New Movies & Shows To Binge Watch On Netflix In March

New Shows And Movies To Watch On Netflix March 2018
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Clear your queue - you've got some streaming to do!

Netflix has always been a great source of some new television and movies. They have originals that they produce, write and stream themselves. They also have some old classics of shows and movies that they premiere getting everyone else excited and pumped. 

Whatever kind of show you are into, Netflix probably has something for you. The mystery and murder crowd can get their fill of police thrillers and true crime documentaries. The feel-good bunch can watch some heartwarming shows about family and love. The comedy crowd will be delighted with stand ups and other comedy specials. 

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Whatever flavor you are looking for, Netflix is serving it up and they are doing a great job at it. It's always fun to check out what they have set to premiere for the next month and be able to figure out what your next binge or movie night will be made up of. It's like it comes out with a whole new schedule of your entertainment for the next month.

There are plenty of shows that people have been anticipating to premiere and some old ones that people are both excited and half forgot about. But in a good way. Like there is a gem they discovered from their past that they can admire again. 

Netflix is an amazing service because they keep coming out with new content. Even if you didn't really have a job or a life outside of watching TV you probably still wouldn't be able to watch every single last thing on Netflix. Damn its just a lot, but all of its quality and entertaining.

So pop your popcorn, and get comfy because we have got some shows and movies you can look forward to coming in March on Netflix. 


1. Jessica Jones (Season 2)- March 8th

Marvel's favorite woman badass is back and she is just as fierce as ever. She takes on a new case after her encounter with Kilgrave. Netflix has been a bit hush-hush on any extreme details so you will just have to tune in when it premieres. She doesn't take any sass or crap from anyone, you will want to be her.

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2. Rapture -March 30th

This documentary follows big-name rappers such as Nas, Logic, T.I,  2 Chainz, Just Blaze, Rapsody, Dave East, G-Eazy and  A Boogie Wit da Hoodie. They delve into their lives both new and old and you can get a better climpse at the muscial hip-hop culture. Definetely worth a watch. 

3. Love (Season 3)- March 9th

This show has been a fan favorite for a while. And with this third and final season fans can still rejoice at the ending. Even if we all want more. The show follows to thirty-somethings trying to make their relationship work while living in Los Angeles. They are both aspiring somebody's and want to get to the top together. Co-created by Judd Apatow this series is a great show to watch if you are a fan of rom-coms. 

4. Game over, man!- March 23rd

If you love Workaholics and the humor of the trio of best buds then this movie is perfect for you. These three start out as zeroes in the beginning of the movie but may become heroes when they decide to step up to the plate. When gunmen come to the party they are at in a swanky LA hotel, the three must try and save every person at the star-studded event. 

5. A Series of Unfortunate Events (Season 2)- March 30th

Lemony Snickett's story continues for the second season. Follow Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire as they try to escape the clutches of Count Olaf. In the first season the three siblings are sent to live with the Count after their parent's deaths. Now in the second season they are one step closer to figuring out exactly what happened. 

6. Alexa and Katie- March 23rd

A heartwarming coming of age story. These two best friends are going through high school together and dealing with normal growing pains. But things are not easy for these two best friends with Alexa going through Cancer treatment. These two always seem to find a way to be there and support each other. It's a great storyline about the power of friendship and how one person can really feel the love of their best friend. 

7. Collateral- March 9th

This show is going to be a doozy. Just by the trailer, you can see that there are going to be a lot of twists and turns that are surrounding the murder of a pizza delivery driver. The whole story takes place over four days in London. This is a limited series but you will definetely be wanting more.

8. Nailed it!- March 9th 

Nailed it! Is Netflix's new baking show, but it's not all competition... there is plenty of fun and games as well. Amateur bakers try their hardest to re-create elaborate treats in attempt to win the show. If the succeed, amazing! If they fail, well its hilarious and they can all have a good laugh about it. Think every other food competition but these judges are trying to get everyone to have a good time. 

