How The Powerful Aries And Capricorn Conjunctions Will Affect Your Love Life In The Next Few Weeks

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Capricorn and Aries conjunctions
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It’s time to get in touch with our deepest desires.

On April 1st and 2nd, we will experience a series of conjunctions between several planets in both Capricorn and Aries. During these Capricorn and Aries conjunctions, we will be spurred to take a deeper look at our unconscious, and depending upon what we find there, we may feel frustrated by a lack of manifestation or movement.

In astrology, a conjunction is a helpful aspect between two planets where the energy blends together in a harmonious fashion where everyone benefits. This is good news for both your zodiac sign and love horoscope, as we can all use a little encouragement and positivity.

But the only difference this time is that we are going to be having a retrograding planet, Mercury, as well as Aries and Capricorn, in the mix, which will be making this anything but an easy transit.

During the first part of April, we will be seeing several difficult alignments which are ultimately going to make us stronger. That is, if we can get through them.

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Sometimes it seems as if we are being tested, just to see how much we are willing to work for what we say that we want. Some of us often say that we are ready for a relationship, or for a deeper level of commitment with the one that we love; however, when we are tested with a difficult situation, we give up or return to our default settings of easy.

To actually be in the place to welcome the type of romantic relationship we want, we actually have to be willing to do the work to get it.

The first conjunction is the Sun, which stands for our personal selves, with Mercury, the planet of communication, which is currently in retrograde motion. What this means is that we are going to be looking at our deeper side of ourselves — the ugliness that we often hide or ignore because we are frightened of its darkness.

We are all made of multi-layers of contradictions that together make us individually who we are. The trick is to be aware of those layers and accept them. Once we accept who we truly are, no one else can use it against us.

During the Capricorn and Aries conjunctions, we are going to be asked to discover and traverse our depths regarding our desires, our fears, our uniqueness, our hopes, and how we fit into this world. As wonderful as this trip will be, there will be difficulty in communicating what we find with our partners because Mercury will be in retrograde.

But there is a silver lining. Mercury is transiting through Aries which is the sign of the determined warrior, so even though we’re going to have more difficulty in expressing our deepest desires, we still have to continue on and persevere despite any obstacle we may encounter.

However, this isn’t the only aspect that will be affecting us; we also have Mars in conjunction with Saturn. In Capricorn, these two are very much about taking their time and doing it right, which Saturn is fine with. But Mars gets frustrated because he has places to go and people to see, and this slow and steady energy doesn’t suit his lifestyle.

Mars is the planet that governs our energy, motivation and sexual desires; together with Saturn, we’re going to feel as if we have restrictive boundaries in place regarding these feelings and may struggle against them, letting our frustration get the best of us and leading us to lash out in anger at those we care about the most.

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In many ways, it’s going to feel like we finally accomplished some big hurdles in our own life regarding what we truly want and need, especially in terms of our sexual desires. But then we will feel a barrier in verbally expressing our thoughts and feelings.

The thing is, Mars prefers to let his actions speak louder than his words, so we may not necessarily need them if we are feeing empowered enough to take action on what we have discovered about our own truth.

This transit is asking us to believe in our own selves, with the Sun being so present in this alignment. We have to not only be willing to do the work but also sit with the truth that we find once we have.

It seems many of us are fond of saying that we want to live authentically and embrace our truth, but what happens when that ends up being different or in contrast to who we thought we were? What happens when it seems like we have to change a great deal about our lives in order to live this new truth that we found?

This is the bravest thing that any of us can do: not just be willing to do the work in discovering who we truly are, but then also make the commitment to live it.

Saturn is going to feel somewhat restrictive in this area, but only because we have to walk our talk and also prove that we have learned the necessary lessons from our past.

Sometimes it’s difficult to see that everything had to happen for a reason just because it often takes a great deal of time for those lessons to materialize. But that doesn’t mean we should ever give up in living our truth.

During this month, we are being set up for some drastic changes and new beginnings in the coming weeks, and while we never want to feel like we have to just make it through anything, we have to get through these next two weeks in order to get to our new beginning. Take this time to look at our darkness, the lessons of our past, our desires and what truths make up the map of our authenticity. Only then will we truly be ready to move forward.

Sometimes we need to get in touch with our deepest desires in order to truly know who we really are and what it is we need from this life — and of course, love. 

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