How Astrology's Fiery Quincunx Will Affect Your Love Horoscope This Month

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What's a quincunx? It's more powerful than you can imagine.

On March 16th, there will be a quincunx between Neptune in Pisces and the North Node of Fate in Leo. Not only will this impact your love horoscope, but your zodiac sign as well.

But what is a quincunx? In astrology, a quincunx is just a way of describing that the planets are within 150 degrees of one another. They also signify a divergence between two worlds or two ways of looking at things.

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We have known since the start of the year that this was setting up to be a game changer — a moment in our lives that will mark a before and after from this point on. Perhaps the changes might be felt personally as a sort of awakening, or we might be seeing ourselves change career paths.

But ultimately, this year is about redirecting the course of our romantic lives.

Whenever we have a global awakening, such as what we saw during the 1960s and which we are currently experiencing, there is a definable shift within the types of relationships we enter into. It’s no longer enough to stumble across someone that we have commonalities with or who comes from a similar background; instead, what we’re all looking for, even if we aren’t aware of it, is a love that has a greater purpose than just to simply be together.

For so many during this pivotal moment in our lives, it feels as if we are on the brink of something greater and more important than we previously thought possible. And now with Neptune and The North Node of Fate, we will see exactly what happens when our hearts align with our true purpose.

Currently, Neptune, one of the ruling planets of Pisces, is sitting in its home sign. Neptune is the planet of the sea and all things related to dreams, depth, love, sensuality, and of course, illusion. In Pisces, this planet is most comfortable, meaning that the traits of Pisces and this planet will be working together to bring about the highest good.

In many ways, a quincunx is seen as a challenging aspect, but that is only when we are resisting the change that is attempting to manifest.

In this case with the North Node of Fate sitting in Leo, we are also asked to connect to and follow our hearts. So while this traditionally is viewed as a challenge, in this case, it’s asking us to use what we already have so we might actually build what it is we truly want. What we are looking at now is not something that is flippant or a sudden occurrence; instead, this is a moment that we have been walking toward for some time.

It seems that there is a dispute between free will and fate, but more often than not, we have to use our free will to actually help participate in the fate we are destined to create.

This is a time when we are seeing the work of our choices pay off in ways that we never could have imagined, and with that, a reality we never could have dreamed of. During this transit, there is a heavy influence of fated love such as soulmates or twin flames, which is part of what 2018 represents as an "11" year, with that number representing those types of unions.

For many of us, we’ve been working our way toward this moment for years, through the exploration of our self, our choices, and the past relationships we’ve been in until we are here in this moment where suddenly, it seems that nothing was wasted in this process, including the essence of time.

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Patience is often the hardest thing to come by, especially in terms of the heart; after all, we tend to want to experience the best parts of life now, when in reality, the very things we are praying for, we actually aren’t yet ready for.

We have had to focus on our own journey in order to be in this position of joining ours with another. During this next month, we will be drawn into deeper, more meaningful connections; we will see relationships growing and expanding into commitments, and a truer understanding and acceptance of one another’s needs.

We will also be seeing those situations that once seemed impossible begin to change and transform into very real relationships. It’s the turning point that many of us have waited a long time for.

During this week specifically, we will have a greater comprehension of the truth of our hearts and the lessons behind every experience that we have participated in. Neptune is the planet of illusion, but with Pisces it’s less about projecting our fantasy and more about connecting to the life we’ve always dreamed of.

Sometimes, it’s not the world that gets in the way of the greatest love affairs, but ourselves because of our previous experiences or even fears.

The fire sign of Leo likes to take action, to express what is in our hearts, and to go after what it is he wants. So while it has taken a long time to reach this place, the truth is that we needed time to learn that it’s always been our choice.

Fate exists not to throw us off course and delude us from reality, but to truly just be that north star we follow without knowing why, except that somehow it seems to hold the answers that we were placed here seeking.

March is a turning point for all of us, but specifically, those that have been walking hand in hand with destiny. Sometimes all that really needs to happen is for us to finally learn that we have to use our free will to choose our fate.

And then not only will we free ourselves from the constrains of falsely long held beliefs, but we will also take part in creating the destiny that is ours by birthright. 

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