The Zodiac 'Decan' For Gemini, Libra, And Aquarius — How To Find Your Sub-Sign (And What It Says About You)

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what is a decan in astrology

This is the second of a four-part series on the three decans of each zodiac sign.

There are only twelve zodiac signs, but everyone has their own unique personality. How does this work? Astrology is more complex and nuanced than many people realize. A full natal chart is essential when you want to know all the details about your hidden traits, talents, and shortcomings. The daily horoscopes can help too, but if you don’t have a full birth chart, there’s a lot more to learn just about your own Sun sign.

Each zodiac sign has three sub-divisions called decans. But what is a decan in astrology? 

A decan is a period of roughly 10 days that each emphasize the various ways that the sign will express its qualities. Two people may share the same Sun sign, but if they were born in different decans, their personalities and perspectives will reflect different shades of that sign. You don’t need any special charts to figure out which decan you were born under; your birth date is all it requires.

This time we’ll look at the three Air signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Air signs are the intellectuals of the zodiac. They’re well-spoken, intelligent, and curious about technology and new ideas. Gemini is the social butterfly, Libra is peaceful and diplomatic, and Aquarius tends to be eccentric and humanitarian.

In general, it’s hard for Air signs to focus on one person for very long, but in a group setting, they make excellent communicators and negotiators. Here’s how the nine Air decans further define these signs.

GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

Decan 1 (May 21 – May 31)

Decan 1 Gemini is always on a mission. They tend to seek out challenges and will readily set themselves against anything they see as “evil.” They see themselves as highly intelligent heroes, and would love it if others could see that, too.

Not that they never let their guard down — when they finally relax, they can be very funny and charming, even if they do come off as over-dramatic and a bit too talkative.

Decan 2 (June 1 – June 11)

Whether they deserve it or not, Decan 2 Gemini attracts all kinds of admirers and envious glares. They just have that “celebrity” aura about them.

They can make enemies without even doing anything, simply because others are jealous of how popular they are, but chances are they’re at least partially responsible for their problems with other people, since they have no qualms about using this talent to their own advantage, and will go to great lengths to protect their reputation and hide any shortcomings that might make them seem more human.

Decan 3 (June 12 – June 20)

This type of Gemini appreciates power itself. They recognize their own power, study that of others, and will happily play one power against another to further their own aspirations.

Unlike others of this sign, Gemini 3 isn’t too susceptible to the opinions of those around them. Once they pick a side on an issue, they’re more likely to persuade others to agree with them rather than change their mind (or even appear to) to suit the group perspective.

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LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

Decan 1 (September 23 – October 2)

It’s great to work for peace and try to promote positive vibes, but sometimes Decan 1 Libra takes it a little too far. In their quest to avoid conflict, they can actually make things worse in the long run.

Anger needs an outlet, and problems have to be faced before they can be solved. Sweeping negativity under the rug and ignoring bad situations as long as possible is no way to achieve the true balance that Libra is known for.

Decan 2 (October 3 – October 12)

Like all Libras, Decan 2 can find common ground with just about anyone and engage them in sparkling conversations about anything under the sun. What makes this decan’s natives really stand out is their willingness to sweet-talk, bamboozle, and outright lie to get what they want, even if it’s just to amuse themselves.

Libra 2 is an opportunist who’s always looking for the advantage. They’re so charming, though, and they seem so sincere that it’s hard to stay mad at them for long.

Decan 3 (October 13 – October 22)

Libra is about balance, and sometimes that means taking an unpopular stand. Decan 3 Libra seems to have dedicated their lives to defending controversial opinions and siding with underdogs.

They’ve had some strange and challenging life experiences because of this, but that only gives them even more of an edge, since they know firsthand what it feels like to be in need of a true ally.

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AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

Decan 1 (January 20 – January 29)

Always thirsty for knowledge and wisdom, once Decan 1 Aquarius gets an idea in their head, they can’t stop until they take it as far as possible. They mean well. They just don’t know when to quit.

Sometimes their efforts pay off beautifully, and they accomplish great things that everyone else thought to be impossible. Other times, though, like Icarus flying toward the sun, they can’t maintain that momentum and wind up crashing and burning.

Decan 2 (January 30 – February 9)

Decan 2 Aquarius has lofty goals too, but they’re not going to bother making a big show of it. They’ll just jump in and make it happen, no matter what obstacles they have to face.

The embodiment of Aquarius’ individualistic nature, they don’t get emotionally involved with many people, and their own goals always take precedence in any situation. They don’t need to be leaders — they certainly aren’t followers — but unless you can contribute to their cause, better to just stay out of their way.

Decan 3 (February 10 – February 18)

Here is that rebellious, curious, crazy Aquarius that everyone loves. They’ll work hard to push their agenda, but when it’s time to relax, they deny themselves no pleasures. They’re more involved with other people than the other two decans, and get honestly excited by new ideas and experimentation.

Science and logic are always important to any Aquarius, but Decan 3 natives are willing to take even the wildest claims seriously if they think there’s a chance that there might be something to them. 

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