15 Men Reveal The #1 Thing That Makes Them Most Jealous Of Women

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There's plenty to be jealous of.

There’s so much about being a woman that is dope that it can almost make you forget about how being a woman also comes with its own particular set of awfulness as well. You know, how men try to police our bodies, how we don’t get paid as much as members of the opposite sex, how we're supposed to care very much about what men think, and so on.

As much as I love being a woman, I've also succumbed to jealousy of the opposite sex. I know that I have girlfriends who totally feel the same way, but knowing this has always made me wonder: are there men who are jealous of things about being a woman too? Jealousy in relationships is one thing, but it seemed only logical that this had to be the case, so I turned to one place where I knew such important questions would be answered with total candor: Reddit.

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One redditor recently asked the guys on the Reddit forum this question: "What about the opposite gender are you jealous of?" So, what is it about being a woman that some men are totally jealous about?

1. Their butts are much juicier.

"Girl butts look way more comfy to sit on. I hate feeling my butt bones when I sit."

2. Their skirts give room to breathe.

"Skirts. There's a bunch of dead space getting wasted, yet us men have to have our genitals exiled into the 2D plane and also baked to an incandescent temperature."

3. The female figure is much more appealing.

"People actually like, want to see your breasts. Manboobs? Not so much."

4. All men want to know what it's like to have breasts.

"I wanna know what it feels like to have breasts squeezed from her perspective."

5. Most women don't go bald...

"It would have been nice to not have a receding hairline in my 20s."

6. They don't have to worry about getting aroused.

"Not getting random boners at the worst times possible."

7. Nobody likes dating.

"The absolutely massive difference in the dating scene. I'm a man, but I don't like to approach women. I want to be approached. I want to get messaged first on dating sites. I'm decently attractive and in shape, but that just increases my chances when I approach women. It does next to nothing to improve my chances that a woman will actually come to me."

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8. They get to wear dresses!

"Honestly? I'd give dresses a try. I worn a kilt a couple of times and it is so... refreshing. So much freedom of movement. Although I'm personally not really interested in wearing dresses (I was just wondering how it would be), it is nice to know that dress-wearing-men are accepted."

9. They can hold all the babies they want.

"I wish I was able to ask to hold someone’s baby and not be seen as strange or creepy. It’s acceptable for women to ask to hold babies or even go out of their way to hold babies, but not really that way for men... bummer, since babies are adorable."

10. Women just smell better than men.

"The way they smell. Even after a run, most women I’ve known haven’t smelled offensive."

11. They have endless options.

"All the characters they can cosplay as..."

12. They use their appeal better.

"Tips. Women get a lot more tips than guy bartenders. Even women tip other women more."

13. They can open up.

"Social support circles."

14. Their orgasms feel better... probably.

"Female orgasms look pretty sweet."

15. They don't have to worry about making moves.

"Not having to always make the first move in dating. That said, my girlfriend did message me first so it's not always, but that happened like once a month if I was lucky."

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