These 5 Salty Zodiac Signs Won't Forgive You Easily, According To Astrology

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These 5 Salty Zodiac Signs Won't Forgive You Easily, According To Astrology
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Don't even think about these zodiac signs forgetting, either.

Trying to keep up with the latest internet slang can be hard to do.

But one term you may know without realizing it is the word 'salty' — you might even know a salty zodiac sign or two.

Being salty has to do with lack of forgiveness; if you're a horoscope who has trouble forgiving people, you might have been 'salty' yourself.

If you don't know what 'salty' means it's kind of like the bitter taste you get in your mouth when you've eaten too much salt, and describes feeling embarrassed.

In a way, it can leave you feeling attacked and that the slight was person. Hence, Why are you are so salty?" When you're salty, it's hard to let the situation go. Like bitterness, it takes a while to get rid of the flavor.

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There are several zodiac signs in astrology who are born with horoscopes that have trouble forgiving others. 

Sometimes, I wish I could say that I am the kind of person who doesn't forgive until I get what I want out of someone, but that's just entirely untrue.

In fact, if you asked nicely enough, I would probably give you my kidney and apologize to you for something you did to me.

Yeah... that's clearly a problem.

I'm in a weird headspace right now where I tend to be overly nice to people because I want them to know that I'm a person who is up for anything and is cool with whatever you want to do.

I've offered to do more than my share of work just so someone else wouldn't have to, I let someone know that my garage was always available in case they didn't want to pay for street parking. 

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At this point, I'd probably gladly apologize for something I never did, just so we could stay on good terms... I think I need some new friends and a lobotomy, but that's beside the point.

My point is, I've never really been someone to not forgive very easily. I mean, unless you've really hurt me. 

I don't ever see our relationship or friendship getting back to the way it was, I'm totally cool with shrugging things off and letting it go.

That said, I do expect an apology if it was more serious than accidentally spilling your drink on my shirt, but I think we're all like that.

There are some things that really do need forgiveness and other things that just aren't that serious.

Of course, there are certain horoscopes out there who can neither forgive nor forget without exacting revenge or milking the situation for everything they can.

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Whether they just like being petty and making sure that they come out on top every single time someone wrongs them, or they're just overly sensitive and want people to know that they won't stand for this kind of injustice. 

Asking these zodiac signs for forgiveness is like jumping through hoops and realizing that once you've done everything you can for them, there's no guarantee that they're actually going to forgive you at all. Harsh, but it's true.

And if you ever call them out on their petty behavior, there's a good chance these signs will just feign being hurt again and then you're back where you started.

It's a weird, vicious circle, but somehow these zodiac signs keep getting away with it. These five zodiac signs are not only saltier than Salt Bae, but they won't forgive you easily — and probably won't forget, either, according to astrology.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Taurus, your stubbornness can often turn into this hidden god complex where you not only refuse to cave whenever someone is asking for forgiveness, but you also believe that they should start groveling or just stop wasting your time.

You might not be someone who automatically goes straight to revenge, but you will ice people out faster than they can realize what just happened. You don't like being hurt, period. And if someone is asking you to forgive them, then you assume that they've done something to really hurt you.

You're someone who likes keeping people in this weird limbo, making them question if you'll ever forgive them again, until you're ready to drop it. As for forgetting? No way. Not happening.

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LEO (July 23 - August 22)

Leo, you're not one to forgive very easily, but you also tend to forget that you're not perfect, either. I know, I know you try so hard to be perfect, but there will come a day when you will need forgiveness yourself, so you really hate burning bridges when things aren't that serious.

You do, however, expect to receive a very nice apology whenever someone has hurt you. Not only that, but you aren't one to turn down a little repayment for whatever resulted in someone asking for your forgiveness in the first place.

Having your BFF take you out for a shopping trip when she bailed on you last weekend to hang with her bae isn't going to make you forget the whole thing happened, but it definitely does soften the blow. Plus, it's her treat!

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VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

Virgo, everyone knows that you go above and beyond for the people you love, but does it really seem fair to have the same crazy high expectations for them? You tend to have these standards that no one but you can reach.

So, whenever someone inevitably messes up, you feel like you're allowed to hold forgiveness over their head as punishment. You definitely don't forgive very easily, but you do try to forgive — in your own way.

What really happens is you tell whoever wronged you that everything is fine, but whenever you're feeling hurt or left out later on, you go right back to making sure they know about that one time you said you were over it, but clearly aren't. You never really forgive and forget; you just like making sure people know that you're not over it and that they're at fault for it.

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SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

Even if you couldn't really care less, Scorpio, you tend to go over the top whenever you're hurt. You don't just expect an apology, you expect an all-out parade in your honor. Whether you try to or not, you tend to take things a little bit more personally than is necessary.

Just because someone had to cancel plans on you or failed to mention an important detail doesn't mean they're out to hurt you or make you look bad.

That said, your mind automatically turns to these scenarios where your whole relationship or friendship is built on lies, and now these people are showing their true colors.

Even when someone is asking for your forgiveness, you tend to only forgive after you've hurt them back — just so you're even. It's petty, but that doesn't stop you from doing it anyway.

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CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

There's a difference between actually forgiving someone and pretending to forgive them, Capricorn, and I know you know exactly which one you are. You don't like being wronged (I mean, who does?), but you will only forgive if your long list of conditions is met first.

When someone is asking for your forgiveness, there's a good chance they know they've messed up, and you intend to make sure you get as much out of this apology as you can.

Before you can forgive, you want to milk this situation for as much as you can. You might put on those big, fake doe eyes or act more hurt than you really are (chances are, you don't really care) before you ask them for a favor.

Once they do this absurd favor for you, all is "forgiven" — that is, until you're ready to bring up the past again and let them know you're still not over it.

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