Every Snapchat Emoji's Meaning & How To Use Them With Your Friends

How strong is your friendship on Snapchat?

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Snapchat is one of the best ways to chat with friends on the go. It's an easy, accessible, and quirky social media platform to use to send multiple pictures to different people. 

But the one thing that stands out is the Snapchat emojis. The emojis are unique to the platform, but what do they mean?

Snapchat Emoji Meanings

A Snapchat emoji shows your relationship status with your followers and friends. It tracks how often you message other people, and gives you an emoji to represent your level of interaction.


Snapchat gave everyone an easy way to see your stage of friendship when using the app. When you keep chatting with your friends, your emoji status will grow and change.

Be aware that if you get too busy and stop using the app for even a day or two, these emojis will vanish and you’ll have to start all over again!

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Snapchat Emojis


baby emoji

Photo: Emojipedia

Your friendship has just started on Snapchat. You could have just met this person and added them, or it’s a long time friend who finally joined Snapchat. 

Smiling Face

smiling face emoji


Photo: Emojipedia

When this emoji is next to your friend's name, it means this is one of your best friends, at least on the app. You send and receive a lot of snaps with this friend. 

Smirking Face

smirking face emoji

Photo: Emojipedia

The smirking face means you are one of your friend’s best friends, but they low-key aren’t your best friend. They send you a lot of snaps, but you don’t send them back.


Face With Sunglasses

face with sunglasses emoji

Photo: Emojipedia

You actually share a best friend with this person. You both send a lot of snaps to the same person. 

Grimacing Face

grimacing face emoji


Photo: Emojipedia

Your number one best friend is also one of your other friend’s best friend! It may sound confusing, but you both send a lot of snaps to the same person.

Gold Star

gold star emoji

Photo: Emojipedia

When you see the gold star emoji, it means someone has replayed one of this person’s snaps in the past 24 hours.


Yellow Heart

yellow heart emoji

Photo: Emojipedia

This emoji means you’re both best friends, and are both each other’s number one friend. You send all of your snaps to your friend, and they send the same amount to you. 

Red Heart

red heart emoji


Photo: Emojipedia

When you have a red heart emoji, you and your friend are very close. You’ve both been each other’s number one best friends for a solid two weeks. 

Pink Hearts

pink hearts emoji

Photo: Emojipedia

If you have this emoji, you and your friend have managed to be each other’s number one best friend for two whole months.



fire emoji

Photo: Emojipedia

This emoji means that you and your friend have both been sending snaps to each other literally every day. And if you don’t send a snap to them within two days, you'll lose your Snapstreak. 


hundred emoji


Photo: Emojipedia

When you’ve been sending snaps to your friend back and forth for 100 days, this emoji appears next to the fire. Either you’re both trying to keep up your streak, or you two just have so much fun chatting.


hourglass emoji

Photo: Emojipedia

The hourglass means your Snapstreak is about to end. Better rush to send another snap to your friend if you want to keep the streak alive. 


Birthday Cake

birthday cake emoji

Photo: Emojipedia

The birthday cake emoji means it’s your friend's birthday today. Be sure to send them a quick happy birthday snap.

Snapchat Charms

While Snapchat users were once able to access a section called Trophies, these have since been replaced with something new called charms.


Snapchat charms are mementos that celebrate your friendships on the app. And it all depends on your specific interactions with your friends. 

For example, there are charms related to birthdays, display names, how often you snap each other, how long you’ve each been using the app, and even astrological signs and birthstones.

Each charm is personalized using your unique Bitmojis.

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To view your charms, simply visit their friendship profile or group profile. At the bottom, you’ll see the charms, where you can click to learn more about it.

The best part is that the charms update over time, so there may be new ones listed every time you visit a profile!

Astrology Compatibility Charm

snapchat Astrology Compatibility Charm


This charm appears if you share a zodiac sign with your friend. And each zodiac sign has a different charm associated with it.

New Friends Charm

If you’ve just added someone new on Snapchat, this charm will appear at the bottom of their profile. The charm stays for about a week.

Best Friends Charm

Always sending snaps to one person? It means you’re considered BFFs on the app.

Shy Guy Charm

snapchat shy guys charm


Photo: howtoapps

We all have those Snapchat friends we add but never send a snap to! If this is your relationship outside of real life, this cute little shy ghost charm appears.

Birthday Twins Charm

Share a birthday with your friend? You’ll get this charm to celebrate being birthday buddies.

