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Matching Couples Tattoos For The 6 Perfectly Compatible Zodiac Sign Pairs

Matching Couple Tattoo Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Couple tattoos make a serious statement to the world, but if you're with a soulmate and know your relationship is forever, there's really no better way to show your feelings. Thinking about getting matching tattoos with someone is a big deal — whether you want to get one with your BFF, sister (or brother), or your better half.

Of course, if you know you want to get matching tattoos with someone, you probably want it to be special and meaningful — like getting one that combines your zodiac signs, shared interests, or even inside jokes (hey, those can be meaningful, too). Being in a relationship — being part of a couple — is a special feeling. But when you’re with someone who really gets you, who knows everything about you and makes you feel loved.

It’s so much better than just being in just any relationship.

When you really connect with someone, they become your best friend, soulmate, and lover all in one. Not all relationships are like that; sometimes, you need to date a few jerks and mistakes before you find your perfect match. But I promise you that your perfect match is out there (if you haven’t found them already, that is).

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Some perfect couples aren’t perfect because they share the same interests or were already best friends before they started dating. Those kinds of couples do exist, but they aren’t the only relationships that are matches made in Heaven.

In fact, some perfect relationships are based on astrology and a soulmate connection. And I don’t mean that you share a zodiac sign with your significant other. I know if I were dating another Aquarius, I would probably want to pull out my hair — two stubborn people with god complexes? No thank you! But in all seriousness, zodiac couples can be perfect matches for each other because some signs just get you more than others do.

Sure, you might be a little cynical and critical of yourself, but having a significant other whose zodiac sign is intuitive and understanding of where people come from could end up making them the most important person in your life.

And wanting to celebrate that soulmate connection by getting matching tattoos not only solidifies your love for one another, but it’s also a reminder that when times get tough, or when you feel alone, that there is someone out there who believes in you and loves you, so much so that they got a matching tattoo just to prove it. How romantic is that, huh?

Of course, tattoos are very permanent, so it’s best to really talk through what you would like to get with your significant other before actually going to the tattoo shop. Not only do you not want to make a mistake with the tattoo you choose, but you also don’t want to regret getting a matching one with someone, right? Right.

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Each zodiac couple has their strengths — both individually and together — that can be a starting point as you narrow down your tattoo choices. Whether you want to get tattoos that are interlocking or two parts that make a whole, or just carbon copies of the same design, you want to make sure that your strengths are represented.

If you can look at your tattoos and think, “Yep, that totally represents us!” then you know you’ve chosen the right design.

Now, while there are many more zodiac pairings that are really great together, these six horoscope couples put all other pairings to shame (in my opinion). Not only is their love bigger and brighter than everyone else’s, they make the best couples to get matching tattoos.

So, keep reading to find out just what kind of matching tattoos you should get, based on these six perfect zodiac sign couples.


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Aries Aquarius Matching Couple Tattoo Zodiac Sign Compatibility

What makes you such a great couple, Aries and Aquarius, is that there is really never a dull moment when the two of you are together. While it’s true you both understand the value of alone time and hanging out with friends, you also love spending time with each other. Aries is always looking for the next fun thing to do and Aquarius is always up for a good time, which makes this couple a perfect match.

As for matching tattoos, Aries and Aquarius should go for something that really complements their adventurous sides. Both signs love trying new things and pushing the limits, so getting a tattoo that really speaks to you on this level is important. Whether you both like camping or hiking, or just have a favorite quote about adventure, it’ll always remind you to seek something greater in life (and most importantly, doing it together).

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Taurus Cancer Matching Couple Tattoo Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Taurus and Cancer, you are perfect for each other because no one else understands you better than you understand each other. It’s almost as if you have an unspoken connection with one another that some couples only wish they could have themselves. You complement each other in a way that makes love come easy and burn bright.

Your tattoos should complement each other rather than match completely. You want something that will look great on its own and even better when you’re with your sweetheart. Most of all, your tattoos should express your love for each other in a cute and aesthetically — pleasing way. Think of bows and arrows, matching hearts, infinity symbols, and the like.

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Gemini Libra Matching Couple Tattoo Zodiac Sign Compatibility

There aren’t many people out there who love unconditionally and without judgment, which is what makes your relationship so special, Gemini and Libra. The two of you only ever want to live in harmony with someone you love (and someone who is also your best friend), and when you find that quality in each other, it makes you want to celebrate your love together.

This celebration can be done by getting matching tattoos, but since both of you are intellectual types, it can’t be matching tattoos of just anything; it has to be meaningful. Only the two of you know what’s most meaningful in your relationship, but matching tattoos that express your friendship and love for each other, or pinky promise tattoos that remind you to always be there for each other are perfect, too.

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Leo Sagittarius Matching Couple Tattoo Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Leo and Sagittarius, your love is stronger and more passionate than any other couple pairing there is. There’s something about bringing two people together who are fiery on their own to create a couple that is intoxicating and sensual. While there are independent inclinations coming from both side of the pairing, you still work extremely well together.

You’re not so much worried about how long your relationship will last together, but rather how passionate it is while you are together. Your tattoo should remind you of how good you are when you’re with each other and how, no matter where life takes you, your light will burn brightly for a long time. Consider locks and keys, the word “love” in another language, or even each other’s names if you’re so inclined.

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Virgo Capricorn Matching Couple Tattoo Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Virgo and Capricorn, there are some people who say that the two of you couldn't be a worse match for each other, but in reality, you're a match made in heaven.

Sometimes, being in a relationship with someone who is so similar to you can spell bad news, but for the two of you, it actually works out pretty well. Both of you are dedicated to making a relationship work, which is important if you want to get matching tattoos.

As two intense, smart personalities, your tattoos should be something that reflects who you really are, deep down to your core; that means nothing silly or not well-thought out (but definitely a little clever). Because you're both so detail-oriented, as well, look for matching tattoos that have a lot of intricate detail in them. They should be complementary, not really identical so that you can enjoy it when you're with each other or alone.

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Scorpio Pisces Matching Couple Tattoo Zodiac Sign Compatibility

There's something deeper than just an emotional or physical connection with you, Scorpio and Pisces. You have a body and soul connection that makes it impossible to keep you away from each other for very long. And this doesn't just mean you hate being away from each other for long periods of time; it also means that if you were to break up, you would be back together before anyone else realized you split.

You are both very intuitive about each other's needs, which makes you a great couple. You never need to wonder what the other is thinking because your unspoken bond keeps you close. This incredibly close connection you have with each other is vital to your relationship which means your matching tattoos should be ones that say a lot about your bond. Consider tattoos that are two parts of a whole, like Yin and Yang or puzzle pieces.

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