How The Sensual Venus-Mars Square On February 25th Will Create Sexual Energy In Your Love Horoscope This Week

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Venus squares Mars
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Sex is the barometer for our personal relationships.

Starting February 25th and continuing throughout the week, Venus squares Mars, setting fire to our deepest passions and desires. Not only will this affect your love horoscope, but your zodiac sign will be tapping into their sex life.

In astrology, a square is when two planets are within 90 degrees of one another, which can be like a tug of war between the values that each planet and respective sign represents. For this square, Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is in the romantic and dreamy sign of Pisces.

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac and is said to be the deepest, with a profound ability to explore their mental and emotional depths. Pisces has no tolerance for the shallow, mundane, and especially the superficial.

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In this sign, Venus is radiating with beauty and looking for love, but not the fleeting kind. Venus in Pisces is after depth and connection, something to stand the test of time.

Mars has a different agenda though; this is a very masculine planet in contrast to harmonious Venus. Mars is the planet of ambition, drive and sexual desires. Currently, Mars is in Sagittarius, which only amplifies this sexual energy, but also deepens it as well.

As much as Sagittarius likes freedom and sex, this is a sign that also needs depth and connection. It’s not enough to just have a good time in bed, but this is a sign that really gets off on mental stimulation as well.

But together with Venus in Pisces and Mars in Sagittarius, this lends a very different energy to our bedrooms, and while the theme is "hot hot hot," it also signifies that how steamy our sex lives are this week is only indicative of how intense and close the mental and emotional aspects of the relationship are.

When Venus squares Mars, this aspect likes things to be balanced. If we are in relationship with someone that we feel competitive or a displaced sexual tension with, this transit will just exacerbate what we are already feeling. This means that sometimes we are with someone and we use sex as a band-aid for other problems, or we might wager sexual intimacy in order to get what we want whether it’s material or emotional gratification.

During this transit, if we are using sex for anything other than an intense expression of our feelings within our close personal relationship, we could find ourselves in tense situations with our partner.

It seems that we underestimate the importance of sex within relationships, often thinking that it’s just the act of intercourse and not really giving it the importance that it deserves. Sex isn’t just a crucial aspect of a relationship but also of life itself, yet because of societal conditioning, we may feel guilt associated with sexual pleasure or we treat it too nonchalantly.

In the highest forms of sexual expression, it is the closest that two people can physically get. It is the source of creation, and an orgasm cannot only heighten our vibration but it can literally raise our consciousness. The question is: If you’re not having that kind of sex, why?

This ability isn’t just saved for those who spend their days meditating or wearing imported, long-flowing clothing from India. But it is a different way of approaching sex that we, especially in our generation, need to not only be taught but also practice.

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This is called having heart-centered sex in which we are intimately tied to the feelings and vibrations in our heart chakra, and then stay connected to them while we begin the act of physical penetration. This can be accomplished by maintaining eye contact, syncing our breath with another, kissing, and even placing our hands on our lover’s heart.

This is the transition from just having sex to having the sex be an experience that changes you and the way you approach yourself and your life.

When we allow ourselves to be so deeply connected to our partner, we also open the door to connect with ourselves. This means that heart-connected sex with the right partner can actually help to heal us.

We have all had experiences in our lives that have deeply hurt and affected us, like those relationships that burned us and made us all wonder if we could love again, or those times in our lives where we realized that maybe we chose the wrong person to trust. Perhaps it was even memories of abandonment and hurt that we have carried over from our childhood.

Whatever the issue is, the reality is that heart-connected sex is something that can truly heal and transform our past pain into growth. Venus in Pisces and Mars in Sagittarius aren’t just about a quickie or the fast route to pleasure; it’s truly about entering into a relationship that can transform our lives.

But even if we aren’t in a relationship during this time, it’s still going to affect us. Around all of us we have an aura of energy that we radiate to others. Many times when we meet someone, we will instinctively like or not like them, and this is because of the energy we are feeling from them unconsciously. We can feel if someone has good intentions, if they are creative or spiritual, and we can also sense someone’s sexual energy.

During this time when Venus squares Mars, we will all be radiating an intense amount of raw sexual energy, literally vibrating a higher sex appeal, which is the perfect time for dates, meeting new people, or quite frankly for dressing up, going out and having a great time with our girlfriends.

Learning to embrace our sexuality and our energy is an important part of owning who we really are in all of our authentic amazingness. Because the truth is, sex isn’t just the barometer for our relationships, but also the relationship we have with ourself. 

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