What The Emojis Next To Your Friends' Snapchat Names Really Mean

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What The Emojis Next To Your Friends' Snapchat Names Really Mean
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Now it all makes sense.

Snapchat is one of the funniest ways to chat with friends on the go. It's the easiest, most accessible, and quirkiest social media platform to use to send multiple pictures to different people. 

Having conversations on Snapchat feels much more personal. I wake up almost every morning taking a silly selfie and doodle a good morning. It's a thousand times better than a plain old hello. I love the fact that you can add a quick personal touch to everything you send, its the perfect time killer! 

You can send pictures (naughty or nice!) and it will disappear. You don't have to worry about accidental embarrassing pictures of yourself, and you can save space on your phone.

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When you receive and send a lot of snaps, cute emojis pop up next to your friends' names on the chat tab. You’ve probably seen 'em. 

The Snapchat emoji is unique to snap chat. You're probably wondering, what do these emojis mean? Can you change them? What the heck do these little things have to do with anything?

A Snapchat emoji show your relationship status with your followers and friends. It tracks how often you message other people and gives you an emoji to represent your level of interaction. Snapchat gave everyone an easy way to see what stage of friendship you're on when you use it. When you keep chatting with your friends the emoji status will grow and change.

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If you get a little too busy and put Snapchat down for awhile your friend's emoji will vanish. You’ll have to start all over again to get the same emoji you once had. If you want to keep getting better emojis, you have to keep using Snapchat.

Here's what each Snapchat emoji actually means.


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Your friendship has just started on Snapchat. You could have just met this person and added them. Or it could be a long time friend of yours that's finally joining Snapchat. Your relationship is fresh and can only go up from here.

Smiling Face

Via Emojiisland

When this emoji is next to your friend's name, it means that this is one of your best friends. Notice I said "one of" and not best. This isn't your number one friend, but hey — it's close. You send and receive a lot of snaps with this friend. 

Smirking Face 

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You're really slick. You are one of your friends best friends, but low-key they aren't your best friends. Your relationship is out of whack! They send you a lot of snaps, but you don't send them back. Don't worry — they can't see that they're not one of your BFFs.

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Face With Sunglasses 

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You actually share a best friend with this person. Your both sending a lot of snaps to the same person. You can all be mutual friends, or maybe a love triangle forming. 

Grimacing Face

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I'm not going to sugar coat it: your number one best friend is also one of your others friend's best friend. You both send a lot of snaps to the same person — embarrassing!

Gold Star 

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When you see this emoji, it means that someone has replayed one of this person's snaps in the past 24 hours. They could be making a lot of funny, and entertaining snaps. 

Yellow Heart 

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This is the emoji that we all aim for! Your both best friends, meaning that your both each other's number one friend. You send all of your snaps to your friend, and they send the same amount to you. A balanced relationship is hard to come by, so congrats!

Red Heart 

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When you have a red heart emoji, you and your friend are very close. You've both been each others number one best friends for a solid two weeks. You really enjoy chatting with this person and sending random updates here and there. 

Pink Hearts 

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If you have this emoji your friend and you are two peas in a pod! Your relationship is rock steady, and you've managed to be number one best friend for two whole months. If you have pink hearts with the person, your crushing on, there's a good chance they might like you back too.

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This means that you and your friend are on fire! You've both been sending snaps to each literary every day. If you don't send a snap to them within two days, you'll lose your Snapstreak


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Time flys when you're having fun. When you've been sending snaps to your friend back and forth for one hundred days, this emoji appears next to the fire. Either your both trying to keep up your streak or you two just have so much fun chatting with each other you don't even notice it's happened.


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Well, look at the time. Your Snapstreak is about to end. You have to rush to send another snap to your friend if you want to keep the streak alive. 

Birthday Cake 

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When you see this emoji, it means that it's your friend's birthday today. Take your friend out for a few drinks, or send them a quick happy birthday snap. There isn't any excuse for a missed birthday.

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