12 Creative Valentine's Day Date Ideas That Have Nothing To Do With Going Out To A Crowded Restaurant

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best things to do on valentines day
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Make this Valentines's Day one to remember with these creative and sweet date ideas!

Whether you plan a romantic, candlelit dinner, movie night, or cozy breakfast in bed, you'll be sure to wow your significant other with these 12 ideas for the best, most romantic things to do Valentine's Day.

These intimate suggestions are easy to pull off. Plus, they're so sweet, they'll make your lover's heart melt — while bringing you two closer than ever! 

Here are 12 ideas for creating a perfect Valentine's Day for your special guy or girl:

1. Treat your sweetheart to a spa day!

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Treat your boo to a relaxing bubble bath. Light some candles, set the mood with a serene playlist, and add some rose petals to the tub. Undress him or her slowly and take a sexy dip together — taking turns to give each other relaxing and sensual massages. Sweeten the deal by keeping a pretty set of fizzy bath bombs next to the tub to drop in just as you're getting in.

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2. Turn up the heat  —and learn all their dirty little secrets — with a fun game night!

Get to know your lover on a whole new level by playing a saucy game of Never Have I Ever. It's a great way to get closer this Valentine's Day. So break out some wine and a cheese plate, and let the games begin... There's no telling what you'll discover about each other! 

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3. Try some chocolate fondue to sweeten up Valentine's Day!

Make your Valentine melt with this yummy date idea. Grab some fresh fruit, candy and pretzels for dipping — or just use each others' fingers instead. Set the mood with some candles, a great playlist, and a cozy pile of blankets and pillows on the floor to make the setting extra intimate.

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4. Treat your Valentine to breakfast in bed!

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Everyone wants the royal treatment sometimes, so give it to your partner with a delicious breakfast in bed on Valentine's Day morning. Whether you're serving waffles, eggs, yogurt parfait, or even a simple bowl of cereal, cozy up together with coffee and a movie for a romantic start to your day.

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5. Bake heart-shaped cupcakes!

Who doesn't love cupcakes? Get in the kitchen and try baking something sweet with your sweetheart this V-day as a fun, bonding activity to do together. You'll be surprised by just how flirty and playful the experience can be. Just make sure you add lots of love!

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6. Serenade your sweetheart!

Whether you're vocally talented or not, sing from the heart this Valentine's Day. Serenade your partner with "your song" as a couple, your first dance song, or — if you're feeling bold — write your partner their very own love ballad (trust us, they'll love it — even if it's truly cheesy and terrible). We promise, this date idea is sure to make his or her heart sing.

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7. Host an indoor camp-out!

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Baby, it's cold outside! But don't let that stop you from giving your Valentine s'more love! Create a cozy pillow fort , make s'mores together, and watch a romantic flick for the perfect, low-key night in.

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8. Find your missing piece!

For the couple that loves puzzles, this Valentine's day date night is perfect for you two. Write a cute message across these blank puzzle pieces to surprise your partner with once you two complete the puzzle together. Make it extra romantic by giving each other a kiss each time you connect a new piece. 

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9. Scrapbook your memories together!

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What could be more meaningful than a photo album filled with your favorite memories? Put together this album with your significant other on Valentine's Day to make new memories together — while celebrating the ones you've already created as a pair.

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10. Stretch it out with couples yoga!

Flex your love muscles with this steamy V-day date idea for your health-minded lover. Studies show that couples who work out together have increased intimacy, so strengthen your bond — and your bodies — by trying a sensual, joint workout that'll get your blood pumping.

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11. Have a private movie night!

Instead of cuddling up on the couch or in bed for a romantic movie, take your Valentine's Day date to the next level by creating your own at-home movie theater that's sure to wow your date. Project a sweet film on a blank white wall (or hang a white sheet as the movie screen) and get ready for a night of fun. Don't forget the popcorn! Plus, you'll love using this project in the summer for backyard movie nights, too.

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12. Romantic, candlelit dinner!

This idea may be simple, but with the right ingredients — and the two of you — it'll be a night to remember. Serve up your culinary creations on heart-shaped plates for the finishing touch.

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