What Does "Salty" Mean (And 12 Memes To Use When You're Feeling It)

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What Does "Salty" Mean & 12 Memes To Use When You're Salty Like Millennials

Why so salty?

Have you ever really want something, like a new Coach bag or the latest iPhone, and then you see a friend (or frenemy) has it and you’re all, “OMG, that’s really cool!” even though inside you’re all, “OMG! WTF?!”

Well, there’s a new term out there (unless you're a millennial, in which case you 'hundo p' already knew this...) that describes this feeling to a tee ...


Yes, just like the condiment you often shake onto your food. Or that taste when you're going down on your boo. (Yeah, that’s right. I went there!)

According to Urban Dictionary, the definition of 'salty' is this:

"The act of being upset, angry, or bitter as result of being made fun of or embarrassed. Also a characteristic of a person who feels out of place or is feeling attacked."

Honestly, I had no idea the word was being used this way until recently. I guess I’m getting old.

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BTW, I'll be right back — those darn kids are on my lawn again! 

What's really fascinating is that using salty as slang like this originates from WAY back.

I did a little sleuthing and found out the story of its origin on the Online Etymology Dictionary (yeah, that’s a thing)! Salty is listed there as an adjective (duh!) first used in the United States to mean "angry, irritated" in 1938 — probably because it started being used by sailors to mean "tough, aggressive" around 1920 — especially [when phrased as] jump salty [meaning] 'to unexpectedly become enraged.'"

How cool is that? Am I the only one that finds it amazing that a word the cool kids are using today actually started being cool almost a century ago?!

Either way, it’s my new favorite word. So don’t get all up in my face or you’ll be hit with some salt.

Look at me, using slang. My professor father would be so proud.

Of course, anything that’s trendy automatically turns into memes. So I went ahead and found some of my favorites! You’re welcome!

Here are 12 funny memes to pass along to your friends when they ask you "What does 'salty' mean?" — or when you're feeling a little bit salty yourself ...

"All these flavors and you chose to be salty."
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"My fries could use your salt."
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"Why buy salt when I have you? (Salty AF)"
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"Don't be a salty bitch."
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"Why so salty?"
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"And the rest results say you are all salty."
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"Don't be so salty! Ain't nobody got time fo dat!"
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"Oh sure. You're not salty at all."
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"If you could stop being so salty ... that'd be great."
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"Strong is the salt with this one."
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"Dear Ocean, Thank you for making us feel tiny, humble, inspired, and salty ... all at once."
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"When someone tells me to not be so salty."
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