Texas Man Charged With Killing His Girlfriend After He Said He Dropped Her Off At A Hospital With Injuries From 'Rough Sex'

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Mark Howerton

Cayley Mandadi found naked from the waist down with brusies on her body.

A Texas man charged with the murder and sexual assault claims that she died from injuries she sustained during rough, but consensual sex. 

Mark Howerton, 22, and Cayley Mandadi, 19, had been dating for a month when they went to a music festival together in October 2017 where they drank and did ecstasy. During the festival, Mandadi ran into her ex-boyfriend, causing a fight between her and Howerton. 

They supposedly left in his car to resolve their issues. 

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According to Howerton, he and his girlfriend made up and had "rough" but consensual sex at a gas station on their way to Houston. On the way home, they even agreed to move in with each other. 

A short while later, Mandadi complained about not feeling well and fell asleep in the front seat without putting her clothes back on. 

Howerton continued to drive, and at some point said he noticed she wasn't breathing. 

Howerton claims he tried to administer CPR, but couldn't revive her. So he dropped her off at a hospital and drove away. 

Medical responders found Mandadi naked from the waist down, with bruises across her neck and thighs. More medical examinations found evidence that didn't match with Howerton's story of what happened. 

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The college student and cheerleader also at red knuckles that were "consistent with someone punching someone else." She also had scratches on her arms. 

“The only areas of [Mandadi] with no evidence of injury were her back and the back of her legs,” the affidavit read. It noted that her injuries were consistent with “physical and violent sexual assault.”

After learning of his arrest, Howerton turned himself in on charges of murder and sexual assault. 

He still maintains his innocence. 

“Mr. Howerton is ready and eager to vindicate himself in court," he lawyer said. "He’s innocent of the charges, and he’s doing the right thing.”

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