New Details About Why Tommy Lee's Son Brandon Punched His Dad In The Face And Knocked Him Out Cold

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Tommy Lee, Brandon Lee

Tommy Lee has decided to press charges.

Tommy Lee reportedly got into a fight with his adult son over a tweet Lee wrote about Pamela Anderson — his son's mother and his ex-wife. 

On Monday, the 55-year-old drummer for Mötley Crüe criticized Anderson for bringing up his 1998 arrest for spousal batter during an interview with Piers Morgan. Lee spent six months in jail after pleading no contest to the charges. After three years of marriage, he and the Playboy model and actress split up after the assault. 

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“Think she’d find something new to discuss instead of rehashing old s–t but I guess she has nothing else going on & needs attention,” he tweeted. “Signed, ‘The abuser’ (who she texts everyday & asks for me back).”

According to TMZ, that same night his 21-year-old son, Brandon, punched him in the face. Sources said the fight was over the tweet and that Tommy Lee was drunk. Sources also said the young man acted in self-defense. 

Police responded to the home that night, but no arrests were made. 


“My heart is broken," Tommy Lee wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post. "You can give your kids everything they could ever want in their entire lives and they can still turn against you.”

It was Tommy's fianceé, 31-year-old former Vine star Brittany Furlan, who called the police and claimed that Brandon was the one who threw the first punch. 

“My stepson and my fiancé got into a fight … [Tommy] didn’t hit his son, his son pushed him,” Furlan said in audio obtained by TMZ. “Then [Tommy] asked him to leave and was like, ‘Here’s the door’ and put his arm on his son’s shoulder. His son punched him in the face and knocked him out cold. He’s bleeding. [Brandon] punched him really hard in the face and he went flying backwards. He’s totally out like a light.”

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Furlan also expressed concern that Brandon had weapons. 

“My stepson has guns in his room and that’s why I’m freaked out; I just locked the door.”

Tommy Lee's account is slightly different from that of Furlan's. 

“My fiancé and I were in bed when my son busted into the room and assaulted me,” he tweeted Tuesday night. “I asked him to leave the house and he knocked me unconscious. He ran away from the police. THAT’S the truth.”

He wasn't going to press charges against his son but changed his mind after Brandon reportedly refused to apologize. He's pursuing criminal charges and a restraining order against his son. 

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However, Brandon's representative told People that Tommy lunged at him and he fought back in self-defense. He also accused his father of being an alcoholic — which Tommy denied on Twitter. 

"I’m devastated at the events of the last several days that have been a result of my father’s alcoholism,” the statement reads. "I’ve worked tirelessly organizing an intervention and it’s incredibly upsetting that it never came to fruition. I wanted my dad’s hopeful sobriety and recovery to be a private family matter but, as a result of his accusations on social media, I feel forced to speak out."

“I have and will continue to cooperate with law enforcement as needed. I love my father and just want to see him sober, happy and healthy," the statement ends. 

Brandon is currently a person of interest, but not a suspect, in a battery investigation. 

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