How The Scandalous Mars-Neptune Square On February 17th Will Create Friction In Your Love Horoscope This Week

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Mars-Neptune square
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There is always a price for being different.

On February 17th, we will see this year’s only Mars-Neptune square turn up the heat in our personal relationships. In astrology a square is when the planets are within 90 degrees of one another, bringing out the tension of the situation that they are highlighting.

In this case, when Mars squares Neptune, it will be a matter related to our personal and love lives. And depending on your zodiac sign, you're going to like what this transit means for you and your love horoscope.

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Mars is the planet of action, energy and desires — specifically our sexuality — and it's currently in the freedom-loving and adventurous Sagittarius. Although Mars is at home in Aries, because Sagittarius is a fire sign, it’s an area that he still works well within, even though this is going to be a more tense aspect than a sextile or other astrological alignment.

But tense in astrology just means it’s going to put the pressure on some of us that we actually need in order to help resolve a situation and move forward.

Joining Mars in this square is dreamy, inspiring, and spiritual Neptune in the sign of a Pisces, her home sign. Pisces and Neptune have very similar energy and both prefer the watery subtle depths of the imagination and psychic tendencies.

This isn’t just a clash of fire and water but of the physical and metaphysical worlds. When we combine fire with water, we create steam, and this is exactly what this situation will feel like for so many of us.

This square occurs only a couple of days after the new moon solar eclipse in Aquarius alongside a couple other important aspects that all point to a theme of commitment, indicating that perhaps we will have to face the music for the choices in our romantic relationships.

One of the most difficult lessons for us to learn is that we have to identify love for ourselves and not for those that are in our lives, like our family or friends. Just because our family thinks someone is a great match doesn’t mean they actually will be, and just because they don’t particularly care for someone doesn’t mean they aren’t the person to best walk by outside in this lifetime.

But to make a choice that has to do with ourselves above others is a part of not only knowing ourselves, but trusting ourselves as well.

Mars and Neptune aren’t common bedfellows but they do create a scene in the skies when they come together; they combine both the physical with the spiritual, our bodies with our souls, indicating that whatever it feels like we have to get out into the open is something that is incredibly meaningful for us.

When we are young it seems that we are more likely to choose relationships based on other people. It’s those situations where we have common friends, or backgrounds, or maybe even that our families are friends.

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But whatever it may be, the reason that we enter into these relationships isn’t necessarily because someone sets our soul on fire or is someone who encourages us to grow and become our best possible selves in this world. Yet, we choose these types of relationships over and over again until we finally can’t take the sickness that grows within our hearts when we know we aren’t being true to ourselves.

But there is a price to pay for following our hearts, and it's that we can’t expect anyone else to agree with our choices.

Around the new moon there likely will be some big decisions being made as far as relationships and commitment; whether or not a ring is involved is irrelevant, but there are some big changes on the horizon, and this Mars-Neptune square following it so closely means that we are going to be making choices that are more for ourselves, which means that others will not approve of them.

Perhaps we’re going to create a scandalous scene in which we upset the status quo or our social circles by the decisions that we make, or maybe it will just be a more quiet and subtle air of disappointment. But regardless of the specifics, we’re going to be tested.

It’s easy to love when no one else is involved, but it’s another matter to stand up publicly and risk everything for the one thing our hearts want more than anything else.

While this square will have tension associated with it, because Mars is in a familiar fire sign and Neptune in her home sign, the qualities of this will more likely be beneficial or at least supported. It feels like we’re going to have to go through a really hard time to get to the other side, but the other side is waiting for us.

There is a strong sexual energy in this transit suggesting that it plays a significant role, either in the connection between two people or in how it affects others. It could also be hinting that the love we’re choosing — which is going to create a few waves — will also be part of a relationship in which we have a very strong sexual connection to someone.

But this sexual energy isn’t a one-night stand type of affair; rather, it's one that has a deep spiritual aspect thanks to Neptune being on the scene.

The main thing to remember when Mercury squares Neptune is that there is a test of some sort that will be taking place, asking us if we truly want that new beginning that came into play recently. And if we do, we are going to have to start making different choices.

Sometimes we encounter situations in which we have to be willing to gamble everything not knowing what the outcome will be, and right now it’s our turn to roll the dice and see what happens when we make the choice to stop pretending and realize that the price of following our hearts may be the opinion of those who disagree. 

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