Both Kylie Jenner And Khloe Kardashian Just Dropped Major Clues About Their Pregnancies

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Kylie Jenner baby due date
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Kylie Jenner is rumored to be due just in time for Valentine's Day.

The world will have to wait until after Christmas for the arrival of the latest Kardashian family’s addition because Kylie Jenner’s due date was reportedly leaked.

Kylie, 20, is believed to be having a baby with her boyfriend Travis Scott but has yet to show any photos revealing her baby bump. Rumor has it that she will be having a “tasteful” nude photo shoot showing off her belly.

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While Kim Kardashian is counting down the days on Instagram until she reveals the traditional Kardashian family Christmas card picture, Kylie is counting a few more days for her little one to arrive — and by a few more I mean a few more months. Her due date is February 4, 2018, sources told Hollywood Life.

The makeup guru has been teasing fans with gender and baby name hints via Instagram, Snapchat, and even her makeup collections.


Kylie’s Instagram page and Snapchats have been littered with the color pink lately, from pink ornaments on a Christmas tree to a pink theme at Thanksgiving dinner at her house.

Her latest eyeshadow palette, Nice, may have hinted the name of the baby as some names of the Kyshadows could be cute names for a baby girl. Previous products from her cosmetics line have also had some names that could double as a little girl’s name.

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The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has been staying out of the public’s eye since she became pregnant. Kylie reportedly is focusing on her health and is devastated by the baby weight she has gained — she is reportedly up 40 pounds.


Her sister, Khloe Kardashian, is also reportedly pregnant. Fans have doubted her pregnancy for a while because she, too, is avoiding being photographed. The Kardashian family Christmas card previews on Instagram have no evidence of a baby bump whatsoever.

But the possibly-pregnant Kardashian leaked a photo of what may be proof of her pregnancy.

See the photos below: 

Khloe promoted her line of sunglasses in her Instagram story and her reflection in the shades showed what appears to be a white pregnancy pillow.

It is unclear if she meant to show off the pregnancy pillow, but fans definitely caught it. The star has yet to comment on the pillow and who it's for. 

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