12 Salty Memes To Use You're Feeling 'So Salty'

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Have you ever really want something so bad, and then you see a friend (or worse, a frenemy) who has it and you’re all, “OMG, that’s really cool!” on the outside, even though on the inside you’re all, “OMG! WTF?!”

If so, you already understand what the slang word everyone seems to be using in memes these days means — i.e., what it's like to feel "salty."

Yes, salty, just like the taste of that bitter condiment you shake on your food and the tears you're crying as you feel oh-so-self-righteously-sorry for yourself.

Honestly, I had no idea the word was being used this way until recently. which I suppose means I’m getting old and therefore more and more salty by the day myself.

But while you may think of this as a modern term, the origins of it's being used to mean angry or irritated date all the way back to 1938 — and in a way, it can be traced back even further to the 1920s, when sailors started using it to mean tough and aggressive.

Of course, anything that’s trendy these days seems to automatically turns into a meme.

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Whether you're feeling salty about something yourself at the moment or you've just been dealing with a certain salty someone who's pushed you too far, these memes are a great way to turn those salty tears into snorts of laughter. Chuckle at them to yourself, or go ahead and post them to let the whole world know how you feel — and that your sense of humor remains intact no matter what.

The 12 Best Salty Memes For When You're Feeling "So Salty"

1. "All these flavors and you chose to be salty."

2. "My fries could use your salt."

3. "Why buy salt when I have you? (Salty AF)"

4. "Don't be a salty b-tch."

5. "Why so salty?"

6. "And the rest results say you are all salty."

7. "Oh sure. You're not salty at all."

8. "If you could stop being so salty ... that'd be great."

9. "Strong is the salt with this one."

10. "Dear Ocean, Thank you for making us feel tiny, humble, inspired, and salty ... all at once."

11. "When someone tells me to not be so salty."

12. "Salty people... Salty people everywhere."

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