9. Benji- March 16th

This story is a feel-good for all families and especially animal lovers. A young boy and his sister stumble into some imminent danger and Benji a fierce canine steps up to the rescue to help them. A great movie for when the family has a night in and you want to watch something uplifting. Plus, he's so cute! 

10. Wild Wild Country- March 16th

Another documentary that is going to take audiences by storm. When a cult leade builds a utopian city in the Oregon desert, the locals begin to push back against the controversy. It takes on a battle of its own and pretty soon national coverage is recording the whole fight. A true story and extremely interesting one at that. 

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11. On My Block- March 16th

Another coming of age tale set in the inner city of Los Angeles. These four bright friends make it through life and have each other's backs in this refreshing new comedy. If you thought that your childhood should have been a show then this one is perfect to watch. It's real but still gets the humor out of childhood and growing pains. 

12. 50 First Dates- March 28th 

Ever wonder how hard it would be to date someone with short-term memory loss? In this movie, you'll find out. Henry has his heart set on being with Lucy but she has a bit of a memory problem. She can't ever remember what happened the day before. Henry must try and woo her every day and hope one day it'll stick.

13. 300- March 1st

This movie takes place in 480 B.C. in the middle of a war between Persia and Greece. Leonidas the king of the Greek city-state Sparta must round up his army of 300 warriors to try and defeat the enemy. Lots of action and punches are thrown in this film. Certainly not for anyone who isn't ready for some gore, but one of the most hard-hitting/ exciting movies out there. 

14. Cruel Intentions- March 1st

Sweet Annette unknowingly becomes a pawn in the diabolical and manipulative chess games between two step-siblings, Sebastian and Kathryn. They prey on sexual conquest when she writes an article for Seventeen magazine about how she wants to stay pure until she gets married to her boyfriend. They set out and a wager a bet on whether Sebastian can take her virginity or not. But the results are not what they planned on. 

15. Forgetting Sarah Marshall- March 1st

When aspiring musician Peter gets his heart broken by TV star Sarah Marshall he feels lost and alone. Not sure what he should do next he books a vacation to Hawaii to try and finally get over her. Things don't turn out the way he planned when she is there also with her new boyfriend. With a little help from another special girl, he may be able to finally get over his ex... but not without some obstacles.

16. Ghostbusters- March 1st 

A team of scientists loses their jobs at a university in New York City they decide to take a different career path in their lives. They become the Ghostbusters to make some money and wreck some havoc on the supernatural in the meantime. Unknowingly they stumble upon a portal to another dimension, and evil is released into the city. The Ghostbusters are the only people who can save NYC from complete destruction.

17. Ghostbusters 2- March 1st

After their heroic/successful but destructive efforts to save New York City in the past the team is disbanded. But everything changes when one of the Ghostbusters learns that the spirits have taken an interest in his son. The team rallies back together in an effort to save him from that happening. The plan goes awry and they land in court. But when a ghost crosses the judge they are quickly allowed to carry on with their plan.

18. Little Women- March 28th

Based on the classic book the March sisters go through their growing pains together. There are family tragedies and romantic upsets and heartbreak all around. Growing up proves to be a lot harder than originally anticipated. The family has their own set of issues within but together they always find a way out. This coming of age tale is one that will warm the hearts of everyone.

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19. Up In The Air- March 1st

A new idea from a young new co-worker would downsize Ryan Bingham's company dramatically. He hits the road or the air and brings her along to show her the importance of face-to-face contact with the people they must fire. His life has always been on the go and he has never really wanted to change. Until he meets a beautiful and fun woman at a conference. But the way he wants things to turn out may not be as ideal as he planned. 

20. Wet Hot American Summer- March 1st

Set on the last day of a summer camp in 1981 the story follows a group of counselors who each wants to make this last day the most memorable for them. The summer leading up has had a whole lot of drama, pent-up sexual tension, and other business that needs to be attended to. Can one day pack up this much entertainment and drama? Oh yeah. 

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