How The (Double!) Conjunct Of Sun-Neptune And Mercury-Venus On March 4th Will Affect Your Love Horoscope This Week

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Mercury conjuncts Venus
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Now is the time to follow your heart.

On March 4th, the Sun conjuncts Neptune, and Mercury conjuncts Venus, both in the romantic zodiac sign of Pisces. Currently in astrology, we are seeing a large number of planets congregate in this watery and intuitive sign, and because of that our love horoscope is going to influence us to act with our hearts and not necessarily with our minds.

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, and because of that it’s said that she embodies traits from all of the signs, plus some unique ones that are distinct to her. It’s one of the most spiritual, intuitive, romantic and gentle signs whose focus is primarily love.

But this isn’t just any old “let’s go steady” kind of love — Pisces specializes in Agape, the highest form of love that we can learn in this lifetime.

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Agape is selfless, absolute, unconditional love — not just for a partner but also for ourselves and the world around us. While Pisces will extend Agape toward their romantic interest, being in a loving relationship for this sign will actually open up the gateway of love and let it spill out to the rest of the world. When a Pisces is in love, the rest of the world can feel it because of how connected this sign is to their hearts.

When the Sun conjuncts Neptune, and Mercury conjuncts Venus, these two big aspects will happen on the same day, which will infuse us with a big dose of loving energy and the need to communicate how we feel. This isn’t just a time to focus on what our hearts want, but rather, how we need to follow them and open up to the people that matter most.

The Sun conjunct Neptune is an interesting aspect because the Sun represents our self and Neptune represents our innermost fantasies and dreams. This is a time when we are feeling more sensitive and empathic to our feelings as well as to those that surround us. It will be asking us to truly get to the bottom of the dreams that we have for our future and to discern if we are currently living them or not.

Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces, so we also won’t be getting off the love hook there either, so to speak.

Essentially, this transit is our self (the Sun) getting to the bottom of our dreams involving love (Neptune). This can be a sensitive transit because there is nowhere to hide, and Neptune is not a fan of boundaries.

During this aspect, we may have to draw a line in the sand or be really clear with some people about what is going on in our love lives and what their place is. This might deal with family or friends that have liked to meddle.

But at the same time all of this is going on, we have Mercury conjunct Venus being like, “Come on! Shout it from the rooftops, don’t delay another day.” This transit is sick of waiting; it finally knows what it wants and doesn’t want to pretend that it doesn’t.

Venus is the planet of love, beauty and sex, and Mercury the planet of communication, so when the two come together it means that it’s time to spill our innermost thoughts and feelings.

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This is not the time to sit tight-lipped, afraid of what might happen; instead, this is the perfect opportunity to take that chance that you’ve been putting off. In terms of our hearts, we often have to get right with what we feel before we are ready to open it up to the world, and with the Sun and Neptune in the picture, that is exactly what is going to be occurring.

There isn’t going to be much waiting time, though; it’s more like a lot of these realizations have been occurring behind the scenes. After all, any great love affairs don’t suddenly materialize out of thin air; they build slowly and sometimes quietly until they reach the point where the relationship has come to a turning point of sorts.

Beginning with the full moon in Virgo and going through the weekend, we are likely to see a lot of blatant declarations of love. Perhaps it will lead to some manifesting of relationships, but more likely, it will be an outing of what is already into existence.

One of the most difficult aspects of building a relationship is when to open it up to the world, not necessarily through some big social media announcement but in just the bringing in of the outside world into it.

The thing is, love isn’t meant to be public. It is a private feeling between two people, but unless we run away to the jungles of Costa Rica, we have to learn how to integrate friends and family into our romantic lives because they are also an important part of our life. Sometimes this can be the most difficult area of love — not the relationship between two people, but the relationships between those in love with the rest of world.

But all of that comes when it’s meant to, and while there is no doubt that it will be on the way, the most important factors for this transit is the relationship and declaration of love between two people.

Love can be scary, but only because we are judging it by all of the previous times that we’ve been let down. But in order to truly open ourselves up to it and try one more time, we also have to be willing for forgive ourselves for making mistakes, for being hurt, and for the pain of learning.

No one is born into this life knowing how to do this love thing or even what we need from another person in order to feel satisfied and happy, but it's lessons, sometimes extremely painful ones, that help us learn.

It’s up to us though to let our lessons make our hearts stronger rather than weaker, because now is the time to follow our hearts into new love. 

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