How The Karmic Jupiter-Saturn Square On March 14th Will Affect Your Love Horoscope This Week

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Jupiter squares Saturn
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It’s the hard moments in life that make the really beautiful ones worth it.

On March 14th, when Jupiter squares Saturn, we will see that things may not always be easy, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth it. This is the second of three Jupiter-Saturn squares. Squares are generally tension builders — those difficult moments that actually end up defining our ultimate success.

Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion; whatever this planet touches becomes bigger, more amazing, and more successful. That means big changes are coming to the zodiac signs, and will reflect in your love horoscope. 

In Scorpio, it’s also about delving to the depths of our soul and looking at what really lives there. Scorpio is the sign of soulmates, of deep spiritual connection and exploration.

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Together with Jupiter, this means that we will be delving to the depths of our romantic relationships, but it won’t be an easy ride thanks to Saturn on the scene.

Saturn is known as the lord of time and karma, so whatever we have been sowing, we will feel ourselves reaping in one way or another. Often times, it seems we view boundaries as negative, but the ability to decide how much time we give others and what parts of us they get will enable us to spend more time doing those things we enjoy the most, with those people who mean the most to us.

Currently, Saturn is in Capricorn which is the sign of the mountain goat — a pragmatic animal that takes his time planning his next step so he can reach the peak of various life circumstances and changes. Capricorn takes his time and likes to do things right, and because of that, Saturn wants us to move slower within this sign so we are less careless and are able to build firmer foundations.

Together, the Jupiter-Saturn square is going to be pointing out any faults or uneasiness that may exist within our relationships regardless of how long we’ve been together. These planets don’t play games, and as the largest planets in the solar system they also tend to affect us the most deeply as well.

This isn’t about ruining what we had planned with our partner, but it is about making sure that it’s as strong as it can be and that we are building with the right person.

It seems that this idea of the right person is easily challenged, because doubters often suggest there are a variety of people that could be right and cross our path during our lifetime. But there’s a difference between the "almost" to the one who actually stays when others have left. In, truth we can’t really build a strong foundation with someone who already has one foot out the door.

In order to actually build a strong and healthy romantic relationship, we need the other person to be present enough to do so, and in this case, it almost doesn’t count. The biggest problems in relationships occur when we try to force something that isn’t meant to be. We struggle within the relationship with not having our needs met, or disagreeing about the direction we both see ourselves headed in.

Ultimately, within relationships the biggest obstacle is how we want to see the relationship versus the actual reality. During this transit, it will become impossible to ignore the reality of our love lives.

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Perhaps we will wake up and realize that our marriage ended long ago, or maybe that the relationship we have with our boyfriend is on its last leg and that we are tired of keeping something alive that is trying too hard to end. In these situations, it’s important to not feel guilty that we didn’t see the truth sooner, because it does no good feeling guilty about something that is in our own best interest.

This means that there may be more arguments, disturbances and truths coming to light in conventional ways, but with Saturn involved, it’s not really all bad news.

Remember that the lord of time and karma is all about "what goes around, comes around," so if we’ve been doing the work with the right person, making hard choices, and giving our primary relationship adequate time so it can be nourished and grow, we might actually find ourselves coming out of this transit stronger than before.

While Jupiter squares Saturn may help to end a few relationships that were on the way out, it also has the power to bring those closer together that have been doing the hard work of building intimacy through radical vulnerability. This means showing up even when we’re scared, and being honest even when we have our doubts; ultimately, it’s choosing to let another in more than we ever have before.

What occurs will depend on what we’ve been putting in, as Saturn is all about showing us the harvest of our efforts. Amazing romantic relationships aren’t easy, even if the love itself is. They will require work, compromise, hard conversations, and choosing to put the relationship as the primary focus before other important parts of life.

It’s knowing that the stronger we are independently, the stronger and more connected the relationship will be. But it's also knowing that this works both ways too.

A relationship can either drain us or help build us up even stronger, but it never happens automatically and no connection is exempt from hard work. But at the end of the day, we just have to make the choice to keep working because we know deep down that it's the most difficult times that make the beautiful days worth it.  

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