Why A Judge Ordered A Terrified 10-Year-Old Girl To Visit Her "Violent" Father Even Though She Gets Physically Sick When She Sees Him

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She is afraid of her father and his outbursts of anger.

A 10-year-old Louisville girl was ordered by a judge to visit her father on weekends against her will.

The girl, who is unnamed for her protection, claimed she was afraid of her father and refused to spend weekends with him. Her mother, also unnamed to protect her daughter, was jailed Monday because of it and spent two nights in jail, the Louisville Courier reports.

The father of the girl and her older sister put the girls at risk after he aggressively confronted their mother at a birthday party in 2014, according to state social services officials.

He cursed and yelled at her along with threatening her, the domestic violence petition the mother took out reads.

The case was overturned in court and the judge granted the father weekends with the girls. Brown believed the mother “coached” them to fear their father.

The 10-year-old refused the mandatory visits to her father’s home and told officials she didn’t feel safe with him.

Court records show the youngest daughter reported her father yelling in anger and even slamming her fingers in a car door when he was mad.

The older daughter said that her father had pushed her and tried to smother her with a pillow after he got mad at her, the Louisville Courier reports.

She isn’t required to visit him after she was hospitalized for severe anxiety regarding her father.

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The younger sibling, though, was ordered to see her father on the weekends. She was to be dropped off at the St. Matthews police station where her father would pick her up. The girl refused to leave the station with her father the last four weekends.

Her mother testified that her daughter became physically ill each day she was supposed to be in her father’s care. She said the girl would vomit and get severe diarrhea and even have to stay home from school those days.

According to the Louisville Courierpediatric forensic physician Dr. Melissa Currie listened to phone calls between the children and their father in which they told him they were afraid of him and didn’t want to come over.

"It certainly provided evidence to me that there was some basis for their assertions that they didn't feel safe with him," Currie said.

Judge Denise Brown, Courtesy of Jefferson County Family Court

The girls’ mother was jailed Monday when Jefferson County Family Court Judge Denise Brown found her in contempt of court for her daughter’s refusal to visit her father.

"If there’s any interruption to parenting time, you will spend those weekends in Metro Corrections from Friday to Monday," Brown told the mother. "I need you to comply with the court's order."

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The 10-year-old again refused to go home with her father on Friday and the judge decided to back down on the jail time.

The mother’s lawyer, Thomas Clay, said Brown didn’t mean to force the girl to see her dad.

“There’s been a whole change of atmosphere,” Clay said.

Two local child abuse experts weighed in on Judge Brown’s court order and decision to put the mother in jail. They said it was unfair to the children.

"Can you imagine being responsible for that as a 10-year-old?" said Pam Darnall, president of Family & Children’s Place. "That's traumatizing in and of itself, feeling like you're responsible for a parent going to jail."

Currie said it put far too much pressure on the girl, who had to decide between seeing a father she was scared of or getting her mom thrown in jail.

"That puts a child in an unfathomable position," Currie said. "I can't imagine putting that on a child on any age."

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