How The Lucky Sun-Jupiter Square On February 10th Will Affect Your Love Horoscope This Month

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Sun-Jupiter square
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Believe that you're worthy of great things.

On February 10th, we will be experiencing a Sun-Jupiter square, blessing us all with the ability to receive good things that are trying to come our way.

What is a square in astrology? A square is when a two planetary bodies form an exact angle of 90 degrees. Because of the tension associated with this aspect, it usually tends to bring out stress of some sort within a variety of situations.

We often think of stress as a negative feeling, yet it is needed to transition from one form of being to another. And not only will this affect your individual zodiac sign, but your horoscope as well. 

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We’ve all heard the saying that the only difference between a piece of coal and a diamond is the amount of stress the diamond had to be under in order to become so rare and precious. But just because we hear it and know it, doesn’t mean that this process will be any less easy for us.

Everything always happens at precisely the moment that it is meant to, including opening our eyes and arms to the beautiful things that come our way.

What we don’t often realize is that we sometimes are the reason we don’t have everything it is that we want or have dreamed of. Not because we haven’t worked for it, but because there is still an aspect to our souls that questions whether we are worth it.

Regardless of how much we work or even pray, we will not receive what we are yearning for until we begin to believe that not only we are worth it but that we also deserve it.

In part this is because of the unconscious vibrations that we send out into the universe, but it’s also about us creating blocks to receiving blessings and abundance in our lives through fear, resistance or even self-sabotaging tactics. In order to remove those once and for all and change how we are vibrating, we have to believe that we truly will receive and deserve what we are working towards.

This is where the Sun-Jupiter square will come in, helping us all to see ourselves a bit differently.

Jupiter has been in Scorpio since November and will stay there through next November, which will be in contrast to the Sun that currently is in Aquarius. While these signs aren’t complete polar opposites, they do tend to trigger one another when it comes to how we see ourselves and how we approach life and love.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion; he likes to make everything bigger that he touches, so in this case, in Scorpio he is focused on soulmates, sex, and intellectual depth. The Sun in Aquarius shines a light and focuses on our independent nature and eagerness to try things differently.

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Together, we have Scorpio who likes to go deep and Aquarius who enjoys being innovative and open-minded, which translates to us being willing to take a deeper look at where we have been holding ourselves back and making the choice to remove those blocks.

Scorpio and Aquarius together represent freedom without the restricting self-doubt or depreciation that can often hold us back. These two signs enjoy an unprecedented depth and excel at communicating their thoughts and ideals to one another, which is one important component in how this transit will affect our self-worth, specifically focusing on our love lives.

If we’ve only ever messed up in love, then how can we believe that the time has come for us to actually get it right?

It’s this domineering doubt that has likely surfaced in recent weeks as this square became more exact and is likely to be the cause of us feeling like we are at a crossroads that we can’t actually move through. If we want to make the most of this transit, we have to be willing to feel everything we’ve never felt, and to forgive ourselves for not knowing better before now.

This Sun-Jupiter Square will help us let go of what didn’t work, knowing that everything we’ve experienced has only helped us become the people that we currently are. Not all relationships are supposed to work out and none of us are perfect, but that doesn’t mean we don’t all deserve love.

Through this transit, not only can we gain better perspective about how everything had to happen in the way that it has, but we also can feel the blocks start to move about letting go of the guilt or regret associated with our past decisions in love and relationships.

The truth is that sometimes we have to let ourselves believe that we did the best we could, when we could. The love that we all crave is out there, and while we can’t predict when we will cross paths with someone whom we experience a connection with, we can decide to be open to the goodness and blessings that are coming our way.

The Sun-Jupiter square will not only be allowing us to see our own personal worth when it comes to relationships by allowing us to communicate (Aquarius), our deep wounds and needs (Scorpio), but will also be lighting the way for us to move forward into the unknown, letting life surprise us with the greatness that is in store for us.

At one point, our fears and self-limiting mindset kept us safe from having to try a different way of approaching love and relationships, but now that the time for all of that has passed, we need to let love keep us safe instead.

Sometimes, we just have to believe that we’re worth being unconditionally happy and loved. 

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