8 Hilariously Awful First Date Stories That Will Make You Swear Off Dating Apps Forever

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People are different and so are things they look for on dating apps. So when location-based dating app Mint reached 1 million users, they decided there were probably a lot of interesting first date stories, and encouraged people to share all kinds of experiences. 

A first date is all about hidden promises and undiscovered opportunities. But there are a lot of things that can go wrong. A person can look nothing like they do in their pictures, could be socially awkward, have bad breath, or be a complete jerk.

Noticing these types of things upon meeting someone for the first time would make anyone want to press the rewind button on life. However, what if I told you these weren't the worst kinds of situations that could happen to you?

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Believe it or not, those scenarios are pretty commonplace for people who take the risk of meeting someone from Tinder or Bumble, but here are 8 of the worst first date experiences people had.

1. She had been to my apartment before... with my brother.

"I went on a date with a really cute girl, and step by step we decided to continue the party at my place. I have a nice apartment, which my parents got for me and my brother when we went to university. When we came home, my date started to act really weird and found some obvious excuse to leave. She didn't reply me for several days, until I got this really angry message saying that I was such a dog and didn't deserve to go out with a nice girl like her.

After messaging back and forth, I finally realized what had happened: apparently my brother had picked this girl up at the bar when she was totally wasted, and when she came to our apartment again (with me), she thought it was me and I didn't remember her. It made her really angry — the fact she didn't remember me didn't bother her at all."

2. His exes joined our date.



"He took me out to a bar where he was a regular. This might be fine, as probably he wanted to feel comfortable, but two of his exes were there that night and we ended up all at the same table. They asked me a lot of intimate questions, while he just smiled and didn't seem bothered at all. The weirdest first date I've ever had."

3. She was a stand-in for my actual date!

"I talked to a girl on Mint for a couple of weeks and really wanted to take her out, but she seemed super-busy all the time, which just made me more curious. When we finally met, she looked nothing like her pictures — that's to say, different hair color, face, everything. When I asked her about it, she was really elusive at first.

Later it became apparent that she had no memory of our previous conversations. I started to doubt if it was the same girl at all, until she came clean. Her friend I'd been talking to before had booked two dates for the night, and had convinced this girl to stand in for her. I would have been really disappointed, but after this revelation, I discovered that the girl I'm on the date with was really fun."

4. I had a severe allergic reaction.

"I'm using online apps to hookup, and I have a really direct approach. Basically, I chatted with this one chick, she was completely on board, and I went to meet her at her place. It all started nice and smooth — we were drinking wine and kissing — but suddenly I started to feel tears welling up in my eyes. That was a strange reaction, but let's say it was wine. 

Ten minutes later, my throat started to close and I realized I was in a big trouble! I managed to ask her if she had a cat, and she smiled — 'Oh, yes, I have two.' I didn't have my allergy medicine with me, so it was a long and tough walk to pharmacy. I'm booking a hotel next time for sure."

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5. He ruined my favorite pair of shoes.

"I don't mind having a drink or few, so it didn't bother me when the guy I went on a date with ordered a bottle of house wine. It did started to nag me a bit when I had a glass of it, while he finished the rest and ordered the second one. But who am I to judge? It all rolled down the hill from there. 

He got really drunk very fast and started to hit on a waitress. I ordered the Uber and was about to leave, when he insisted he would walk me out to make sure I made it to the car. We just stepped outside the bar when he got really sick... on my most expensive shoes. I'd spent my Christmas bonus on those shoes!"

6. She accused me of being ableist when I wouldn't go home with her. 

"I had a short conversation with a girl, who told me she had never been on a real date in a nice restaurant. Although I was not really interested in her, I said I'd be more than happy to take her out for a dinner. I was waiting for her on the street and felt someone looking up at me. There she was, in a wheelchair. I would have gone out with her if I'd known too, but I didn't think it was very nice for her to omit it.

We went on with the date and had an amazing dinner in a nice restaurant. After two glasses of wine, she started to hint about taking this date someplace else, and I told her I wasn't interested. She got really pissed at me and loudly accused me of being an jerk and ditching her because she was disabled. People around us started to join in, calling me names. I've never been more embarrassed in my life."

7. I worked with my married date's wife.

"I'm in an open relationship, and when a married guy asked me out, it seemed like a rather good fit. That is, until the moment when we figured out I was working with his wife! We literally shared the same office space. Talk about awkward. We had a good laugh and quickly agreed that this was a bit too close to continue."

8. She moved into my apartment without asking.

"I was chatting with a gorgeous girl from my hometown who had left to study abroad. She seemed really amazing. So imagine my excitement when she told me she was coming home for a week. And so she did — apparently not to her family, but to me. She moved in without asking, rearranged my stuff as she wanted, and felt like home to the point that she invited her mom over for a dinner. In a week, when she had to leave, and we had the most emotional and difficult breakup ever. I'm still not inviting girls over for the first date."

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