Patriots QB Tom Brady Kisses His Dad And Sons On The Lips, And The Internet Can't Decide If It's Super Sweet Or Super Creepy

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People Think This Video Of Tom Brady Kissing His Son On The Lips Is Weird: Experts Share Responses & Opinions

Do you still kiss your parents on the mouth?

Just days after losing the Super Bowl LII to the Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is being roasted in viral memes and Tweets across the Internet. While this may be expected when you're an NFL legend who is one of only two players who has won five Super Bowls, been honored with four Super Bowl MVP awards, won three league MVP awards, been selected to 13 Pro Bowls, and led your team to more division titles (15) than any other quarterback in NFL history — not to mention a guy born to model goods looks and married to actual supermodel wife, Gisele Bündchen — what's far more unexpected is the backlash he is receiving due to pictures of him kissing his young son, as well as his father — on the lips. 

The hubbub began after images surfaced from a video in which 10-year-old John, Brady's eldest child and his son with ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan, walks into the room where his dad is undergoing massage therapy to ask permission to check his fantasy football team's standing. Brady asks what he will get in return, to which John knowingly offers a peck on the mouth, upon which Brady complains, “That was, like, a peck.” John returns for a longer kiss, wipes his mouth, and walks off, presumably to the fantasy football mission at hand.

So now, people have questions.

"Tom Brady kisses his son on the mouth," one Facebook post begins. "It's apparent that he also does this with his father. I want your alls take on this. Creepy or cool?"


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As expected, many people were more than happy to do the OP a solid and share their opinions about the father-son, son-father smooches with the rest of Facebook.

On the image of Brady kissing John:

The comments and opinions here were varied.

"I think If the kiss lasted longer than a few secs, then yes, strange, but bc it's a photograph, I'm not going to judge their life, or his love for his family, they tried to do this to Hillary duff too."

"I think it's their business!"

"Weirdos. That IS strange."

Well, the face here said it all.

On this image of Brady with his father, Thomas Brady, Sr.:

Opinions were similarly mixed about the two elder Tom's.

"This is a picture. It was probably a quick kiss to his father who he loves and appreciates for being there for him and the internet has made it more."


And on yet another father-son embrace:


"I kiss my son on the mouth. Hes 2... My dad ill kiss on his cheek or forehead. I dunno nothing wrong with teaching your son affection. But the dad kiss looks creepy."

"Not something I'd do but I'll still respect anyone's culture/family that does."

"Our family is openly affectionate like this. There is nothing wrong with it."

"It’s a sign of love. They are not moving their lips or opening their mouths or tongue or anything."

(OK, Ed. We get it.)


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While it can be difficult to know either the context or duration of a the kisses in question from a still photograph, the full circumstances around Brady (who is also father to younger son Benjamin Brady, 8, and daughter Vivian Lake Brady, 5, with Bündchen) and John's interaction can be see in this video.

Asked for her thoughts, ​​Dr. Lanae St.John, ACS, a San Francisco Bay Area Board Certified Sexologist, Parenting & Relationship Coach, also known as “The MamaSutra," said the following.

"I can understand why people get weirded out. Of course. it’s not acceptable to sexually engage with children and our elders, but a kiss is not sexual. A kiss is an expression of love, caring, and a shared intimacy. Yes, of course we kiss our lovers, and we can kiss our friends, too. The questions I have to ask are, 'What feeling are you feeling?' and 'What is it about seeing this that makes you feel that way?'” 

On the other hand, she continues, "I’m watching the video again and I see that the son wipes his mouth with his shirt [after the second kiss]. I’m guessing he’s feeling obligated to go back for the second kiss, but only the boy can tell us what he’s feeling."


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Andrew Smiler, PhD, licensed therapist and an expert on boys, men, and masculinity, as well as author of "Dating and Sex: A Guide for the 21st Century Teen Boy," “Challenging Casanova: Beyond the Stereotype of the Promiscuous Young Male,” and co-author of “The Masculine Self,” explains further.

"People express affection, familiarity, and respect in a broad variety of ways. American Men usually do this with their hands, from handshakes to high fives, giving skin, and other rituals. Those hand gestures help men maintain a culturally appropriate physical distance that mirrors the emotional distance our culture also requires men to demonstrate."

"The #MeToo movement has brought to public consciousness the extent of how many men, in how many ways, use sex to aggress against others. Now we have people questioning a non-sexual kiss between a father and his adult son, even though we’ve seen that adult son give the same kiss to his kids. For me, it’s evidence that we still think anything that looks like male sexuality is inherently aggressive and indicates a desire for intercourse. The reality is that men can use kissing to express a broad range of feelings, including affection, respect, and tenderness, as well as sexual desire."

Naturally, some feel even more strongly about this parenting issue.

In the video below, talk radio host Glenn Beck of The Blaze bemoans the fact people today may be more willing to accept of the practice of "cuckolding" than we are images of a father expressing affection for his son. 

"We have a story from CNN last week that cuckolding can be positive for some couples. What does that mean? That means you allowing somebody else to know your wife in the biblical sense and you watch and studies are now showing that that could be very helpful for couples. No! No, it's not! No, it's not! No, it's not! No, it's not! It's wrong..."

"I'm really affectionate. I do that with my son all the time. I am not ashamed. I am dreading the day that my son is ashamed to kiss me in public. I know it's gonna come and I'm dreading it. Don't be shamed by expressing your completely normal affection for your 11-year-old son. Media, shame on you!"

Of course, then there are those who see the matter from a different perspective entirely.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and comedy writer Leah Krinsky finds the uproar somewhat baffling.

"That's not nearly as disturbing as the piece in the New York Times by the wife of a former NFL player who's suffering from brain trauma," Krinsky says, referring to the essay penned by Emily Kelly, wife of retired player Rob Kelly — "I’m the Wife of a Former N.F.L. Player. Football Destroyed His Mind." — which ran just prior to this year's Super Bowl.

"But I guess it's much easier to get upset by an expression of intimacy," Krinsky continued. "There's a lot of reasons to hate Tom Brady, but this isn't one of them."


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