Upcoming Birthday Charm

Like the birthday cake emoji appears when it’s your Snapchat friend’s birthday, this charm means your friend’s birthday is coming up soon. Maybe get them a real cake to celebrate.

Friend’s Birthstone Charm

When your friend lists their birthday, Snapchat calculates their birthstone. Now you’ll know all about what stone is associated with their month of birth.


In Touch Charm

snapchat in touch charm

Photo: howtoapps

For those friends who use Snapchat to send messages and photos, expect this charm to appear at the bottom of the profile.

It’s Been A Second Charm

Whether you have had a falling out or don’t use the app as often, this charm appears when you haven’t been snapping your friend as often as usual.


It’s Been A Minute Charm

It may have been a few months since you snapped, and if that’s the case, this charm means you lost touch with your friend after chatting quite often.

It’s Been Forever Charm

snapchat it's been forever charm

Photo: howtoapps

You haven’t snapped your friend in over a year! Better send a snap to say sorry.


Snap Rookies Charm

If you’ve just signed up for Snapchat and so has a friend, your Snap Scores might be kind of low. At least you have this in common.

Snap Sophomores Charm

With an average Snap Score between 2,500 and 3,000, this charm means you are no longer rookies.

Snap Masters Charm

snapchat snap masters charm

With a Snap Score higher than a Sophomore, you and your friend have a similar level of snaps in common here.


Snap Heroes Charm

One step below Legends, this charm means you’ve reached quite a high Snap Score with your friend, though it varies depending on the user.

Snap Legends Charm

With a Snap Score over 150,000, you’re basically an expert at the app. And so is your friend.

Snap OGs Charm

snapchat snap ogs charm

Photo: howtoapps


For those who have used the app for years now, expect this charm on your friend’s profile.

Snapstreak Charm

Send your friend a snap for three days in a row or more and you’ll get this charm added.

Snapchat Group Charms

There are three charms you can have in groups: Most Creative, Most Nostalgic, and Group Paparazzi. These charms are used to describe what individuals bring to the group.

Most Creative means this friend sends lots of fun emojis and photos; Most Nostalgic means this person brings up nice memories from the past; Group Paparazzi means this person takes photos of themselves quite often.

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Snapchat Icons

When you send a snap or a message, certain icons appear under the recipient’s name. Icons change based on the type, meaning a sent message will appear different than a received message. 

Sent Icons

Red Arrow

snapchat sent red arrow

A red arrow means you sent a snap that doesn’t have sound. You sent a photo to someone, rather than a video.


Purple Arrow

snapchat sent purple arrow

When you send a video or a message that has sound, a purple arrow will appear.

Blue Arrow

snapchat sent blue arrow


When you message someone, not send them a snap or a video, a blue arrow appears under their name.

Opened Icons

Hollow Red Arrow

snapchat opened red arrow

This means your friend opened your snap that you sent without sound. So, they’ve definitely viewed that photo of you doing that weird thing.


Hollow Purple Arrow

snapchat opened purple arrow

Your friend opened the video you sent. Hopefully they didn’t judge you too hard.

Hollow Blue Arrow

snapchat opened blue arrow


Your friend read the message you sent. Will they write back? 

Hollow Green Arrow

snapchat opened cash arrow

You sent your friend Snapchat Cash, and they received it. Sounds like you’re a great friend, no?

Received Icons

Red Box

snapchat received red box


Someone sent you a snap that doesn’t have sound. Will you open it?

Purple Box

snapchat received purple box

You were sent a video, so wonder no more what it is and open it already!

Blue Box Bubble

snapchat received blue box


This will make your heart race even more if it’s a message from your crush.

Viewed Icons

Hollow Red Box

snapchat viewed red box

Your friend viewed the photo you sent. Perhaps they are writing a response, or maybe they just have nothing to say.

Hollow Purple Box

snapchat viewed purple box


You sent a video and your friend opened it. Let’s hope they were as entertained watching it as you were making it.

Hollow Blue Box Bubble

snapchat viewed blue box

Your friend read the message you sent. But will they leave you on read now?

Screenshot Icons

Red Arrow with Triangles

snapchat screenshot red arrow


Your friend took a screenshot of a snap image you sent. Better hope it wasn’t anything incriminating.

Purple Arrow with Triangles

snapchat screenshot purple arrow

Your friend took a screenshot of a video. Now, that video you sent of you doing the WAP dance will be on your friend’s phone forever.

Blue Arrow with Triangles

snapchat screenshot blue arrow


Simply put, your friend liked the message you sent and wanted to keep it. That, or they’re blackmailing you.

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