day on earth, fully immersed in this precious moment?

7. Spend time in Mother Nature

It's no wonder we find our calm effortlessly in nature. Spiritual energy permeates every aspect, echoing principles such as "nature is never in a hurry," while its beauty surrounds us abundantly. When we pause to marvel at the breathtaking abundance of our natural world, we reconnect with the understanding that we are integral parts of a larger whole, inclusive of the spirit of the planet, often referred to as Gaia. Recognizing the interconnectedness makes it easier to tap into our spiritual sense and realize everything we admire externally also resides within us.




Will you actively seek the marvels of nature that surround you?

8. Treasure the spiritual freedom to think for yourself

We've been bestowed with a divine gift — the ability to choose the thoughts that inhabit our minds. Thus, safeguarding them with healthy boundaries is mandatory. External influences often attempt to dictate our thoughts, behaviors, purchases, friendships, and even love interests. It becomes crucial to assertively select what ignites your passion, fosters love for life and people and aligns with the purpose you feel called to fulfill.

Sensing the spiritual requires a willingness to acknowledge your essence. As your inner light radiates brighter, you naturally resonate at a frequency more conducive to perceiving Spirits.


9. Notice the light in your life

The concept of light is often intertwined with Spiritual influences and serves as a means for the Beings of Light to communicate with us. While flickering lights may sometimes indicate a mere electrical issue, they can also signify the presence of the spiritual. Pay attention to candles flickering or sunlight streaming in at precisely the right moment — these are subtle spiritual signs.

Lighting a candle holds deep significance and symbolizes joyous occasions shared with loved ones and moments of remembrance for those who have departed. Love, the purest form of light, serves as a guiding beacon. When you feel love surround you, it signifies your connection with the spiritual and journeying along a guided path. At its pinnacle, light embodies love. When you are enveloped by love, it confirms you are sensing the spiritual and following your true path.



10. Stop following the crowd

Sensing the spiritual demands introspection, often diverging from the crowd. Each of us is destined for greatness, uniquely designed to fulfill our soul’s purpose. Trusting your instincts and intuition means attuning to the beat of your own heart. Embrace the unknown with a willingness to stumble, knowing failure breeds growth, and embracing your individuality is key.


In a world dominated by mass media, breaking away from societal norms can be daunting but is crucial for creating the space to spiritually connect. When you courageously tread your soul's unique path, aligning with what resonates deeply within you, it's akin to following your spiritual blueprint.

11. Notice unusual body vibrations and emotions

Have you ever experienced your eyes welling up with tears seemingly out of nowhere or feeling a sensation in one ear that shifts from one side to the other? These occurrences can initially seem peculiar, but as beings attuned to vibrations, our bodies can energetically detect signals from the spiritual realm.

Sensations may manifest in various parts of the body to signal the presence of spirits. Much like a radio tower transmitting and receiving signals, we possess the innate ability to communicate through our thoughts. Paying attention to unfamiliar feelings in your body when you are in quiet moments or simply mindful of Spirits will help you recognize your own body's ability to sense the spiritual.

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Spirits encompass a variety of entities

Guardian angels, spirit guides, helpers, celestial teachers, ascended masters, beings from other realms, departed loved ones, and your paramount spirit or "Cosmic Compass": the divine fragment of "God" within you.

If you're intrigued about sensing spirits, it's vital to set an intention and exclusively engage with the spiritual. They remain passive, awaiting your initiative to seek answers of your free will — a universal law upheld with strict reverence


Spiritual advancement hinges on each soul's contribution to an expanding collective Universal Source from whom all life originated, whose essence is love. Certain individuals are naturally attuned to the spiritual world from birth. Additionally, those who have undergone significant life events such as the loss of a loved one, a serious illness diagnosis, a near-death experience (NDE), or a close encounter with death may discover an enhanced ability to connect with the spiritual in profound ways.

When seeking to connect with the spiritual, you must maintain a calm and grounded demeanor rooted in love rather than ego-driven fear. This approach helps prevent the intrusion of unwanted spirits.

There are seven ways individuals can perceive the spiritual, collectively known as the "clairs," which denote the ability to perceive clearly across the veil to the spiritual.

  1. Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing)
  2. Clairaudience (Clear Hearing)
  3. Clairsentience (Clear Feeling)
  4. Claircognizance (Clear Knowing)
  5. Clairsalience (Clear Smelling)
  6. Clairgustance (Clear Tasting)
  7. Clairtangency (Clear Touching)

People possess varying degrees of proficiency in these psychic abilities, which can be improved with practice. Particularly noteworthy are clairaudience (such as receiving insights, downloads, or channeling spirits), clairsentience (sensing energetic vibrations in different areas of the body), and clairvoyance (visualizing with the "mind's eye" or perceiving spirits as if they were tangible).



The most vital spiritual sense is your inner divine voice, which serves as your “Cosmic Compass” or “Spiritual Navigator” that guides you to discern your truth amid a myriad of spirits.


Remember to acknowledge the divine essence within yourself that orchestrates all communications with the spirits surrounding you. These light beings are present to nurture your soul's evolution and help guarantee the continuity of your eternal existence.

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Carolyn Hidalgo is a soul executive coach specializing in helping individuals overcome life challenges by focusing on spiritual health.