15 Subtle Ways The Universe Warns You When You're In Trouble

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Do you know that divine power is always guiding you?

It doesn't care what your religious beliefs are. It isn't disrupted by the presence or lack of your spiritual convictions. The eternal force keeps communicating with you to navigate your journey toward the greatest good.

The universe has striking ways to communicate with us. It makes everything seem effortless, positive, and empowering when you're moving on the right track. But when it finds you distracted from your true life path, the universe warns you with subtle signs implying you're in danger.

Even the blockades and hindrances can be a manifestation of the divine to protect you from impending menace. The question is, are you ready to listen?

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Here are 15 warning signs from the universe that mean you might be in trouble.

1. You're always racing against the clock.

Are you finding yourself late for everything, lately? No matter how much you push to be on time, you end up getting late to work, miss deadlines, and are incapable of driving the children to school before the morning prayer.

This uncertain phase in your life is a sign from the universe warning you to slow down and stop spreading yourself too thin.

2. You have an uneasy gut feeling.

Listening to your gut feeling can save you, effectively letting you dodge a bullet when you're unsure of the consequences.

If you ever sense an uneasy sensation in your stomach before making a substantial decision or deal, take a halt to reconsider and reanalyze before finalizing things.

3. You constantly transition from one purpose to another.

You find a goal that fascinates you. You start giving your all to it until it's not that interesting. Then, you find another purpose. And the cycle continues.

In the end, you end up getting nowhere. You're confused about why things aren't working. The divine power wants you to find your ultimate purpose and bring clarity into your life.

4. Your physical space is a mess.

You're worried about the disorder of your physical space — it's a ruckus. Even after hours of cleaning, everything falls in the same chaotic order.

The messy workplace or residence mirrors the condition of your inner situation. Something painful from the past remains in your subconscious. It's a sign that says your inner self wants to get rid of the residues of these experiences.

5. Your physical health is declining.

Regular appointments at the doctor's clinic provide you with short-lived relief. Your health issues are not life-threatening, but negatively impact your mood, performance, and social interactions.

In such cases, the universe is reminding you how your thoughts affect your physical body. Add routine, peace, and movement to your lifestyle.

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6. You struggle to remember even the most important things.

The thought of how a responsible person like you has out of the blue begun overlooking things perplexes you. From leaving the door unlocked to not remembering to pay bills… the list goes on and on.

It reveals that you feel lost and confused. Yet, you go on ignoring it. Sit in silence and figure out the reason. The solution will follow soon.

7. Your problems feel like they are piling up.

Life is not black and white. There exists joy and then there stand difficulties. Only when we fight these obstacles can we unlock the entrances to bliss.

While not dealing with your concerns may provide you with moments of comfort now, it's an omen of bad times. You ought to work on realigning your life instead of running away from it.

8. Trying to get sleep seems like a chore.

Bedtime is supposed to be relaxing. But sleep is miles away from you. Dim lights, soothing music, and comfy blankets… yet your eyes are wide open.

Your thoughts are keeping you awake at night. This is the universe warning you of some unfavorable circumstances.

9. You notice a lot of conflict with family, friends and colleagues.

Lately, your life has been full of disagreements and clashes. Due to this, both your personal and professional relationships are struggling. Not only others, but you fail to agree with yourself at times.

Such conflicts are an indication that you need to modify your ways and reconcile with your loved ones, including yourself.

10. You see a lot of negative symbols and omens around you.

Negative omens are different amongst races, ethnicities, and religions. What's lucky for a certain culture may be accepted as unholy for another. Hence, your notion of a negative omen is very personal and unique.

If you happen to witness a string of omens that your mind considers adverse, there's something unfair going on in your life that your higher self is already aware of. Now, it's trying to warn you.

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11. You feel stuck and unfulfilled in life.

If you're feeling stuck in life the universe could be warning you. Feeling unfulfilled is a horrible feeling, and the universe knows this will catch your attention.

You may be asking yourself why you feel this way. But a warning sign like this allows you to look inward and figure out exactly what is going on. It makes you yearn for a change, which is exactly what the universe wants you to do.

12. You seem to always lose track of things.

You keep losing your keys. You can't find your wallet. You always seem to be missing your left shoe. If this sounds like you, the universe needs you to snap out of it.

These are warning signs for you to wake up and get out of your rut. Start something new and find what truly makes you feel alive.

13. You've become clumsy.

You used to be graceful and elegant, but now you're constantly bumping your elbow, stubbing your toes, tripping, and dropping things. If you've become a lot more clumsy than you used to be, it's a warning.

It's time to start paying attention to what is making you clumsy, when are you clumsy, and what you need to change.

14. You keep biting your tongue.

It's painful. It's annoying. It's frustrating. Biting your tongue is no fun and sends a sharp pain throughout your whole body.

This is a warning sign the universe sends you when you haven't picked up on the other messages it's sending your way. It's giving you a shock of pain to get you to start listening.

15. You hear buzzing in your left ear.

Your left ear is symbolic of wisdom; however, if there is a ringing or buzzing in your left ear, the universe is warning you that you're headed down the wrong path. If you notice this happening, change course immediately.

The universe knows better than you. If you're experiencing any of these signs, consider it as a divine gift rather than a curse. The universe is trying to guide you in the best suitable direction. Hence, follow the approach of optimism and positivity.

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Sidhharrth S Kumaar is an astro-numerologist and founder of NumroVani. He couples his knowledge of the occult and modern sciences to solve real-world problems for individuals and organizations.