New Details Revealed About The Woman Who Used Temporary Tattoos To Cover The Injuries She Inflicted On Her Boyfriend's Kids

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The woman was arrested for abusing the 6-year-old girl and the 4-year-old boy.

A Pennsylvania woman is under arrest after police say she used makeup and temporary tattoos to cover up the abuse of her boyfriend's children. 

A tip led the Northampton County's Children, Youth and Families division to the home of Kimberly Ann Howells, 25, and Erick John Ruscitti, 27, on Jan. 12. Someone reported that Ruscitti's 6-year-old daughter was being abused. 

When investigators arrived, they noticed the 4-year-old boy had temporary tattoos on his face. 

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The tattoos were only partially hiding the numerous busies on his face, according to records. An emergency custody order was obtained and the children were taken to the hospital for medical evaluation. 

Investigators said the boy told them he had "boo, boos" on his face and that Howells had put the tattoos on him. He also said that she — who he called both Kim and mommy — gave him the injuries. 

The boy had numerous bruises on his face, head, torso and his ear canal. His sister had similar injuries. 

Back in January 2017, the girl had told police that she was confined to her bedroom and only allowed to come out for meals, bathroom breaks, and school. She said that Howells had removed her bed, her toys, and her clothes. 

Police say the room was empty except for a dresser and a surveillance camera. 

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Both Howells and Ruscitti allegedly used the camera to watch the girl and make sure she stood in the middle of the room. For about two months, she said she was forced to stand for long periods of time.

"The girl described lying on the floor without bedding to sleep," police said in court documents. 

The young girl said that Howell gave her bruises by grabbing and twisting her skin. During one incident, she said Howells accused her of lying and hit and twisted her ears. 

Howells then opened the bedroom window, picked the girl up and threatened to throw her out the window if she didn't tell the truth.

Ruscitti told police he knew about the abuse and had told his girlfriend to "cool it."

They were both charged with endangering the welfare of children.

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